Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Duo

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I’m not going to tell you that oh, I attribute looking younger than my 31 years of age because I’ve been using Olay.

I’m gonna tell you – I look younger than my 31 years because of good genes, because I’m petite, and that Asians generally age like this:


AND, I’m gonna tell you that we shouldn’t take it for granted.
It’s easy to see how you’ll age – just look around at your family members and relatives.

My Aunt, Grandma (holding my baby cousin), Me and my Mum! That's 3 generations for you - can you guess how I'll age in time to come?

My Aunt, Grandma (holding my baby cousin), Me and my Mum! That’s 3 generations for you – can you guess how I’d age in time to come?

We all age differently, whether we’re Asians or not. Generally, Caucasians tend to develop fine lines first, but Asians, even though we have thinner skin, we tend to age slower than them due to more collagen and fat in our body makeup. Thinner skin means that we tend to be a little more sensitive to skincare, and have a weaker moisture barrier.

I recently saw a dermatologist, and she had FANTASTIC, taut skin – It was literally glowing, and she’s 10 years older than I am! I asked her for her secret, and she simply said; “HYDRATE!” Which re-emphasizes the point of having a good moisture barrier!

And aging does these to you –

  • your skin’s renewal process will start to slow down,
  • you may suddenly go through a second puberty
    (when in actual fact, it’s just your skin’s weakened moisture barrier allowing bacteria to wreck havoc on your skin)
  • you may find your skin looking duller
  • your skin’s feeling less taut and start requiring more moisture than it used to

And being in Singapore just makes it worst – we are classified as having a tropical rainforest climate, which means it’s just hot – rainy – humid – hot – rainy – humid ALL YEAR ROUND. This actually makes our skin act up – it’s too hot outside, it’s too cold inside (air-conditioning can be really drying!) and we often end up with oily, confused skin, resulting in acne (yet again)!

evonnz-olay-profile-7And then there’s fat and collagen loss – which, we cannot prevent from happening (it’s dependent on our bodies) but if you haven’t already seen the scary pictures out there, not moisturizing and going out in the sun often leads to skin drying out, which can definitely age it faster!

That is why I was so surprised to see this ingredient in both of Olay’s Miracle Boost products – they have Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) in it!

In short, what Niacinamide does for you:

“There are 2 important enzymes (NADH and NADPH) that contribute to the production of cellular energy and lipids (responsible for cell growth). With a sufficient supply of both enzymes, your skin creates an effective barrier to external factors that influence the aging process. However, the levels of both NADH and NADPH decline as we grow older. When applied topically, vitamin B3 seems to reduce their rate of decline.

Because topical application of niacinamide can help preserve levels of NADH and NADPH, it contributes to the support of the skin’s barrier against pollutants and other irritants. As a result, many skin conditions, such as acne, the redness associated with rosacea, and other inflammatory signs can be actively managed. Also, vitamin B3 has shown to be useful for encouraging the production of natural emollients that can help the skin remain hydrated.” – Source

In fact, both products had pretty good percentages of it! A quick check on the product packaging reveals that Niacinamide was within the first 5 ingredients on both products (the higher the ingredient placing, the more % of that ingredient in the mix), especially the Youth Pre-essence!


Meet the impressive Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Duo!

  1. Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence
  2. Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream


The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence has a rather innovative auto-dropper cap – basically, when you open it by twisting, the bottle stopper will twist up, and along with that, take in a suitable amount of product for just one dosage – this way you’ll never need to re-measure just how much product you’ve taken – simply push the top and it will dispense the perfect amount!

evonnz-olay-profile-4I have been to many events and have tried and tested this fact – the more moisturized your skin is, the more it is ready to absorb even more goodness in your skin. Basically, wet attracts wet – and that is why this step of applying pre-essence is important!

Other than Niacinamide, it also contains Amino Peptides – pro collagen molecules which firms, reduces wrinkles and aids in skin reparation, Lys’lastine (dill seed extract) that enhances skin elasticity, and oliveM (olive extract, anti-oxidant) which helps protect skin from oxidative damage.

Its lightweight, non-sticky formula aids product penetration and is best used in combination with a good moisturizer – for example, the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream!


The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is to be used day & night, and has a lovely texture – but what really made me feel comfortable about it was the light scent of familiarity! Yes I’ve helped myself to others’ products in the house in the past, and Olay was one of them!

The texture felt great on my skin – it can be a bit thick if you apply too much, but generally with the Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence it gets absorbed quicker and much better (tried and tested!).

There is Niacinamide in this product as well, and all that hydration makes my skin cells plump and generally, when your skin is happily hydrated, your skin will glow, and it will tend to look more youthful as well!

The products are amazing when used on their own, but when they are used together,

  • the first drop starts renewal of a million skin cells
  • 2x more anti-aging actives penetration into the skin.
  • In just 4 weeks, you’ll feel witness your skin looking more youthful!

It’s a no wonder they’re called the Miracle Duo!

Both the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Micro-Sculpting Cream are now available in all Watsons & Guardian stores, and also online at Lazada!

Oo La Lab Fragrance Customization – Chemistry of Oo

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Fragrances are personal – your olfactory senses will immediately let you know if you like that scent, or not – it could bring back happy memories, it could remind you of someone dear, and make you feel happy and your day better!

So why not create a fragrance that’s unique to you? I love, love love scent workshops – this isn’t the first time I’ve created my own fragrance, and I always take away a little knowledge and learn more about my own preferences from every session I take.

Oo La Lab is a working fragrance lab where perfume ingredients are mixed and hand-poured to order – and they only use the finest raw ingredients, which means you’ll get a fresh scent!

When you attend a Chemistry of Oo class, what you’ll see in front of you are the ingredients they have – 19 fragrances, laid out in their own periodic table format.

Take your time to sniff out every single scent, and to find out your preferences amongst Oo La's offerings. Vanilla here and a vanilla from another fragrance brand may smell different, and you may surprise yourself by liking it after all!

Take your time to sniff out every single scent, and to find out your preferences amongst Oo La’s offerings. Vanilla here and a vanilla from another fragrance brand may smell different, and you may surprise yourself by liking it after all!

Love the amber bottles and the simplistic labels! It makes everything easier to remember in a way.

Love the amber bottles and the simplistic labels! It makes everything easier to remember in a way.

They supply a small amount of coffee beans to “reset” your senses, but the question is – I may like 6 different notes, but they may NOT pleasing at all when they’re put together! In fact, one thing I’ve learnt from my previous workshops is that you sometimes need a heavier base note to put everything together and sort of weigh the fragrance down – an Oriental, Leather, Woody or a Musk base can make a scent more complex, and less “common” in a way.

oo-la-lab-custom-fragrance-singapore-tangs-7In a Chemistry of Oo workshop, you are supplied test strips as well – which I drip a drop of my preferred fragrance on, and then put a few together and wave it near my nostrils to get an inkling of how it’ll be like together. Oo La Labs know that you might not like it after all, so there’s more than one mini 5ml vial for you to do a test mix in!

I take my fragrance mixing very seriously (because I'm sensitive to scents and will get a headache if I mix something that's not to my preferences)

I take my fragrance mixing very seriously (because I’m sensitive to scents and will get a headache if I mix something that’s not to my preferences)

After you’ve figured out your preferred scent and formula, it’s time to add all the ingredients into a beaker! You start slow and add the same number of drops (1-2) for all the notes that you like, then increase the intensity of a particular favoured note. The trick? All Chemistry of Oo workshops will have a mixologist – simply ask them for advice and help! We were extremely blessed to have with us the founder, Terry Jacobson around during our workshop – he played a pivotal role in guiding me towards my final fragrance creation!

After mixing 20ml's worth of notes for your customized fragrance, you send it in for packaging! The bottles are professionally sealed so that your fragrance would not leak, and consistent scent quality is assured throughout.

After mixing 20ml’s worth of notes for your customized fragrance, you send it in for packaging! The bottles are professionally sealed so that your fragrance would not leak, and consistent scent quality is assured throughout.

If for some reason you’re not keen to explore customizing your own fragrances yet, you could always check out Oo La Lab’s range of ready made fragrances (I do like quite a few!), and also they stock home diffusers (which I love!).


To check out their products, a great olfactory experience and to find out workshop availability, please call Oo La Lab at Call +65 6338 3823 or visit their Facebook / Website /  Instagram!


Dove Sensitive Body Wash

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Do you have sensitive skin?

In the past week, I’ve met at least 4 people with sensitive skin, or suddenly developed sensitive skin! It is actually possible to develop sensitive skin later on in life, and not know about it. Closer to home, my niece also suffers from sensitive skin since birth.


I wasn’t born with sensitive skin, and I never found my self sensitive until one day, after not moisturizing myself for a while, I started having dry skin patches all over and found myself scratching them. D: And then clothes with coarser fabrics would give me friction burns!

Could it be the food I consumed? Milk? Was I sensitive to something at home? Dust?

Like treating my acne, I pulled out all the stops – stopped consuming dairy stuff, moisturizing more often, changing my bedsheets more often, cleaning my room up properly, even getting anti-dust solutions for the home!

But the most important thing was changing my body soap! Most body washes contain soap (surfactants) that can also strip the skin of its nutrients and moisture during cleansing, causing sensitivity and redness.


In all the experiences I’ve had with Dove, I’ve found them to be least drying amongst other body washes – it’s hypoallergenic, lathers really well despite being soap-free and clinically tested to help skin retain nutrients, for a healthy skin barrier, which allows your skin to shield itself from harmful environmental irritants and pollutants!

I have a friend who has fabulously smooth skin and when questioned on the brand of soap used – it turns out to be Dove!And if you’ve used Dove before, you would know that Dove has a particular scent to its washes – this formula isn’t fragrance free, but the amount used is really low, and it smells even nicer than the original Dove body wash!

Other than leaving skin supple and moisturized after using, it’s always enjoyable and even kind of therapeutic when showering with Dove due to the fantastic scent it has and leaves after – it’s sort of like aromatherapy for me!

Despite the gentle formulation, it cleanses well and lathers fairly well too!

Despite the gentle formulation, it cleanses well and lathers fairly well too!

evonnz-dove-1I brought the small bottle I had with me on my trip to Fiji, and boy, did it come in handy. Little did we expect that we’d be showering at least 2 times a day due to all the activities we did – sometimes even three times a day! It was gentle enough to be used multiple times a day without drying out my skin (all that sand, sea and sun!), and yes, I loved how fresh I smelled after the shower! Smelling good makes me happy, and sets the mood for the rest of the day!

Well like I say in most of my reviews, don’t just trust me – try it out yourself! You can redeem yourself a 200ml sample over here http://bit.do/Dove! Get clicking, and don’t forget to watch the video if you’re still not convinced by now!

Excuse me now, I have to go take a shower with Dove, and get ready for my day. ; D



SIMPLE’s latest Micellar Makeup Removers!

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I’m sure you’ve seen this brand around before, but did you know where it came from and their philosophy?

SIMPLE hails from the UK, and they’ve been the experts in dealing with sensitive skin since their creation of the new perfume-free and colour-free soap back in 1960. Their philosophy of using only the purest skin-loving ingredients as well as staying colour-free and perfume-free has remained steadfast since 1960, and they believe that looking and feeling good should be Simple, not complicated!

I’ve had a brief history with this brand back during my teenage days – their gentle cleanser was a staple in my family bathroom for quite a while! Recently, they’ve launched their Micellar Water range of makeup cleansing products – Meet the Simple Micellar Water (in a bottle, 200ml) and Micellar Wipes (25 pcs in a pack)!


I have a thing for micellar cleansers – ever since my first experience with them, I’ve been mostly using micellar water for makeup removal due to how gentle and fuss-free it is.


Micelles are present in all cleansers actually, and are extremely effective in oil and dirt removal without being harsh to your skin. Of course, most micellar water removers will still require you to rinse off again – not that I don’t do that (it’s a habit to), but have you ever come across situations when you fall into a food coma and just want to sleep immediately upon reaching home?



And it happened to me just recently when I had my Simple Micellar Wipes lying around on my table – PERFECT! (You might have seen my spiel on Snapchat hahaha) I grabbed a piece of the cleansing wipe, removed my makeup in record time while lying down and then promptly fell asleep after. In peace. Without having to worry about make up removal or even walking to the bathroom!

Simple’s Micellar Water (in a bottle) and wipes both remove makeup without rinsing, and provides hydrating benefits (it will boost your skin’s hydration by up to 90%!) at the same time. I wouldn’t suggest not rinsing, but in situations like the one I’ve described above, or when you’re on a plane, or rushing through makeup changes – Simple’s make up wipes will come in so handy! It helps to unclog pores, and won’t leave the skin feeling tight or sticky – it promises to leave you feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated!


What I like about Simple’s Micellar Water products – there are NO artificial perfumes, colours or harsh chemicals in them! They have instead, a whole bunch of goodies!

  • Triple Purified Water: Our purest possible water to minimize potential for irritation from extraneous particles or contaminants that can irritate skin.
  • Vitamin B3: Known to restore, soften and smooth skin. It’s especially great for those with dry skin.
  • Vitamin C: A water soluble antioxidant vitamin for skin
  • Hexylene Glycol: Helps dissolve make up and kindly conditions the skin

The Micellar Water is pretty efficient at what it promises to do – my skin doesn’t feel dry or sting when I use this (some Micellar Water removers contain certain additives which stings a little). It’s extremely good for sensitive skin, which is what I’m experiencing right now with all the breakouts I’ve been having lately.

I’ve found that the wipes cleanses well enough for days when you have light and non-waterproof make up on – it also exfoliates while saving you the trouble of finding cotton pads to use with micellar water at the same time!

They're priced very reasonably for such a great product - you'll find it easy to add it into your shopping cart because of how good a deal it is!

They’re priced very reasonably for such a great product – you’ll find it easy to add it into your shopping cart because of how good a deal it is!

Simply press cotton gently over your eye(s) for a while to remove more stubborn makeup

Simply press cotton gently over your eye(s) for a while to remove more stubborn makeup

Simple’s Micellar Water ($16.90 for 200ml) and Wipes ($15.90 for 25 pcs) are available at all major pharmacies – Watsons, Guardian, Unity, FairPrice and online at Redmart!

Shopback x VISA!

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What can $100 get you in Singapore?

  • 3 MAC Lipsticks
  • A tank of gas for a Japanese car
  • Set lunch for two at Tatsuya
  • An Instax camera
  • An Apple Magic Mouse
  • 27 rolls of MT Masking Tape
  • Approximately 40 plates of chicken rice

Imagine how much more you could have gotten if you had shopped online via ShopBack – for a merchant with a 10% CashBack, spending $1000 equates to $100!

I would want to think that I’m one of the most “auntie” person in the groups I hang out with – especially when it comes to things like:

  • Shopping (you want what? I have 20% off!)
  • Carpark advice (don’t park here, very narrow – park here after 5, it’s only $3!)
  • Grocery Shopping (xx is cheaper, the pork in yy is more fresh, this place always got discounts)
  • Life Pro Tips (Put this in your car and there will never be cockroaches)

But when it came to online shopping, apparently I’m a dunce, because I don’t use ShopBack as much as my friends do.

D :

I’ve heard of ShopBack (they keep mentioning it in the chats), but I never really paid attention to it till my recent craze with chia seeds and then only realising that I could get it cheaper online via iHerb, and save even MORE with ShopBack! shopback

What ShopBack does is that it allows you to get back a portion of your shopping expenditure when you buy products through their online shopping aggregator service. With over 500 merchants from around the world, you can always get a great deal online – from clothing on ASOS, to getting electronics via Lazada (I’m looking at household stuff like steam irons and ovens!), booking accommodation and travel tickets with Expedia, and even purchase health food with iHerb!


And using ShopBack is easy-peasy; simply

  1. Login to ShopBack’s website, and look for the merchants you’re keen on shopping with
  2. Click on the merchant logo, surf, and check out your items!
  3. The cashback will appear in your ShopBack account within 48 hours of payment
  4. Once it’s been validated by the merchant (no exchange/returns within 60 days), it will be redeemable.
  5. And then all you need to do is request for your payout (min $10) and it will be credited into your designated bank or paypal account!

(For more information on how ShopBack works, click here!)

I feel extremely late to the game – the site sees over 120,000 people per month using this service, but I am sooooo doing all my online shopping via ShopBack from now on!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.12.53 am
I shop often on ASOS, and I use Expedia / Hotels.com, as well as redmart for my heavy groceries. On the average in a month, my shopping can amount to approximately $2000, and that is not including holidays which would incur a larger credit card bill. IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I COULD HAVE GOTTEN BACK VIA SHOPBACK for the past YEAR I’ve not been using it, and what I could have done with it. Argh!  

Sweetening the deal is ShopBack’s collaboration with VISA, which allows you get up to 12% + extra 2% back from your online shopping!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.52.24

Guess who’s gonna get her groceries on RedMart (11% Cashback!) and watching movies at Cineleisure (4% Cashback) this weekend?!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.54.38

But wait… did you know that there are actually SUPERSIZED promotions on top of that? I did not realize it till I checked my email recently and that’s when this mailer was screaming my name, asking me to go shopping online:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.51.41 am

HELLO? It’s an extra Visa cashback perk for all Visa card holders! It’s a no brainer – you’d want to shop with ShopBack. Before I cleared my  chats there was one part where people were just talking about how much they’ve saved from using ShopBack… and I was hitting myself for not booking everything through ShopBack!

That just means that you really need to pay attention to your emails from ShopBack (unless you have friends like mine, who will make public service announcements hahaha)


My job is done here, sharing this important piece of information with you – so bye for now guys, I’m gonna go get busy shopping (online)!


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