Deborah Lippman Bad Romance Swatches

By 25 December, 2010beauty, Nails

I received this from Veronica as a Xmas gift… I was just thinking about it days earlier!!! : D~

Extremely happy with this present, as it’s something I wouldn’t have gotten for myself due to the hefty price tag, LOL.
(Both my Deborah Lippman polishes are gifts)

(I know I have RBL Scrangie, that will probably be my one and only extravagantly priced polish!!!)

It’s a black jelly base choked full to the brim (seriously!) with scores of fine purple glitter and medium sized hexagon glitter! Kindda gothic if you ask me. BUT I LOVE IT!

The black isn’t so dark that it covers the purple glitters out entirely, and spreads well across the nail, fully opaque in two coats. I used two coats of seche vite over it as I preferred it shinier looking and less gritty feeling.

So Bad Romance is kindda like a purple twin to Across the Universe, which I swatched quite a while ago.

If you’re interested in viewing Deborah Lippman’s Across the Universe, click here!

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