LJ Gathering: Uncle Leong Seafood @ Punggol

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Had a gathering with my dearest LJ friends on the 17th… I can’t help reminiscing about the first time I met Anne and April. Firstly I didn’t even know I was working in her office till we met outside her office toilet (we were bloggers then, it was 10 freaking years ago), we went to the same poly (she entered one year before me) and for April, I couldn’t get over how silent she was when I first met her. I think we barely exchanged 5 sentences but she sat there watching me eat. LOLOLOL. In Raffles place where I was selling… Toys! And now she’s working in Raffles with a huge co! Hohoho. And the 3 of us are married now. *feels damn old* How time has passed.

Anyhoos, Damian was leaving for Korea (for 2 solid years…) and we decided to meet up for Seafood (yet again! we always eat seafood.. bad for cholesterol man) and we also surprised Anne with her bday present in advance. Heh heh.

This time, we (okay, i) chose Uncle Leong’s Seafood over at Punggol!

picture from uncle leong seafood's website

Note: Uncle Leong has closed their AMK outlet and now only has 2 outlets, over at Punggol and Toa Payoh. And yes Uncle Leong & Melben are from the same family.

The place is relatively well air-conditioned, but there’s still the occasional flying things around cos it’s just next to the river and its linked to their open air area where they leave a door unclosed. I love the clean washbasins, strong handsoap (hahahaha) and most importantly.. pretty clean toilets outside (well the place IS new)! Remember to bring your own tissue paper into the lavatory please. It’s really a great place for family gathering and such, there’s a snooker parlor and Hai Bin prawn fishing is just next to Uncle Leong’s (prawns, crabs, fish catching!)! There’s also Popeyes’ heh.

The 金沙螃蟹 WAS SO DELICIOUS!!! Believe or not, between 9 of us, we finished off 20 full sized buns. *jaws dropping* Most of it went to the creamy crab sauce! And oh yeah we finished off all the food. Super delicious.

And the heavyweight of the night (huge ass crab) came with Chilli sauce. CHILLI CRAB!! Super delicious. It doesn’t have the sourish tang to it which some outlets have and I hate, but omg SUPER HUGE! Eat legs also happy can so big and fleshy.

I brought my amazon danbo out! Danbo lemming for Chilli crab. XD

The Sambal Kangkong and Potato Leaves were pretty spicy for me (I don’t really take spice) but it was still manageable.


Salted Egg Prawns

Danbo and biiru pics courtesy of Wendy. : D


Instaxs of the night



I never thought instaxs could be blurry but apparently it is possible. ._.;

A proper pic from Anne’s GF-2 : D Parting shot. We’ll be back! *slurps*

Anne's test shot. I dont remember what we were laughing about?!

Jeff from Uncle Leong’s Seafood shifting the counter out of the way for us to take pics. HAHA. Sorry and thanks!!!



Uncle Leong Seafood @ Punggol
Address: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-03 Punggol East, Singapore
(Near Riveria LRT station)
Tel: +65 6441 1848
Opening Hours: Daily 4.30pm – 11.30pm
Website: http://www.uncleleongseafood.com/ (view the menu here!)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uncleleongseafood

Parking is aplenty if you arrive before 730 on a weekday (we went on a Wednesday) and there’s 2 different parking areas with DIFFERENT gantry/prices. Apparently Anne arrived at 730 and only paid $3.80. Yang and I arrived at 750 and paid $5.60+. What the….

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