Red-Blue-Purple Ombre Hair by Salon Vim (and Manic Panic)

By 8 June, 2012beauty, Hair

Not really news anymore since it’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve done my hair!

And after spending half a day (actually, 7 hours) on Salon Vim’s chair and giving my butt a major ache… bleaching, touching up, coloring, and coloring again…

From my old hair color of turquoise-blue ombre… to a Pink Blue Pirple Ombre hair color!

Hair Coloring by John of Salon Vim, Hair dyes by Manic Panic (Cotton Candy Pink, Pillarbox Red, Ultra Violet, & Shocking Blue)

Freshly out of the Salon... The colors were a little off as the lighting was weird.

See how the colors are blended and gradient-ed so nicely? The results – color isn’t color-blocked or patchy, everything flows really nicely!
I must say, I really give John a headache whenever I step into the salon with my hair ideas and hair dyes. *whistles* But I’m thankful that my hair color always looks good when I step out of the salon!

The purple-blue part I love the most…!

I colored my hair. This is just a section of it. : p

If you ask me which hair color combi I like more… I actually quite miss my turquoise-blue. Ohter than the fact that I’m biased towards blue-greens, I honestly don’t fancy having reds on bleached hair, simply because when it fades it can be ugly – a dirty yellow-orange reddish tone, unlike the browns you get when you do red on brown hair. Blues and greens however, fade more naturally (cos our bleached hair is yellow) and this means the hair color actually “lasts” longer – in fact my gradient hair still looked like it was dyed like that on purpose despite all the fading after 4 whole months!

Note: Cotton Candy Pink from Manic Panic DOESN’T WORK well with hair that isn’t bleached till white – it turned out like a faded red which was really horrible – John improvised on the spot, and managed to dilute my Red Dye and give me a hot pink color which luckily was really close to what I was doing for – thank god I have a brilliant hairstylist!!!

This hair color doesn’t bleed much though, as compared to the blue-green which saw all the towels I used in my europe trip turning blue, *coughs*.
After the first two washes, it has stopped bleeding completely and I could stop using a black towel, haha.

I’ll be doing up a post on hair care products I use frequently for my _seriously_ damaged hair soon, because quite a few have seemingly expected my hair to just drop off or melt away from all the bleaching, heh.

There’s a reason why I only go to John of Salon Vim for my crazy hair colors – he has really some good skills with coloring and gradients – check out his other works! (taken from his Instagram)!

(Pssssst: If you’re interested in doing hair with Salon Vim, quote my name and get a 10% discount on services! For those who know me or have my hp number, use that instead!)

Not into funky colors? It’s okay. You can trust your hair with Salon Vim & John man.

From now till 31st July, they have some coloring deals / hair care promos going on! Call up to enquire more on prices and such.

Salon Vim is located at:
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: 68847757 / 68847767

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 11am – 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am – 9.30pm

You can send enquiries to them on their Facebook as well.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to, nor paid for raving about their services – I genuinely love John’s work and Salon Vim!

I am not a sponsored blogger for Salon Vim – I paid for the hair coloring session myself, which I am unable to tell you how exactly much it is because different hair bases and lengths have different prices and work needed to achieve certain looks – for example, I went through bleaching twice, and had to do touch ups which means it’s more expensive than someone who starts off with black or evenly dyed brown hair. Do give Salon Vim a call or pop by for a quick consultation for a more accurate quote.

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    I really want colored ombre hair too (maybe pink/purple/blue) but my hair is pretty damaged (I don’t even know why, I never dye or style it haha) so I am scared of the bleach… but omg your hair is making me want to even more XD How does your hair feel after all the bleach/dye – is it somewhat soft? Haha. :P

    Thanks for the recommendation on the salon, I will definitely enquire!

    xx Renee

    • ling says:

      Hey babe! Hahaha I’ve not felt my hair ends in it’s original state for a very long time *coughs*
      But! It is somewhat soft enough when I use the right products – but it is really very stripped of moisture and all. Best to invest in treatments and good conditioners/shampoos – I’m using EKS’s hydro nutritive two phase leave in hair conditioner (what a mouthful) which helps a LOT. I also use their hair serum, hairmask and used to use their shampoo as well. They’re very good, but slightly more expensive.

      Everyone’s hair reacts differently – mine is quite hardy though there was once it was shredding like cotton because of over intensive bleaching – but salon vim doesn’t do that to my hair so I feel really safe with them. You have to enquire about the hairdyes though, they may or may not have the color you’re looking for and prob need to order it first!

      Can’t wait to see your new hair if you decide to do it! (do eet, do eeet!)

  • pearly says:

    it’s soooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • hwee says:

    hihi.. really love your hair color.. may i know how long does the color stays on your hair until its fade? you brought the manic panic dye to salon vim for them to dye the hair?

    • ling says:

      Hello! It stays on for about 4-6 weeks. Supposingly the longer you leave the dye on the longer it stays. Supposedly lah! And yes I bought and brought my own hair dye to the salon ;)

  • Mattie C says:


    Just came across your blog while looking for good hair salons. I’ll definitely check Salon Vim out. But I was wondering if we have to bring our own dye in if we want crazy colours or do they have their own supply (I’ve been wanting something similar to the purple-blue you have)?

    • ling says:

      Hello! You may have to call John at Salon Vim to check about the hair dye’s availability! For me I always use my own colors, heh. he’s on reservist right now though!

  • Mattie C says:

    I’m in the area now so I’ll drop by to ask about that and their prices. By the way, where do you get your dye from?

  • Mattie C says:

    Thanks! I know someone on Facebook (ManicPanicSingapore) is bringing in the line but there seems to be some sort of delay in the delivery from the US side. So I was just wondering where you got yours from :)
    Was just at Salon Vim. Yeah, John’s not there but they gave me a consult and said they could mix a couple of the dyes they have to try to give me the colour I want. I guess we’ll see what happens when I go in on Thursday =P

    • ling says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Just checked the site out, wow, it’s some expensive. I didn’t have to pay more than 30$ per tub of Amplified dye… and their classic’s already costing $30?!

      Hope you get good results dear, update me when you get it done! : D

  • Mattie C says:

    I’ll take a couple of photos and post a link to them or something, so that you can see how it turned out :) and thanks again!

  • Crysss says:

    Hey babe! I LOVEEEEE your hair colour!

    Any idea when John will be back? i’m gonna pop by for a visit to see what i can do to my hair!

  • Mattie C says:

    Hi! So I got my hair done last Thursday. I eventually went with half ombre instead of doing my entire head. Will be going in for a touch up in a couple of weeks but I’m loving the colour. Lilian did my hair :)
    Here’s a link to the pic (the lighting’s made it slightly bluer but it’s a lovely shade of purple-blue):

  • siman says:

    hi, i saw ur post about the coloring.. does the blueish purple last still? cos i wanted to highlights my hair actually..

    • ling says:

      I’ve changed my color to pink-purple, it’s been 1 month odd and the color has faded just a little. It really depends on how bleached your hair is (too much bleach and color won’t stay, too little bleach and color won’t show) and what dye you use. I’m using Manic Panic which lasts quite a bit but for highlights you can just keep touching up with 2 normal sized tubs!

  • Dom says:

    Love your hair!! Very fun and funky. I’m thinking about coloring mine but I was wondering did you have to lighten your hair?? Like ombré it then put the color on

    • ling says:

      thank you! i spent a lot of time on the salon chair, haha.

      i had to bleach my hair for a while (till it’s light yellow – not totally white (i can’t get it platinum blonde white anyway)) and then apply on the color. i go to a stylist who does amazing gradients – you’ll love your hair if you get it done by a proper stylist!

  • Ra says:

    I was wondering if you were to bring in your own dye do they charge you extra to dye your hair if you already have one of their services? Because from what i know their bleaching cost 70-80$ but coloring of unique colors would cost around $150 thats a lot! How much did you pay after bleaching twice and using your own color? Does these come with a treatment? Do let me know cause i’m looking for a salon that do not charge that much! Thanks! :)

    • ling says:

      Hi Ra!

      They simply do not charge you for the dye, but they will charge you for coloring services (i.e. application of color) on your hair. My bleaching twice + coloring cost me around $300+… I paid that amount for their services because even after several times of dying my hair, it’s still in great shape – my hair’s safe in their hands and I would pay extra for that kind of security and John’s skills.

      If you’re really looking for a more reasonable place to do your hair, you can try Glamor AC at Shaw Beach Road – but do check first if they do ombre colors well, because I’ve only dyed my hair (single color) with them before. For that, they’re pretty good at achieving the kind of ash shade I want. : ) Hope that helps!

  • hj says:

    Hi, where did you get your manic panic hair dyes from and how much did they cost you? :)

    • ling says:

      Hallo! I got them from fatal_impact or fatalimpact – search for them on eBay! They’re the cheapest I can find. the dyes are about 26 sgd after conversion!

  • Mel says:

    Hello :)
    Came across yr latest colored hair on instagram and decided to pop by your blog :) The categories drop-down bar really help me to read about your experiences on hair coloring easily:) Your hair color is really pretty! :) Wanted to ask about the multicolored dip dye shown under michellemichiru photo :) How much will it roughly cost according to the hair length on the picture? :) and do u think it will it be nice on black colored hair? :) and also, much the hair be entirely bleached to achieve it or just brown hair will do? Sorry for all the questions ): Really interested to know :)
    Thanks a lot :)

    • ling says:


      I believe you will need to bleach your hair as except for red color, the other colors won’t show up as well unless it’s bleached. the cost really depend son how much bleaching thye have to do and the skill involved – i’ll love to quote you, but it’ll probably be easier if you emai the picturel in to salon vim for a direct quote! : )

      as for it being nice on black colored hair – that depends on what color you’re doing. you can try doing a bright blue on black, turquoise or bright purple – these colors pop out really well on black! but probably not everything at one go! try a max of two colors like what Yina did! ( She did pink and purple on a dark base, and it looks gorgeous : D

      (sometimes I wish i was a hairstylist to answer all your pricing enquiries but I really cannot speak for salon vim lest I get the prices wrong! hehehe. sorry!!!!)

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