Majolica Majorca Spring 2013 Chapter 36: Secret Blink

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I remember Majolica. Vividly.
There was once I had a fight with an ex boyfriend, and he flung all my things somewhere… Amongst all the things he broke, the one that was hardest to replace was my Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette and I cried bitterly about it (gee woman, it’s just make up… NOT). For months I tried finding a replacement with my searching skills till I finally located someone on Livejournal who was selling it – I still have that palette and I’m still using it till now hahaha. It must have been at least 3-4 years ago man. GR-741, You were SO HARD to find!

I recalled buying it off someone named Debbie, and feeling extremely grateful to people who actually buy spares to keep or sell. *_* Hail all make up junkies! (P.S. Debbie if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!)

TL;DR: A favorite Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette of mine got broken and I went to great lengths to get a replacement.

Anyway, Majolica Majorca has finally reached me for reviews and ta-dah! My story with Majolica Majorca begins with Chapter 36: Secret Blink.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.04.54 PM
(screenshot off the website)


Chapter 36: Secret Blink consists of 5 items, of which 3 are limited edition, and 1 of them’s specially produced to commemorate MJ’s 10th Anniversary.

  • Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara $25.90 SGD
  • Lash Jelly Drop $25.90 SGD
  • Majoromantica M $25.90 SGD
  • Skin Remaker Case 2013 $13.50 SGD
  • The Little Humming Book 1 $25.90 SGD

The Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara and Lash Jelly Drop has already been launched, and the other 3 limited edition items will only be stocked on 28th Feb, 2013.

Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara, $25.90 SGD


MJ’s pretty well know for their waterproof, strong curling hold mascaras, which quite frankly, I never really took to because of the plastic comb (while many people love it, I still prefer my brush type comb).

In comparison to all their other mascaras, the Lash Expander Edge Meister (very long and confusing ah, all the names) contains 4mm liquid lengthening fibres, and has a comb with shallow groves which coats lashes from the roots, and lengthens while separating each individual lash. On the bottom of the shallow grooved comb, is a small comb which helps comb through and coat the shorter and harder to get lashes.

In case you’re curious and want to know how this is different to the other mascaras:
Lash Expander Edge Meister gives you wide and separated lashes
Lash Beautifying Frame Plus gives you defined and long lashes
Lash King is an all in one mascara which lengthens, thickens, strengthens your lashes
Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On gives you shiny, thick and impactful lashes
Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo contains soft fibres which gives you a fuller lash effect


Now, I have to be really honest here – I know many people love MJ mascaras for its long wearing time, but I’m not a huge fan of Majolica Majorca mascara because of the plastic comb brush.

I know the plastic comb brush is specially made like that so that your lashes wouldn’t clump and it is indeed, VERY waterproof and a god-sent for people with oily lids etc etc, but the comb brush just takes too much time to apply for me.

It definitely works, but not my pick if you’re especially busy.
It will be interesting to try this out if you’re new to MJ mascaras – it certainly delivers when it comes to defining my lashes and waterproof ability, so if you need something waterproof + long-lasting, at a friendly price and you don’t mind the brush, pick this up!

In the EOTD below, you can see that it defines (darkens) my lashes and lengthens it just a little, and that’s 2 coats. It doesn’t really clump, but it does gets a little spidery at too many coats, so be careful with application. My lashes stayed curled the WHOLE day and the mascara formula doesn’t weigh my lashes down. I’ll give it some points for that!


Update: I gave the mascara another go again, and holy cow, look at my lashes!


Lash Jelly Drop $25.90 SGD


The Lash Jelly Drop is a rich lash treatment gel for eyes. It is formulated with Arginin which is a hair repair ingredient, and also wild rose extract + glycerin which moisturizeseven the skin along your lashline. The brush is pretty special – they describe it as dew drops, but to be it looks like a string of pearls, but fabricated with soft fibers and with just one coat, leaves your lashes darker, shinier and stronger.

Majoromantica M (limited edition) $25.90 SGD


The Majoromantica Mystic Garden Scent is a concentrated rich scent with a mixture of floral, fruity and sweet notes.

Black Rose, Rose, Freesia, Peony, Jasmine, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Pear & Orange Peel dominate the top notes, and at the heart of the fragrance it has June Berry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and sweet chocolate. The base notes are made of Brown Sugar, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, and Cacao Powder. This seems to be quite a gourmand scent… I felt hungry as I was typing out the medley of berries.

As fragrance reacts differently on everyone, the girls around the table dabbed a little on their wrists and Juli smelt like Pomegranate, while it’s super heavy on Jayne (she probably got dabbed on a lot haha) and light, floral on Yina.

Skin Remaker Case 2013 (limited edition) $13.50 SGD


This beautiful compact is specially made to contain MJ’s Skin Remaker Pore Cover ($29.50 SGD), a powder foundation that “evens out pores in a single stroke and provides a long-lasting, fine-textured smooth finish”. It also has satin powder and sebum catching powder to give you radiant skin, contains SPF, non-comedogenic and is dermatologist-tested.

Majolica Majorca’s Skin Remaker Pore Cover comes in 4 shades, BO10, BO20, OC10, and OC20.


The Little Humming Book 1 (limited edition) $25.90 SGD

This palette is the special item created for Majolica Majorca’s 10th year anniversary – it is reminiscent of their first Chatper in 2003, as noted by RougeDeluxe.

The Little Humming Book 1 contains 2 eyeshadow colors in Flower Dust (pink) and Green Shower (green), 1 eye cream base in Moonless Night and a lip gloss in Tulip Bed.

The palette is special in the sense that you can layer the two sheer shimmer shadows over the eye cream base to concoct a totally different color! This reminds me of Kate’s Magical Aurora Eyes Sophia / Make Up Blogette posted on Instagram before.


The Little Humming Book... is really a book!  As RougeDeluxe has noted, it is the same concept as their The Little White Book and The Little Black Book released back in 2003.

The Little Humming Book… is really a book!
As RougeDeluxe has noted, it is the same concept as their The Little White Book and The Little Black Book released back in 2003.

The Book's has lyrics and notes for a Japanese song but since I can't read notes or Japanese, I don't think I'll be able to "get" this - but cute is an universal language. Just buy.

The Book’s has lyrics and notes for a Japanese song but since I can’t read notes or Japanese, I don’t think I’ll be able to “get” this – but cute is an universal language. Just buy.

A plastic "shield" for the book : )

A plastic “shield” for the book : )


The lip gloss included in the Humming Book! A sweet pink - very wearable!

The lip gloss included in the Humming Book! A sweet pink – very wearable!


There will be 4 Little Humming Books in total, to be released with each MJ Chapter throughout 2013, and I CANNOT WAIT to collect them all. Even if I wasn’t sponsored, I would grab them in a heartbeat.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 11.00.42 PM

I can’t bear to use this little beauty, so no EOTDs for this until I get over it or get a second one just to use : p
Lemming for this already? Mark the date on your calendar – this will only be out in stores on the 28th Feb 2013!

Majolica Majorca items are exclusive to Watsons in Singapore, and can be found in most Watsons outlets.

Products were given to me for consideration and review purposes.

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