Urban Decay Naked Basics Launch at Sephora

By 2 February, 2013beauty

Last Sunday saw the “official launch” of Naked Basics at Sephora, where there was a special GWP for blog readers who has at least one of the NAKED palettes in their shopping bag (it’s about time blog readers get rewarded!) and also if your purchases ring up to at least $120, you’ll get an extra GWP on top of the blog reader GWP! (Both GWPs are while stocks last!)

I hope I didn’t confuse you.

But if you’ve missed out this offer last weekend, DON’T WORRY! That was just part 1 of the launch.

Part 2 happens this Sunday, and fellow beauty bloggers Mag, Joey & Sophia will be doing makeover demos over at Sephora ION, from 4-5pm!

Readers Exclusive Redemption image

So back to what happened last Saturday.

Tip: If you’re driving down, head down earlier. I spent 20 minutes getting into the carpark. Urgh.

I love this UD photobooth – the photos taken area all so nice and sharp, and there are props for you to pose with!
(my livejournal friends will get the “foxy” thing hahaha – that’s why I went for the sign immediately)


Managed to catch Aaron Taber, the Urban Decay make up artist who was flown in from USA in action! He gave makeovers to customers and taught them how to use the UD palettes.


And at 4pm sharp, we started our makeovers! Yina gamely agreed to be my “model” XD and for the very first time… I’m applying make up on someone.


And after that we switched and Yina gave me a makeover on my eyes too hahaha.

And after a while, Aaron pulled me over and said… “I have a vision for you” and promptly swept a peachy coral eyeshadow all over my eyelids, enhancing the Naked Basics eye that Yina has already given me. This demonstrates how versatile the Naked Basics Palette is!



Aaron used Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in Freelove, which glided on smoothly and he also used it on my cheeks, and as well as on my lips! (just in the middle of my lips, with a dab of lip gloss)


Was nice meeting you, Aaron! Always glad to meet friendly make up artists while I’m out and about ; D


Remember, if you’re in the area this Sunday, 3rd Feb, do drop by Sephora ION to pick up that NAKED Basics palette and watch the popular beauty bloggers in action! <3

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