28th May – Mummy, Happy Birthday!

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My mummy turned 52 today.


Had a great meal at Beauty In A Pot over at ONEKM – Other than their very obviously great collagen broth, I also love their mala (it’s a bit more herbal than spicy) and we all loved how we did not end up smelling like cooked food at the end of the session because of their fantastic ventilation! Props to the Paradise group for being so thoughtful.





Mum: “Wah I look big in the photo!”
Me: “But you are big what… NO MORE SODA FOR YOU.”

Someone messaged me on SnapChat and said that my mum has pretty hair, like mine. I laughed and said that we both have the same unruly, curly hair.

Yup, I inherited my curls from the woman who sacrificed all the fun she could have by giving birth to me at a tender age of 21 years old.

Love you and Happy Birthday, Mummy!

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  • Ny Aina says:

    Isnt ‘she 52 and not 62? Anyway happy Birthday to her. Here in France we’re celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday.

    • ling says:

      Oops, thanks for noticing that! I’ve since amended it ; ) Thank you! I just realized that Mothers’ Day is on different months for France and UK!

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