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The best kind of facelift (or any aesthetic procedure actually), is the one that shave ages off your face, makes you look a little different(better), but NO ONE can pinpoint what you’ve done to your face.

When it’s too obvious… well…


You definitely look different, Renee.


This spells F-a-c-e-l-i-f-t


Okay Madonna, that’s too much!

Aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery are your own choice and you should never let anyone tell you what to do. The point of this post isn’t to encourage you to do it, and to be honest, I feel like I’m quite far away from even considering it!

But let’s face it. Ageing happens. I’ve started to notice lines that weren’t as pronounced as before or weren’t even there. It’s like this magical switch flicked itself on when I entered my late 20’s. (So it’s true, ageing starts at 25!) The most significant change for me happened around 29 – that was when I noticed that my face wasn’t as full as it was before.

Personally, I would think that… a little bit of work done here and there, its nothing wrong. (I just had botox done a month ago and I love looking at myself in the mirror) I know I will never be obsessive nor would my doctor allow me to!

“Well, if you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have it repaired?” – Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice was meant to be a model with her striking features and her modelesque figure – she was spotted and at the young age of 15, she made it to the cover of Vogue! She’s 83 this year, and she’s admitted to having a little work done here and there – and she still looks pretty amazing now!

This is Carmen Dell'Orefice, btw - the world's oldest Supermodel and she was in Singapore recently, opening for Max Tan at Digital Fashion Week!

This is Carmen Dell’Orefice, btw – the world’s oldest Supermodel and she was in Singapore recently, opening for Max Tan at Digital Fashion Week!

Here’s an image of her when she was young (left) vs recent times (right).


She still has wrinkles and lines, but she’s definitely ageing gracefully WITH the help of some aesthetic procedures.

You know who else is in their 80’s? Everyone’s favorite throwback sex kitten of the 1950’s, Brigitte Bardot.

Just to put things into perspective, here an image of her when she was young vs recent times!


Can you even tell that Carmen is 3 years older than Bardot? I love how elegant she looks even at this age! I’m not saying that Brigitte Bardot should go out and get some plastic surgery – it’s her choice, really! – but I definitely would consider that. Some women can age gracefully too, like Audrey Hepburn – but really, genetics have a huge part to play too!


Ahhhh, genetics. Looking at my aunt and mom actually gives me an idea of what I should be concerned about – jowls, marionette lines and even furrowed brows (apparently I have this pissed-off look I don’t even know I make sometimes because I’m too used to frowning/squinting at the screen while doing work D: I am very serious about my work, okay!)

Me, in 2013

Me, in 2013 – a photo which displays all the things I’m not going to be happy with spectacularly haha

It’s always interesting learning about how humans age – especially women, especially asians.


When I was younger (at 15), I had really really chubby cheeks – and I was like, Oh MAN, please give me a more defined face and lesser cheeks! When can I look like Vivian Hsu?!

But as you age, you start losing fat at areas which actually makes you look more youthful – as this chart shows! Your eye area starts getting more sunken, your cheeks loses the support it needs and starts to droop downwards, in an A shape instead of the V shaped face you have while you are young.

On top of that, you lose collagen, elasticity and hyaluronic acid – which contributes to wrinkles, sagging skin and such. D:

So yes at 30, I’m like – can you make me look like Ariana Grande please?!

I learnt about this at a workshop hosted by Sloane Clinic at Grand Hyatt about 3 weeks back – I actually very quickly agreed to attending the workshop as I had enjoyed what I learnt from the doctors at the previous Sloane Clinic workshop in 2014, about fillers, botox and the different perception of beauty in different countries!

This time round, I got to listen to Dr Chua Han Boon and Tan Ying Chien from The Sloane Clinic share their expertise and insights on this procedure called Silhouette Soft Threadlift – what I love about such workshops is that I actually get to learn more about the technology with diagrams, and even get “before and after” pictures to show me how it works!

What is Silhouette Soft?

The Silhouette Soft (aesthetic procedure) is a latest innovation in Threadlifting from USA, based on the popular Silhouette Lift technology (plastic surgery.

It is a 30 minute customisable aesthetic procedure with minimal downtime, low complication rate, and promises a long lasting effect of up to 18 months!

This one singular treatment does two things – lifts your skin for an immediate yet natural effect – the threads and components, made of poly-l-lactic acid, naturally dissolves and reabsorbs into your skin, but as it dissolves, it helps to promote collagen growth as a rejuvenative step to restore volume, and give more definition to your features.

It is a tailor-made treatment so that it can be adapted to your needs and wishes – it can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or to complement other procedures like Botox, Fillers and treatments like Ulthera and Thermage which targets different areas of your skin!

Of course there were more diagrams about the threads and the conical components of it – it’s really much improved over the years since Silhouette Soft was developed based on Silhouette Lift, you can read about the safety and what to expect over here – but what you really want to see are the before and after images, right? AS DID I.


Collective gasps could be heard over the room when this slide finally appeared (haha). That difference is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Of course she had her brows done, as well as other procedures (botox and fillers I believe) but her face is so much more defined and younger looking now!


And another that drew nods of approval from all in the room! This picture stood out to me as it was exactly the areas I wanted to improve on – jowls, under-eye area and marionette lines!

The silhouette soft really has a wonderful effect for the jowls and I’m pacified to know that I have a solution for it when I’m more bothered by it in the future!

We (Juli, Meiting & I) were really quite concentrated on the flurry of before/after pictures that followed, and you know la, bloggers not shy one – we had Dr Chua at our table post-workshop and asked him a whole slew of questions as well as making him guess our ages hahaha.

The Bloggeratis with Dr Chua. You could argue that most of us probably don't need it now, but it's always great to know what are your options, right?

The Nuffnang Bloggeratis with Dr Chua. You could argue that most of us probably don’t need it now, but it’s always great to know what are your options, right? (I also picked out a location with better lighting and applied a filter on this photo hahaha)

I honestly hope I won’t need to see Dr Chua anytime soon hahaha but it was a really good chat we all had!

The doctors emphasised on the fact that prevention is always better than cure – apply sunblock religiously, keep yourself hydrated all the time by drinking loads of water, SLEEP A LOT and don’t smoke!

With Dr Chua and Dr Tan - they were very jovial and friendly and answered all our questions really well!

With Dr Chua and Dr Tan – they were very jovial, friendly and had so much information to share.

Dr Tan Ying Chien, who does plastic surgery at The Sloane Clinic, was there to tell us more about Silhouette Lift and the difference from Silhouette Soft.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 5.25.01 am


For Silhouette Lift, the threads are non-absorbable unlike Silhouette Soft, but they are re-adjustable – which means that, should you need to go back to tighten your skin, you can! I do feel that this should be considered by women of higher ages or if nothing else helps – the thread’s exit points (above temple), for future adjustments, will be hidden in your hairline. It does offer a stronger lift than Silhouette Soft, and while it is still minimally invasive, it still needs to be done by a certified plastic surgeon.

And before I end this sharing session, I just want to rave about this product which I was given to try!

The Sloane Skin Superfood - Red Algae

The Sloane Skin Superfood – Red Algae

You can read up more about the Sloane Skin Superfood – Red Algae here, but in short, it contains Astaxanthin (an anti-oxidant) and ceramide to boost skin health, restore dermal elasticity, and its non-greasy texture wins points in my book!

I was told that Candice (makeupbox) loves it and I was running out of moisturizer, so I tried it out – I actually combined this with a Hyaluronic Acid serum thingy I got from Japan and apparently, my skin loves it! Even the usual period pimples didn’t bother pop up this time round!

My skin has never been better in the last 2-3 years and I’m super happy about it. I hope not to jinx that (as whenever I say my face is getting better, it gets worse again) but I’m really feeling the effect and it SHOWS. I’m super happy and more confident now and I’m sure people who meet me CAN TELL that my skin’s getting much better. I don’t know how else to express my joy except THANK YOU, Sloane Clinic, for passing this to me this to try!

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