ASUS Transformer 3 Pro: The One Laptop You’ve Been Looking For

By 6 March, 2017Gadgets

When was the last time you’ve been excited about a tech gadget?

Well, certainly not in the past 1 year for me – I’ve been less than impressed by the offerings out there… and then, things changed when I got to know of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro.


I’ll say it once again – I’m not one who accepts sponsored posts unless I truly believe in the product, and after reading up about it, I was pretty much eager to try out the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro – and then when I met it at the event, I was sold – by how slick it looked, how light it was built to be, and all the extra functionalities that complemented my current lifestyle!

As you age, your lifestyle (needs, wants, priorities) changes – I went from being a freelance designer who stays home most of the time, to someone who has to be able to work on-the-go due to the events I’ve been attending as an influencer, as well as the wanderlust I’ve caving in to! Isn’t it the dream to be a digital nomad, and work a little wherever?


The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, as the name suggests, is a versatile gadget which transforms to suit your needs – it is a laptop, tablet, and stylus all in one nifty 1.14kg package (including the detachable keyboard)!


Simply attach the keyboard when you need to use it like a laptop, and remove it when you want to use it as a tablet to say, watch movies – the laptop comes with front facing speakers, and the backlit keyboard magnetically clips on upon close proximity, self activates and even comes with a touch pad!

It’s so easy going from laptop to tablet and to a laptop again. I love that the detachable ASUS Transformer Cover Keyboard comes in 4  colors (black, brown, orange and cream) to suit your choice of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro (comes in Icicle Gold and Titanium Grey), and it also protects the laptop screen during transit!


As some of you may know, I’m a designer and I’ve been using my laptop with a Wacom tablet. This meant extra baggage (dont lose the stylus!!!), and additional software to install for compatibility, and while one may get used to it, the slight inconvenience of not being able to directly edit via the pen on the screen directly.


Doing away with all these hassle and trouble of bring extra equipment and installing extra drivers, is what I’d consider the best feature of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro – the touchscreen monitor, and the stylus that comes along with the laptop for onscreen editing!

One will appreciate how convenient a touchscreen monitor can be when it’s easier to simply tap your screen, especially when your mouse is low on battery (did I mention that I got my Apple Magic Mouse to work with the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro?) and how useful the stylus (a.k.a ASUS Pen) can be when you need to annotate or sign documents digitally!


12.6-inch display with 3k graphics

The 12.6-inch display on the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro offers makes working on it easy – one of the most important consideration for a laptop as a designer was that it has to be light and portable, BUT it cannot be too small – in fact the screen’s superb graphic output with its 3K (2880 by 1920 pixels) resolution impressed me!

Other than the sharp, clear graphics, its versatility to transform into a tablet by just removing the keyboard enabled me to keep my cousins entertained on our transfers and train rides in Tokyo! Since it’s operating on Windows, I don’t have to convert files and am able to just drag and drop videos into its 128gb SSD harddisk and read directly from it!

Little girl looking bored cos we asked her to pose for a photo and didn't give her entertainment : p

Little girl looking bored cos we asked her to pose for a photo and didn’t give her entertainment : p


The laptop comes with a built-in MicroSD Card slot, which makes for easy uploading of pictures, especially from action cams, which uses mostly Micro SD cards! This came in extremely useful when I was going through footage from various action cams from my snowboarding in Niseko and diving in Malapascua.

Should you require transferring photos via USB instead, there are 2 USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Thunderbolt) for fast photo transfers into the laptop! One feature I was impressed by was the Microsoft OneDrive storage, which, when configured right, backs your photos and files up into the cloud drive – and when you reinstall the laptop (for whatever reasons), your files will be reinstated for you automatically!

You know, I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t be able to adapt to the Windows interface after years of being with Apple. Turns out I didn’t have much to worry about!

Powerful, yet lightweight


When it comes to processing power, the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro did really well for such a small, compact laptop!

The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro comes with 2 processor options – the Intel® Core™ i5 6200U Processor, or Intel® Core™ i7 6500U Processor. Both options come with 16GB of ram (soldered on), which explains its fast speed and ability to run the multiple programs I require at my job (imagine a gazillion tabs!).

Weighing at just barely 1.2kg, the lightweight laptop is easily managed with just one hand, and is perfect for travels! Case it in point – with all the necessary applications installed, I did work on it on a 30 minute train ride to Yokohama!


It is extremely important that my laptop be able to run Photoshop and Lightroom for my work and photo editing, as well as the graphic-intensive Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos on the go!

In fact, I edited and touched up photos + uploaded them really quickly, even before my trip ended! Can I say, productivity +100 points? : p


I know mobile is pretty good, but hardly can you find a mobile app able to process raw files, which is able to pull out more color and clarity – for these, I have to use Adobe Lightroom on the laptop. I’m actually pretty particular about this especially when it comes to astrophotography!

Sunset in Shibuya

Sunset in Shibuya

Coffee and chit chat on the high floors of Keio Plaza Hotel

Coffee and chit chat on the high floors of Keio Plaza Hotel

Christmas lights on display in Shinjuku

Christmas lights on display in Shinjuku

Power Boost with the XG Station 2

There will always be tradeoffs for laptops that are compact – while the laptop is able to run my intensive programmes without lag, it is always faster and better with a bit of boost. And this is where my eyes sparkled and I looked at the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro as not “just another laptop” – it changes my life completely.

Summary of my life – I do light work on the go with the detachable keyboard on, I present in tablet mode, and when I go home… I revert to nerdy graphic designer and sometimes gamer by simply connecting the ASUS Transformer 3Pro with their ROG XG Station 2!

The first 2 laptops in my life were actually both ASUS – and I purchased them after much research on stability, and ability to perform well while playing games. *sheepish* Yes, I was addicted to gaming for a while – the extremely graphic intensive World Of Warcraft!

ASUS is quite an ICON in the gaming world – ROG stands for Republic of Gamers, and they specialize in the most drool-worthy rigs (both specs wise and looks wise) customized for GAMING. Intensive. Gaming.


Plug & Play

Deceptively powerful is right – with the right graphics card inserted into the ROG XG Station, the sleek, gorgeous box boosts the Transformer 3 Pro into a machine that’s even more powerful than certain gaming laptops and desktops!

It is connected simply via a Thunderbolt cable – this greatly reduces the need for separate machines (desktop, laptop…) at home – you can just come home, plug your laptop into the XG Station and voila! Desktop!

It was really a solution that made sense, and fits into my current lifestyle perfectly.

The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro is available at all ASUS Brand Stores and Authorised Retailers, with prices starting from $1,898. Learn more about the amazing ASUS Transformer 3 Pro here!

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