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Every year during my birthday I make it a point to celebrate it with my family, or at the very least, thank my mummy for giving birth to me. I mean, this woman spent 9 months carrying me, giving up her youth, figure and time for me and not to mention all the pain she went through!

However, I didn’t have time to spend my birthday with my Mum this year and really wanted to bring her out for a day – it was timely that this idea of pampering her at Capitol Piazza came along and also rather coincidental that she’s NEVER been to Capitol Piazza before – even before it was renovated!


I’ve been to Capitol Piazza a couple of times and I do love the place so – conveniently located right beside City Hall MRT (with an underground walkway so that you wouldn’t get drenched), Capitol Piazza’s pretty lively especially during lunch time, due to its well curated mix of lifestyle, fashion and wellness retail tenants, and of course, the great selection of eateries! In fact, even though I’ve been there at least 10 times already, I’ve actually discovered more shops on this latest trip there!

Parking is easy at Capitol Piazza, ample lots (3 basement levels) and plenty of space between lots – also, per entry after 6 is just $3 flat*! (Weekdays only)

capitol-singapore-theatre-building-4The Capitol is an establishment full of history and culture. It consisted of 3 buildings – Capitol Theatre, Capitol Building, and Stamford House.

The most outstanding feature of Capitol Building was the curved structure of the building, which stands out when you pass by the junction at Stamford Road – it was designed in a distinctive, vintage looking neo-classical style. While it has been since redeveloped and renovated, the unique facade has been restored and kept, retaining the classic look and keeping it as a significant landmark of Singapore.

In fact, the retail tenants seem to echo the image of the building – I’ve come to associate Capitol with more well-placed and slightly higher end brands, and even the events I attend at Capitol are always a luxe affair.

Along the restored building lies a whole row of shops you probably didn’t know existed as it’s not part of the main mall, but it’s a sanctuary of sorts, merely a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the mall.

Simply exit through Sulwhasoo, make a left turn, and you’ll find the Arcade – a charming walkway with pretty lamps and fans. Here you will discover more shops and services available, like O Medical, PREP, The Proposal and more!


The one and only agenda of the day was to pamper my mother, of course!


{ O Medical @ Capitol Piazza }

#01-64 | Tel: +65 6385 4434

Brought her down to the first stop of the day – O Medical, a laser, hair removal and aesthetic clinic, where she received a consultation and was advised to try out a chemical peel after the doctor listened attentively to her wants and don’t wants, namely;

  • want less dull, radiant skin
  • don’t want pain, no laser

My mum is 52, and like most older women, she suffers from pigmentation problems and dulling of skin as her skin cells regenerates and shed slower – a chemical peel would aid in softening her skin and removing dead skin cells. I was pleasantly surprised myself by how much brighter her skin looked immediately after the chemical peel!


evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-4My aunt actually joined us for the morning, and she also got lots of great advice from the Doctor in clinic that day – Dr. Rucha Karkhanis was extremely patient with our questions, which we had a ton of after we realized her age and were impressed with her skin condition at that age! I did not get any treatment done as I had an event that evening, but I definitely walked away with more knowledge, plus Dr. Rucha advised me on how to get rid of my troublesome back acne. The way she says things puts my mind at ease, that the problem can be quite easily treated. The simplest tip we brought home that day was to hydrate, hydrate and HYDRATE!

Thank you, Dr. Rucha!

Thank you, Dr. Rucha!

It was noon by the time we were done at O Medical, which means time for lunch! At Capitol Piazza, you’ll find eateries available on almost all floors of the building – from my very favourite Italian bistro Equilibrium (click for review!), to renowned French tea room Angelina, a taste of local fare at 1933, and the latest Indonesian franchise from Bali – Naughty Nuri’s!


{ Naughty Nuri’s @ Capitol Piazza }

#01-84 | Tel: +65 6384 7966

I somehow managed to coax mum and aunt into having Naughty Nuri’s with me for lunch – you would think that it’s a posh looking mall and that it might be expensive, but set lunches in Capitol Piazza are actually really worth it! There are plenty of eateries at almost every level – you can find Ramen & Tonkatsu Ma Maison, Hoshino Coffee (love their french toast!), Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant and even Oriole Coffee + Bar in the building! There’s also llaollao for the froyo lovers, yum!


Nothing’s more delightful than a hair treatment post-lunch, and that’s exactly what we did!

{ PREP Luxe @ Capitol Piazza }

Arcade, #01-62 | Tel: +65 6384 1406

Made reservations for Mum and I at PREP Luxe – a homegrown brand offering full hair services (cut, color, treatments, wash and blow) but well known for being many ladies’ go-to choice when it comes to a perfect blowout.

We were booked for the Mucota Scena Treatment – I’ve long heard about Mucota’s haircare range and treatments, and how good it is as Japan’s #1 treatment, created specially for Asian hair.


The Mucota Scena Treatment ($170/$180) offered by PREP Luxe is a 75-minute, 3-step hair treatment to replenish moisture and repair the cell structure of your hair. The entire treatment’s full of  reparative ingredients like ceramides, amino acids, keratin and silk ppt which will give you lustrous hair for days after the treatment!


It was of course followed by a lovely signature blowout, which was just in time for my event later in the evening! Hehehe. My hair was teased to perfection, with the stylist paying attention to what I wanted – soft, bouncy curls, with plenty of volume on top!


After the hair treatment, we took a walk around the main shopping section of Capitol Piazza – where you’ll find shops and services like some of my favorite beauty stores – Lancôme, Aesop, as well as service oriented shops like Highbrow, Branché (Hair & Nail),  lifestyle brands like To Be Calm (White Tea & Ginger scent!) and fashion stores like Napapijiri, G-Star RAW,  Marimekko, and Manifesto!

We headed over to Aveda, whose hair care I’ve been meaning to check out – what I did not know was that they offered an extensive range of skincare as well, and this trip allowed me to understand Aveda better and the philosophy behind their beauty care range!

evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-30{ Aveda @ Capitol Piazza }

B2-33 | Tel: +65 6384 1510

Founded in 1978, Aveda’s skincare sprouted from the basics of Ayurvedaa system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Aveda eventually became a pioneer of holistic beauty, and a champion of environmental responsibility with the guidance of two Ayurvedic Physicians and their commitment to using organic ingredients.

From the ingredients to the packaging used, Aveda tries its best to provide and care for the environment – by using only ethically organic ingredients, not conducting animal testing, responsible manufacturing, supporting breast cancer research, right down to the packaging used!

evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-24Aveda places emphasis on being well-balanced – I had a mini experience of how an Aveda Ritual would be like – you’ll get served a warm cup of tea, and asked to pick a scent you’d like from 7 scents available. Your senses will automatically guide you to pick a scent, and that scent co-relates to a particular chakra you might be missing from being well-balanced.

evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-23evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-22I was introduced to an extremely interesting first ritual of the day, called the Radiant Awakening Ritual. It is a 2-step ritual done before you wash your face – you first gently massage and exfoliate your face with a dry brush, followed by a light massage with their oleation oil before washing it off and starting your regular regime.

evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-25Dry brushing is a technique from ancient Ayurveda, called gharsana – it gently lifts dry, dull cells from skin’s surface, exfoliates to promote skin cell turnover, and preps skin to take in nourishing oils, treatments and hydration that follow.”

I didn’t experience this on my face, but it would have been such a joy to pamper yourself first thing in the morning! It is then followed by using Aveda’s tulasāra™ radiant oleation oil for a facial massage, which is a step is inspired by an Ayurvedic technique called abhayanga. I love the scent of the oil and it’s like a mini aromatherapy session to relax and ready yourself for the day! Leave on for 4 minutes before washing it off, and you’re ready to begin with your regular skincare regime.


One thing I loved about Aveda was how knowledgable and friendly their staff were. Every single step of the ritual was well explained, and even the hair consultation was a breeze! I was really impressed because usually you’ll be met with urms and urhs… but this darling at Aveda was able to answer my every question with utmost confidence (in her knowledge and of the products they carry!).  I would recommend that you walk right in and sit down to get yourself acquainted with Aveda and their products, because the mini experience would blow you away.

And then it was the last stop of the day, an all time favorite since I was a teen – The Body Shop!

{ The Body Shop @ Capitol Piazza }

B2-18 | Tel: +65 6384 2764 


The lady from The Body Shop wasn’t any less knowledgeable – I was in a rush, and she managed to speed talk and introduce to me to their latest and redesigned Drops of Youth™ skincare range!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth“The Body Shop Drops of Youth™ helps to provide you with smoother, bouncier, youthful looking skin by enhancing the cell renewal process and delivering a much-needed hit of supple hydration.”

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth™ range isn’t at all oily nor sticky to the touch – it gets absorbed really quickly and is formulated with a number of powerful plant stem-cells, speeding up your cell renewal process to give you younger looking skin. The serum makes a good addition to my dresser and definitely aids with moisturizing! And remember what Dr. Rucha (from O Medical earlier on) recommended? HYDRATION!

Should you be looking to pick up just one more item from The Body Shop though, make it one of their 5 newly released Expert Facial masks. I have the entire set and it’s an absolute joy to cycle through them!

superfoodmasks-thebodyshopThe Body Shop’s Expert Facial Masks (S$32.90 each) are inspired by superfood trends and traditional remedies around the world and are wholly vegetarian (you’d be surprised how many people are looking for vegetarian gifts for their vegetarian friends). It’s really hard to choose just one from the amazing names and formulas – Amazonian Acai, British Rose, Chinese Ginseng & Rice, Ethopian Honey and Himalayan Charcoal, so I cycle through them the entire week! And after a week I was left with supple, smoother-feeling and really happy skin.

If you have to get gifts for someone, let this be it! It would make such a good bridesmaid gift, a Christmas stocking stuffer (enough with the hand creams already, hahaha) or a party exchange gift!

And with the last visit, it was time to head off to the airport to fetch my dad and then to attend my event! Mummy & I started at 10am, and only ended at 4pm *whew*

evonnz-capitol-piazza-beauty-day-out-with-mother-21It’s been such a long time since I’ve had an enjoyable day out with my Mum (she works, so she had to take a day off) and I was happy to see her pampered and radiant after the whole day at Capitol Piazza!

It was really coincidental that I’d noticed a poster for an Etsy Made Local event, which saw me coming back to Capitol Piazza again with my cousins! (In fact, I kept going back week after week for events and for this!). And by the time I was back, the Christmas decorations were up and we couldn’t resist taking some family photos!




I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout and also pretty excited by the local talents! Love, love love these cards and drawings.


I took a little longer at the fair while the kids headed off to Hoshino Coffee for pancake and ice cream! I’m not going to encourage this, but what a time they had playing by the fountain right outside Capitol Piazza!


I’d say that nothing is more important than seeing the happy smiles on my loved ones’ faces and making moments like this. I loved the photos my parents took of me when I was younger – because I had such a bad memory I could only remember my childhood by looking at the photos. And these are irreplaceable memories between me and my cousins made – Thank you, Capitol Piazza! ; )

(Special credits to Myke for helping me grab this shot with everyone!)

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