Introducing: Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow® Bath & Body Collection

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“Joining the well-loved ranges of Nantucket Briar and Summer Hill in their celebration of sumptuous flowers and idyllic settings, this charming trio of scents – each infused into its own array of bath and body treasures – offers everyday luxurious treats. The light green fruity-floral scent of Somerset Meadow is an aromatic impression of a beautiful English landscape in bloom.

Blending a spirit of ‘joie de vivre’ and nature at its most siimple and spectacular, Somerset Meadow® is a delight to wear on the skin. The scent of sparkling bergamot and dew-kissed blackberry buds is refreshing and tart, its juicy sweetness perfectly balanced with the bitter greens of ivy and fern. A heart of white blossoms, water lily and earthy geranium flourishes as if warmed by the morning sun. The scent of left, grass and fragrance petals are suffused by creamy clouds of musk, whilst willow and moss tether all the casually floating notes close to the skin and bring a soft, sensuous touch.”

I’m not being lazy by copy and pasting the press release (actually I typed it out), but you know, when press releases are already so wonderfully written, I’m not sure what I can say in my own words to make it look even as well written as the press releases (which I’m sure they paid good money to get copywritten). Haha.


I can attest to its claim of being a delight to wear on the skin – I used the shower gel today, and then luxuriated myself (hahaha inside joke sorry!) with the body lotion, which was a joy to apply as it spread easily without tugging my skin. The shower gel lathered okay, and smelt really nice in the shower! I’m quite glad that I like this scent, because as much as I enjoy walking into Crabtree and Evelyn all the time, I don’t claim to like all the scents in the shop. My favorite’s La Source, and this Somerset Meadow® comes right after La Source!

I went to dinner after using this, and I offered my girlfriend a whiff of my arm hahahaha – when I told her it was Crabtree & Evelyn’s latest scent, she exclaimed that she wanted to ask me if it was one of Crabtree & Evelyn’s scents as it smelt very C&E-ish. I can’t put a finger to it, but there are scents that smell cheap, and scents that are crisp and simple, yet complex at the same time and just smells so luxurious. Somerset Meadow® is definitely one of them!

Somerset Meadow® Bath & Body Collection

There’s a total of 5 products in this collection, and they are available in stores already – prices range from $25 SGD for the perfume gel, to $58 SGD for the EDT.

Somerset Meadow® Perfume Gel, 12ml – $25 SGD

Somerset Meadow Perfume Gel, $25 SGD

Somerset Meadow  Perfume Gel, $25 SGD

“Massage this luxurious moisturising gel onto the pulse points and revel in the fresh scent of flowers and fruits.”

This is the first perfume gel product for Crabtree & Evelyn, and I think it’s a nifty product for travel as it doesn’t leak during transit nor is it heavy to carry around, and you can use this for touch ups during the day as well. Or if you’re really unlucky enough to meet taxis that smell and sweaty folks on the mrt… just whip this out and smell it.

Somerset Meadow® Eau De Toilette, 60ml – $58 SGD


“Fresh & Lovely, the light green fruity-floral scent of Somerset Meadow® is graciously charming with an addictive allure.”

Somerset Meadow® Bath & Shower Gel, 200ml – $35 SGD


“Formulated with conditioning extracts of water lily and ivy, this richly lathering cleansing gel also creates a wonderful foaming bath that awakens the senses and leaves skin silky smooth.”

CHECK CHECK CHECK! I felt rejuvenated after showering in this – the scent is so lifting and fresh! I don’t think the bath & shower gel lathers up very well, but it doesn’t dry out my skin, and I’m all okay with the not foaming up so much as I’ve been using SLS-free stuff anyway so it’s normal for me. I like that the dispenser is a press top – you depress one side and the other side with a nozzle flips up – I prefer squeezing rather than pumping the shower gel out.

Somerset Meadow® Scented Body Lotion, 200ml – $40


“With all the freshness of a dew-kissed meadow, this moisture-rich lotion beautifully softens and rehydrates the skin with sweet almond oil, shea butter, and conditioning water lily and ivy extracts.”

This was packed along with the shower gel for our press kit to bring home, and I used it to complement the shower gel – the scent lingered on all day – I’m still smelling it now, even after a good 8 hours! As mentioned earlier, I loved how it spreads well without tugging my skin.

Somerset Meadow® Hand Therapy, 100g – $33 SGD


“Dry hands – including nails and cuticles – will delight in this superior moisturising and conditioning blend of macadamia nut oil, shea butter, antioxidant-rich vitamins C & E, plus waterlily and ivy extracts. This restorative hand treatment also leaves a subtle, tantalizing aroma on the skin.”

If there’s one thing they’re famous for, it’s their hand therapy creams, and I’m sure there are people who will get this just because it is a new scent! This 100g tube can last you forever – I never managed to finish any of the big tubes I have, hehe.

A bunch of us were invited to Crabtree & Evelyn’s Somerset Meadow® launch at their VivoCity outlet, where there was a huge flowery standee entrance and we were also given a floral headband to wear!

Valerie, Yina, Felicia, Juli, Peggy & I! Pic from Yina's camera, thank you!

Valerie, Yina, Felicia, Juli, Peggy & I! Pic from Yina’s camera, thank you!


Juli actually tied her hair the other way because she knew I would be there and would "chope" the left profile for photo-taking, hahahahah!

Juli actually tied her hair the other way because she knew I would be there and would “chope” the left profile for photo-taking, hahahahah!

Bun, looking really cute even on the other profile hahaha and darling Val & I! Who sat down to take a picture with me because... do you really still need to ask? Hahahaha.

Bun, looking really cute even on the other profile hahaha and darling Val & I! Who sat down to take a picture with me because… do you really still need to ask? Hahahaha.

There was a cookie monster in our midst...

There was a cookie monster in our midst… ahem!

Thank you, Crabtree & Evelyn! It’s always fun hanging out with great company – we had a super fun dinner afterwards! XD Looking forward to going out with you girls again soon! ; )

Where to buy – Crabtree & Evelyn locations

If you’re interested in getting a whiff of the new scents, Crabtree & Evelyn stores are located at:

Star Vista #01-03
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2-16A
Paragon #B1-26
Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) #B1-13
The Centrepoint #01-12A
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-29
VivoCity #01-09
Suntec City Mall #01-129
Bugis Junction #01-14
Tampines Mall #01-31A
Parkway Parade #01-07

Hand Therapy Paint Tin Box promo – 12 x 25g for $88 SGD!

Need a gift for mother’s day? Or just looking for a gift for 8-12 persons?


If you are at least 25, you would have received one of Crabtree & Evelyn’s famous hand therapy cream or their gift sets before, at least. This is such a great gift for the office ladies! I’ve always loved gifting the hand therapy creams, especially during Christmas. It’s not Christmas yet, but there are more than one ways to gift this box – as a whole set to a Crabtree & Evelyn lover, or you can always keep the box for yourself and give the hand therapy creams away individually as office gifts or such! 12 x 25g of hand therapy fragrances for $88 SGD would make it $7.33 SGD for each one – pretty good looking doorgift for a small party, or for your bridesmaids!

Available now at all 11 Crabtree & Evelyn stores in Singapore! ; )

The Body Shop Spa Fit Collection

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The lovely folks from the PR agency for The Body Shop sent me a basket (literally) full of goodies on a Friday, for me to enjoy my weekend with!

I was actually feeling a little gloomy, so the very thoughtfully put together basket and it’s cheerful yellow hues made my day a little better!

The Body Shop Spa Fit Collection

Spa Fit Collection: Spa Fit Massage Oil, Spa Fit Toning Concentrate, Spa Fit Body Scrub, Spa Fit Massager

Shape Up & Get Spa Fit.
“Swimwear season is fast approaching, but not everyone has the time – or the money – to firm and tone their bodies in a luxury spa so they can slip into their bikini with confidence.

That’s why The Body Shop has created Spa Fit, the ultimate home-spa range that delivers the firming and toning power of a spa trip in just minutes with 100% natural actives and an exclusive massage technique.”

Citrus at work
“The Spa Fit formulas are packed with orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit oils. These super effective, super fragrant naturals smooth and soften your skin and revitalise your senses day after day.”

The entire series smells really nice and refreshing with all the citrus infusions – but all the products tend to smell a little differently from each other. I like them all though, the scent is right down my alley!

– – – – – ★ – – – – –

Spa Fit Massager, $14.90

This is one HUGE massager! It’s pretty sturdy, with a plastic side and a rubbery scrub portion which actually can be pretty painful if you don’t use it the right way – it is still painful to me, but in the world of massages I think pain is actually good – haha. It’s easy to grab and though it’s a little big for my hand, it doesn’t slip off while I’m using it.

– – – – – ★ – – – – –

Spa Fit Body Scrub, $42.90

The Body Shop teamed up with Absolute Sanctuary, one of Asia’s leading luxury spas for massage techniques and in the press release was this chart on how to perform simple massages on yourself and use the products along with it.

This pot is nothing new to folks who are used to TBS products as many of their scrubs come in this pot with the really tight latch, but it is still a bit of a pain for me to open cos I don’t really have much strength. I’m the kind who cannot even open bottled water myself sometimes. I accidentally hit myself a few times while opening it, owch – I have even thought of transferring the product to another easier to open pot! Basically to open this without injuring yourself, you gotta hold on to the entire latch and flip it open slowly… I’m getting the hang of it.

A little goes a long way for this scrub – it lathers really well, and I can cover a good area with just a small portion from the pot – and that justifies the price tag for me! I’d gather that even with daily usage, this little tub can probably last you a 1.5 – 2 months at least (i’m halfway through my pot!). The scrub is supposed to be used after using the massager, but sometimes I do use the massager when I have the scrub already all slathered over – be warned though, this can get quite painful! I wouldn’t mind using the scrub daily, but the massager… probably thrice a week?

I got really nice results after using the scrub – My thighs are realllllly smooth now, and I’m using this on my back daily now, to see if it can help clear the persistent back acne I got when I went off my contraceptives. Bad bad hormones! On the overall, this is a great product! I’d probably repurchase this because I enjoy scrubs a lot and it smells really nice.

– – – – – ★ – – – – –

Spa Fit Toning Concentrate, $34.90 & Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil, $28.90

After your refreshing shower and scrub, you can choose to use either the toning concentrate or the toning massage oil.

The Toning Concentrate is a cooling gel, dispensed through a pump which seems to be designed to be waterproof to me – it’s nice, but slightly hard for me to grab and pump – it took quite a few pumps to dispense the product initially but that’s normal. I can’t see how much product there is left though, with this bottle design.

The yellow gel gets absorbed pretty easily (maybe my skin is too parched? ahems), and doesn’t leave an oily feel which is great! It also has a scent that’s very much more perky than the other two products, and a quick glance at the label shows that it has menthol in it – which probably also explains the warming sensation I got after using the product. (I love the menthol!)

The massage oil , thank god, actually isn’t too oily – though it would have been easier to spread if it was a little oilier, I quite like it at this texture as I don’t fancy feeling like I just had a dip in a giant vat of oil. If it’s not moisturizing enough, just rub a little more on the dryer areas! The oil has a pretty strong lemon/grapefruit smell which is really uplifiting, and I do rub a little of this on my temples/a bit just below my nose to enjoy the scent. The small opening for the oil be poured out from ensures that you don’t accidentally spill too much of this product on yourself (just before writing this blog post I had a horrible “oil spill” with a bottle of jojoba oil and it got all over my table and keyboard. Urgh.).

On the overall, the scrub is really nice to have for a perk me up shower, plus my skin really does feel much smoother! The toning concentrate doesn’t seem to have any visible effect on me yet, but I’ll continue using this on my jiggly thighs and bye-bye arms, since I really like the warming sensation! I know, one must exercise to attain a great figure but I… am not the exercise kind. The only time I tried to be healthier by going biking, I got fat instead. Henceforth I’m more than glad to have these : p Some form of help (more like self comforting) is better than nothing!

The Body Shop’s Spa Fit range will be launhched on 9th July 2012.

Also check out Sara (icyabstract)’s review here!


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I quite like Palmer’s Moisturizer and Body wash! The moisturizer smells great and really does moisturize my skin, though it took quite a while for the slightly sticky feeling to go away. Skin felt soft and supple. The body wash doesn’t contain Sulfate but lathers well. It took quite a while to wash it all off, but I guess that’s the moisturizing factor?

A few months back, I was invited to Palmer’s event (thanks Marie & Palmer’s!) along with Eve, which actually was my first time trying out products of the brand! I mean I’ve heard of Palmer’s, but that was mainly from ads in my Australian magazines (Cosmo anyone?) and this event really made me go “Wow” (and slightly confused with all the different products). I never realized that Palmer’s had such an extensive range of products.

The products on display…




Items from the Olive butter and Shea Butter series smelt really nice. I didn’t really dig Cocoa butter, nor did I take a liking to Coconut Oil Formula stuff at all. It just smelt so…. hmmm. It was too floral and weird for me, I guess I don’t really fancy chocolate-scented stuff either.

Eve was really interested in the Skin Therapy Oil and I got quite excited about it too as it supposingly prevents/helps with stretch marks! I guess I’ll be trying this out next year when I intend to get preggers or something. : D I also have horrible mosquito bite marks on my legs which I’m trying to rid. : (

The celebrity endorsers that day…

There was a little contest where everyone shared their favorite eco tips (on orange post its… and with blue/yellow eco friendly pens!) Someone walked away with a $2k+ bed!!! Damn awesome. Apparently the funniest “tip” I heard went something like “Don’t have children. Adopt.” <-- something like that.

Ending the post with what we wore that day. : ) Thanks once again Marie!

It was really, really hot that day, and it was an outdoor event. Luckily there were some powerul fans around!

I’ll probably do another post once I’ve tried out the Skin Therapy Oil! Most likely gonna bring it for my Europe trip in Jan 2012… In the mean time… I know what products to get for expectant mummies next time! A bottle of that to help with stretch marks! : p

Are you drinking enough water?

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Read this article written by my dear friend’s mum, Dr Doreen Tan from BWL (Best World Lifestyle, not BlackWing Lair ah.) who has always been great at dispensing advice with regards to nutrition and health, and is one awesome mother to boot.

Do read through this article and try it! I’m definitely going to – I know I don’t drink enough water a day for sure.

“It is amazing how many people still do not know the importance of water for staying in the pink of health. Think for a moment and consider the facts: the human body contains 75% water, making it the body’s transport system to nutrients around it as well as carries waste out of it. Water breaks down food, keeps your body temperature balanced and your skin elastic. We can live for weeks without food but only a few days without water.

I consider it my treasured achievement that for a good part of my life I have been running a campaign for people to drink adequate, clean water. I began this in my own home and my kids are terrific water drinkers. In our company, it has become the norm to see people carrying big water bottles and following a strict regimen of water intake every single day. In every place I have been to and events where I have spoken, it has become my little crusade to persuade people into drinking water to maintain or restore their body to good health.

Years of dealing with patients has led me to believe that chronic and persistent dehydration is the root cause of almost all currently encountered major diseases of the human body.

Now, I have this important challenge to all of you. I want to get you into this 18-day water cleansing regimen. Just follow the instructions and keep me updated as you progress:

Water cleansing formula:

18-day cleansing

Drink 1.8 to 2 liters depending on body weight
Above 60 kg 2 liters
Below 60 kg 1.8 liters

Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water before breakfast to rehydrate and flush out toxins which accumulated in the body during sleep. Drink water before, with and after every meal; it will help you to prevent overeating and therefore help you to manage an ideal body weight.

Your manner of drinking should be to take in a few mouthfuls each time until you finish one glass. You may take 10, 15 minutes, 30 minutes to sip throughout the hour. It does not matter as long as you gradually consume one glass every hour. Carry bottled water with you everywhere. Keep a glass or cup of water next to you whenever you’ll be sitting down for a long time, such as when you’re at your work desk Drink from it regularly as you’re working.

After 18 days, resume to drinking water by body weight in kg multiplied by 30. e.g. 50kg x 30 = 1.5 liters of water. Follow the same drinking method.

To keep you excited on your goal, allow me to let you in on what will happen at the end of the 18 days water cleansing. You will feel fresher, lighter, and not so lethargic. If you are suffering from any kind of illness, you will find that your recovery will be faster and your physical discomfort will be greatly diminished. Your skin will be finer with less skin irritation. You will be astounded with the beautiful changes you will witness. There will be more benefits leading you towards good health, good looks and an overall sense of wellness as you make drinking water an important part of your daily routine.”

Original article over here: Dr Doreen Tan’s Blog

Sacred Women Wellness Massage by Royal Secrets/Body Wellness

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I went for a 90min Sacred Women Wellness massage, sponsored by Royal Secrets!

Thank you The Sample Store for the opportunity!

Royal Secrets is actually a subsidiary of Body Wellness (which is why I got confused when I reached Winsland House – it’s actually at the basement!), which has been around for 14 years since it’s establishment in 1997.

My first thought upon entering the place…

Clean, nice decor….

And it IS huge. Like a maze!
I needed to pee and I had to make a huge U turn (and took a mini tour myself) to the toilet… I think I bypassed at least 30 rooms en route to the toilet!

They had rooms after rooms, those with see thru windows for Facials and without for the more private massages. Occupancy was marked with a little scented bag at the door – nice touch.

You may find yourself going to them since all 3 outlets (listed at the end of the post) are all very conveniently located around town, and for those who do, be ensured that there’s a nice and well lit clean up / make up room for you to freshen up after your facial or massage! Hairdryers, tissues, even weighing machines are available for your usage.

There’s also a leisure corner for gatherings, and for small briefings… very cosy!

Okay back to the point!

I was invited for a session of the Sacred Women Wellness Massage.

I was greeted by the very nice Boon Hong, who gave me a short tour around the place, and introduced me to my therapist who was very lively and up to date!

I was asked to change into the robe, underwear *cough* and showercap.

I was told to weigh myself…

Yes i’m 43.6kg.

And then my therapist did a body analysis on me… which could tell me my body’s “age”, and how much toxins i had in my body.

Then she proceeded with the massage, and expertly kneaded my back, stomach and chest. Whoa i’ve never had anyone rub my stomach that hard before! It was pretty awesome, and according to some friends, very good for maintaining the womb, especially if you’re planning to give birth!

Body Wellness researched and discovered, fatigue, stress, excess weight and unhealthy lifestyles causes inadequate flow of energy to organs and systems. Any break in the flow of energy is an indication of imbalance, which manifest as pain and illness. According to Chinese medicine, this flow of energy affects all the body’s circulatory systems, including the flow of blood, nerves, hormones, and lymph.

Sacred Women Wellness is a uniquely created therapeutic wellness body treatment that includes a full body massage using Chinese massage techniques and application of Pueraria Mirifica. Extra attention is paid on the breast and ovarian area to enhance overall feminine youth, beauty and wellness.

The benefits of Sacred Women Wellness:
* Relieving discomfort of PMS and menopausal symptoms
* Preventing osteoporosis
* Improving mood
* Increasing firmness of bust through production of collagen
* Relieving aches and pains e.g. stiff neck, sore back, cramp etc
* Treating stress-related problems e.g. insomnia, headaches etc
* Helping digestion and detox

She took a body analysis again after the massage and produced me results, before and after:

Apparently I was 29 years old DDDD : and I had a toxicity level of more than 10% DDDD : which meant that I have been eating junk… and not exercising : x

After the massage, hey, check it out! I’m back to my 25 years old. *whoopee*
And my toxicity was brought down to 5.3%!

And oh you can’t see it here but I lost some water weight too.

Report results aside, after the massage, I think I went through a straight 5 day period of detox. I was moving my bowels every *single* morning, and literally had to rush to the toilet! I felt quite well emptied (and was tempted to eat more, haha). My boobs were firmer as well : x (This kindda thing you cannot see so I must say lah.) The massage was good and she really kneaded me in the places needed to for all the goodness to happen.

Man, if you have constipation, I think this is really a damn good massage for you to try.

Apparently my therapist told me that it’s helpful for those who suffer from cramps, and hormonal imbalance. I would think that it should help those with acne problem related to hormones as well. So hey, give it a go!

Clearing my bowels everyday was disgustingly shiok. I mean, I don’t exercise, and I don’t really constipate but they don’t move everyday… Feels good to be cleared!

Promo for everyone!

A session of Sacred Women Wellness (90 mins) plus complimentary wellness analysis @ $28* only! (Quote – “Blog Evonnz”!)

* T&Cs:
• Valid for first-time female Singaporean customers aged 21 years and above, and by appointment only – Quote: Blog Evonnz.
• NRIC must be presented upon redemption at Body Wellness.

You can make an appointment at any of their 3 outlets, which houses an average of at least 30 rooms per outlet:

Stamford Court,
61 Stamford Road #01-08/09 Singapore 178892 (5 mins from City Hall MRT)
Tel: 6337 9294

Winsland House 1,
3 Killiney Road #01-02 Singapore 239519 (3 mins from Somerset MRT)
Tel: 6737 1577

Heritage Court,
60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323 (2 mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: 6323 1511

Visit their website for more information, too! : )


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