4 Steps to a Flawless Face with Laura Mercier (Part 1 – High Coverage & Shine Control Routine!)

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“Before applying any color, I always create a fresh canvas – a flawless finish. Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty.” – Laura Mercier


Long before Laura Mercier arrived on our sunny shores, we’ve all heard of one legendary item – their tinted moisturizer! Laura Mercier is known to be the master of flawless finishes, owing to the fact that back then when she was doing make up artistry, there was no photoshop –  just good ol’ make up, and great lighting by great photographers.

(P.S. – Laura Mercier first did Madonna’s make up after being introduced, which led to an ongoing collaboration with the superstar. She was also the personal choice of Sarah Jessica Parker & Julia Roberts when she was still a celebrity make up artist (now she just focuses on creating products for her brand)!)

For some reason, despite knowing what Laura Mercier was famed for – I did not make a beeline for it when it reached our shores – and I totally regret that, because after experiencing the magic of Laura Mercier’s products, I was a convert. Actually it wasn’t so much immediately after application… but after some 9 hours of wearing, and then staring into my mirror and getting a shock. In a good way!

If you’re new or not familiar with Laura Mercier, here’s the facts: She has a total of 6 different primers(!), and 10 foundations(!!) including 4 different kinds of tinted moisturizers(!!!) to choose from for different skin types.

Whoa. Simply put, Laura Mercier has something for EVERYONE.

This is gonna be one lengthy post (thankfully I’m not reviewing all, but what works for me), but still, bear with me – because I was blown away, and so will you too after seeing my before/after pictures.

(here’s a small teaser pic of the magic you will see later on)


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Etude House Magic Any Cushion Review, Swatches, Pictures

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Remember my trip to Korea in end March? Yina and I were send there on a press trip by Etude House for a short tour, but also mainly for the launch of these new babies on Etude House’s shelves! Presenting to you…

Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion!


Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion is meant to be used below your foundation / bb as a color corrector / highlighter / base, and comes in 3 colors – Magic Mint, Magic Pink & Magic Peach!

As far as color theory goes, green corrects redness (esp Rosacea), Pink gives you radiance and counters sallow skin, and peach is meant to correct dull, ashy skin.


Colors swatched on skin:


When blended out! All 3 Magic Any Cushons have fine shimmer in them – which is subtle and renders a soft glow (you can see a hint of it in the picture below) on your face.


Note: Doing swatches like the above picture will not help you make a decision, haha. You need to try it on your skin. I initially thought that I would need green to counter redness but I can’t use it all over my face – Instead I have to use a combination, and I’ll show you how later!

But first let’s talk about the cushion’s physical properties.

Etude House is under Amore Pacific group (Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Hera, IOPE), which means that… all the refills are interchangable (aka Hera’s refill can fit into Laneige’s, etc)! Of course that’s if you don’t have more than one cushion of course, because you’ll just be one very confused person – also, their sponges all fit each other’s cases so what I did was to get Etude’s ones and use for my other compacts : p They say it has anti-bacterial properties, but I’d very much prefer to change it every 2 months or so.


Usage wise, it’s liek all other cushions. Press into the sponge compact, and you’ll see product on the sponge – for Magic Any Cushions, their sponges are pink instead of blue! Super cute.


Note: I have dull, ashy skin, redness around the nose and chin, and I often look tired without make up.


For my skin, I’m unable to use just one shade across to settle all problems because I only have specific areas of redness – but here’s some half face swatches for comparison’s sake! Note that all 3 cushions do not offer concealing properties – so unless you have very good skin, you’ll need something to conceal your blemishes!


Magic Any Cushion in Magic Mint

This one gives me a white cast on my face, unfortunately. It may not seem obvious here, but it makes my dull skin look even ashier somehow. I only use it on my nose area and chin.


Magic Any Cushion in Magic Peach

I love this one! The lighting is a little pink here, but it doesn’t go on pink at all – it blends into my skin perfectly and takes the dullness off my face! If I didn’t have serious red spots to cover, I wold totally just use this alone.


Magic Any Cushion in Magic Pink

It doesn’t do a bad job at countering sallow skin, but it’s not suitable for yellow skin or skin that suffers from rosacea- the redness around my nose and chin becomes even more significant – and on the overall it gives my face a pinkish tint. It’s not obvious in pictures but in real life…. I’m like a pink dolphin. That’s why I usually avoid pink based foundations.

You can use the Magic Any Cushions with any other brand’s make up products or even with a non cushion foundation, but I think it goes best with a cushion foundation/bb or at least apply the foundation layer with a patting motion because you wouldn’t want to disturb the layer of color correction – it’s lightweight but you should also avoid rubbing it away by applying foundation with fingers or with a brush!



The Precious Any Cushion comes in 3 colors – N02 Light Beige, W13 Natural Beige & W24 Honey Beige. (I guess N stands for Neutral and W stands for Warm). It costs $32 each (no refill) and refills are at $16 each.

I’m in-between Natural Beige & Honey Beige, but bearing in mind that the Magic Any Cushion, when used underneath, will give you radiance, I went for Honey Beige instead so that I don’t end up looking too white!

And the result?









I love it!

(Swear to god I didn’t photoshop my face slimmer – this is my good angle hahaha I feel like a fraud when I only show my side profile.)

It worked out to be very much the perfect finish and shade for me. I’m always amazed when people tell me I’m fair because I don’t feel fair at all – and in here I seem to have the perfect bronze look without looking overly baked!

Here’s how I used the Magic Any Cushion along with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. It’s just my way of using it – if you don’t have problems like I do, then you don’t really need to use so many different cushions!

Here’s what I do!


A short step by step:

1. Use Magic Mint on red areas of your face

2. Use Magic Peach all over to counter sallowness

Optional 2b. if you have nice, clear skin without any dullness, you can skip step 3! But if you have red, angry spots – use concealer before you go on to step 3.

3. Apply Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion all over

3. Use Magic Pink on areas you wish to highlight!


Etude House’s Magic Any Cushions are $29 SGD each (doesn’t come with refill) and refills are $14 SGD each!


Randomly, I love this set up and table shot! *__* <3 (I love Ayataka Green Tea & the candle which smells like ION too!!!)


Picked up these little cheat (tip) sheets from Etude House in Korea – you can stick them all like post its into a folder, which I did for momento sake – along with an instant photo we took while in Korea! Beautiful memories ; )


To finish up the look, I decided to whip out the Limited Edition Play Color Eyes palette sent to me a while back – I used this palette when I was in Korea too and I fell in love with the wine shade! Unfortunately it is all sold out at the moment :( , but since I’ve used it I’ll show you the colors anyway!

Colors, L-R: Clutch Brow, Coco Brownie, Pop Champagne, French Kiss, Misty Rose, Diva, Glam Forest, Midnight Star, Sparkling Wine and Leopard Brown

Colors, L-R: Clutch Brow, Coco Brownie, Pop Champagne, French Kiss, Misty Rose, Diva, Glam Forest, Midnight Star, Sparkling Wine and Leopard Brown


Colors used: Clutch Brow, Pop Champagne (in the middle of my eyelid and lower inner corner of eyes), Sparkling Wine & Leopard Brown.


Also used their Styling Eye Eyeliner in Brown! It’s an automatic pencil and I found it creamy and easy to use ; )

Another item which surprised me pleasantly was their Lash Perm All Shockcara!


I was at the counter, asked the girl “which Mascara is your best and does it all?” and she gave me this.

It supposedly gives your lashes volume, lengthens (it has fibres) curls, and is waterproof (coats your lashes) to boot!

The mascara definitely lives up to its claim as it was hard to remove even with Bioderma / Bifesta. Instead, I had to use Bifacil with a Q-tip… and then use warm water to rinse it off!



Another picture with a more color accurate representation of the eye color.


These days I’ve been fond of using warmer colors on my lids, and I have no idea why, haha. It goes very well with both my brown and grey lenses! Used an orange blush instead of my usual pink.


Recap of products used:

  • Etude House Magic Any Cushion (Mint / Pink / Peach) – $29 SGD each, refill $14 each.
  • Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion – $32 SGD each, refill $16 SGD each.
  • Etude House Lash Perm All Shockcara – $22.90 SGD


Purcchase 1 Precious Mineral Any Cushion ($32) and get 1 Magic Any Cushion refill at $7!

Etude House Instagram | Etude House Facebook

I’m looking forward to their upcoming product which will be launching in July/August… Play 101 Pencil Makeup! Here’s a video by Pony (my favorite Korean MUA) showing you what it’s all about and how to use it.


{ Special credits to Ron Lee  of for helping me with the shoot… and Tofu for her kaypo highness’ presence! Hehe.}

Makeup Items I got from Best Buy World! (Advertorial)

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In this day and age where you can get pretty much almost everything with a click of a mouse, getting beauty products online doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore – but I swear to god, I didn’t know what I was expecting because I wasn’t told before hand and when my package from Best Buy World arrived… WHAT? BURBERRY MAKE UP!? *rips*


And the resulting FOTD with these make up items! ; D

The resulting FOTD with these make up items! You’ll see more of that lter!


And lo and behold – a shiny (really shiny) new Burberry Eyeshadow Quad !

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 03, Pale Nude

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 03, Pale Nude


{ Burberry Complete Eye Palette #03 Pale Nude, $76.50 }

While the colors were not the usual smoky ones I love, this palette was still beautiful in my eyes – it came during the CNY season, and it was just perfect on 初三 because of the angpao-red Love, Bonito dress I was planning to wear!

I mean, if there’s already gonna be a very strong red / black combi on you, then your makeup should be pared down a little – and that’s exactly what I did!

Here’s a close up of the beautiful colors in the pan – they are mostly matte/pearly (the white), and oh so pretty!


Of course, how could we do without an arm swatch? ; D

The colors are soft, very neutral, and the yellow blends into my skintone like there’s nothing there, but the matte texture means that his palette can be put to many different uses – you could use the brown very lightly as a contour color for your nose! Plus the palette comes with not just one, but a total of 3 different brushes!

I really like the texture of the Burberry eyeshadows and it’s been raved about by quite a few make up bloggers too – and best of all, on Best Buy World, you get 10% off the retail price and it’ll cost $76.50 SGD as compared to $85.00!

Here are two pics of me wearing just the eyeshadows and nothing else (no eyeliner,!) and of course false eyelash extensions but that’s a story for another day!


I really like how it makes me look like I have deeper set eyes without being overly harsh – and the neutral, soft colors means that you don’t need to be too precise in application!


I would totally recommend you to check out the Burberry Eyeshadow Palettes, especially if you’re looking for work-safe palettes! (Purchase here)

Okay, my favorite eye shadows aside, Best Buy World also sent me some other items to complete an entire look!

{ Banila Co. it Radiant BB Glow BB SPF 37 PA++ in Classic Beige, $34 }

SPF37 PA++

SPF37 PA++

In a convenient pump form!

In a convenient pump form!

Color comparison to my current favorite, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire.

Color comparison to my current favorite, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire.

I guess the radiant factor in this BB Cream comes from the slightly pink tinge – even though it’s named Classic Beige.

Pinkish bases work well to color correct yellowish and sallow skin tones, and produces a radiant complexion – but in my case, I don’t have a pink based skin tone, but it’s sensitive and a little red from that so if to counter that, I’ll have to use a yellow based primer before applying this. However I feel that that defeats the purpose so I’ll recommend people with sallow skin to try this as the BB Cream is of a pretty nice texture, and spreads rather well! (Purchase here)

{ Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara #01 Black, $6.50 for 2.8ml }

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara, deluxe sample

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara, deluxe sample

I unfortunately have false lashes on so I couldn’t try this on, but the brush picked up ample product and applied easily, even on my hand! (I just used one swipe on the swatch below)

It is however, not water resistant but some people do like that – for example, it doesn’t affect me very much so I’m quite sure that I’ll enjoy using this when I take my lashes off! (Purchase here)

It is dark and water resistent, but rubs off easily and even more so in warm water. I'd say if you're just looking for a little definition with your lashes and you don't have a running mascara/liner moment, you could most definitely use this!

It is dark and water resistent, but rubs off easily and even more so in warm water. I’d say if you’re just looking for a little definition with your lashes and you don’t have a running mascara/liner moment, you could most definitely use this!

Next up was the next most exciting item in the package other than the Burberry Eyeshadow…

{ Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour #Lotus Pink, $37.80 SGD }


This was the 3rd full sized item in the stash, other than the BB Cream and the Burberry Eyeshadow palette and I love it!

“A light-as-air, velvety powder blush that sweeps on silky sheer color easily and evenly. With skin-silkening natural botanicals, skin not only looks but also feels beautiful all day long.”

A more accurate color representation of the beautiful cheek color in the pan *__*

A more accurate color representation of the beautiful cheek color in the pan *__*

The blush can go on a bit heavy, so do diffuse it a little or tap off the excess before applying!

The blush can go on a bit heavy, so do diffuse it a little or tap off the excess before applying!

Lotus Pink is a rather outstanding shade and looks really pink in the pan, but don’t be afraid – simply tap off the excess and go with a light hand, or use a fluffy brush which will pick up less product – and it will render you a healthy glow on your face!


You also get to save 10% off retail price over counter, at $37.80 SGD instead of $42 SGD! (Purchase here)

{ Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss #Red Door Red, $12 SGD for 4ml }

If there’s one thing I can’t seem to finish, it’s my lipsticks – I have so many of then I barely take 1cm off any one tube or make a dent in any of them because I’m always using different colors on my face – That’s why I really love deluxe sized samples, especially when I need touch ups on the go!

(I brought along a total of 15 lipsticks for my San Francisco trip and oh boy, was that pouch HEAVY!!!)


I have a fondness for miniature stuff so I really loved both the miniature mascara and lip gloss sent to me.

Red door red is a bright cherry red color which many girls would love – I find this shade a little cool-toned and would seem to be suitable for many skin tones!

Cherry Red!

Cherry Red!

I had to apply this 2-3 times because it can go on a little sheer – it reaches good opacity at the 2nd coat, and it’s so glossy! It also has pretty good lasting power and doesn’t have any funky smell, which is important for me (sometimes certain scents can render me a little dizzy). (Purchase here)


Sorry about the slightly off application! I only saw that on the photo ._.

Here’s the complete look which you saw a bit earlier and a few more pictures!

best-buy-world-products-23  best-buy-world-products-25

If you haven’t heard of Best Buy World (BBW) before, well, it is a Singapore-based online shopping website established in 2007 and their objective is to provide a safe and convenient e-commerce environment for Singaporeans who love shopping and hunting for bargains online!

And that’s how I came across this website actually – before this advertorial, I have shopped on BBW quite a few times – for their travel sets which are so convenient (no need to lug heavy bottles with me on my overseas trips!) and also for eyelashes which were not available in Singapore previously! I’ll have to say that their delivery is fast and reliable – saving me the time to head out (and spending more money on parking, food, drinks, and time walking…).

They also operate in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong and carries an extensive array of products, ranging from Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances, Bags, Accessories and even Health Care products!

Do take a look at their website at to see what they offer – perhaps you’ll set your eyes on something you’ll need! ; )

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion Foundation Swatches, Before / After Comparison & Photos!

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If you think that the packaging of this foundation case gives you a sense of deja vu, well, you’re not too far off – it seems that Korean trends catch on, and what’s more is that both Sulwhasoo and Laneige are under the same parent company, Amore Pacific.


Cushion foundations aren’t something that everyone’s familiar with, but it’s quite the trend amongst korean make up companies. The first thing some of us asked was, “What’s the difference between this and Laneige’s BB Cushion?”

For starters, Sulwhasoo is a luxury brand that’s backed up by plenty of medicinal knowledge, which began with Amorepacific’s ABC Ginseng Cream back in 1966. That’s a lot of years of history!


They’re pretty well known for their skincare, and from what I’ve heard, the product tends to be on the richer side so I’d think that it’s more suitable for drier skin, or slightly more mature skin – Yina loves it though (she tried it out on her holiday in Hong Kong), and personally, I’ve been dying to try the skincare range myself!

The price point is in the mid-high range, comparable to SK-II’s (for a list of prices in Singapore, please refer to this helpful blogpost I found!).

Random sidenote:
The other day at a coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru, the drinks lady asked me how old I am and I replied… “29!”

岁月不留人,I’m almost hitting the big 3-0 *GASP* Don’t say I gave the lady a shock, even I am shocked myself!  So ya, I am in the okay age to try Sulwhasoo right? Hahaha.

And the next would be that one’s a BB cream in a sponge-cushion form, while the other’s a foundation which offers better coverage! Comparison aside, here are the benefits of Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion!


The Evenfair Perfecting Cushion is a cushion-type foundation with optimal and long-lasting coverage. It offers multiple benefits including sunscreen (SPF 50+ / PA+++), brightening, wrinkle correction and improved skin elasticity.

Great Coverage:
The signature technology of Sulwhasoo Makeup is its Inner Dispersion Technology (the ‘water colour method’ to diffuse pigments in water instead of oil). This ensures that the emulsion is smoothed onto the skin evenly and without lumping. Imperfections can be concealed, and skin stays naturally radiant, even with high coverage.

Long Lasting:
Its Film Polymer Technology forms a thin protective barrier on the skin to leave the skin looking flawless lasting up to 12 hours. It adheres to skin without heaviness, and does not become powdery nor cracked

Triple Function:
Sunscreen SPF 50+/PA+++ protection, Brightening with Arbutin, and Wrinkle correction with Adenosine.

Improved Skin Elasticity:
Apricot Kernel Oil, a core ingredient in the Evenfair Perfecting Cushion, prevents collagen decomposition and helps to improve skin elasticity and resilience. Nasolabial folds, more commonly known as smile or laugh lines were concealed after one application. The formulation also contains Adenosine, an ingredient that increases the production of collagen and reduces fine lines & wrinkles that result in a fuller appearance.

Evenfair Perfecting Cushion contains the traditional Korean Herbal Hydrator, infused with refined ingredients of Jaeumdan, to keep skin hydrated for long-lasting suppleness and health. The Korean Herbal Hydrator is made up of 5 traditional herbal extracts – White Lily, Peony, Solomon’s Seal, East India & Lotus, and Adhesive Rehmannia, a combination of herbs extract that helps to increase the skin’s natural moisture level throughout the day.

Long chunk of text aside (reading it can be helpful, ya haha), you just want to know how good it is, how long it lasts and view the before/after effects, yes? That’s what I like too!


After an introduction to the product a quick demonstration on how to use the Evenfair Perfecting Cushion (Larry uses a flat top brush, like this Sigma one) and having some bites at the event, I got to bring home the shade that matches me best!

The Evenfair Perfecting Cushion comes in 4 shades:

  • No.13 Light Pink
  • No. 21 Medium Pink
  • No. 23 Medium Beige
  • No. 25 Deep Beige

I could probably go with either 13. Light Pink or 23 Medium Beige (honestly, not that medium at all! More like Light Beige to me haha) but as I tend to flush red (you’ll see later) I need a more corrective tone so I had to go with No. 23 Medium Beige. Here’s a quick swatch I took at the event for you:

As always, get matched at the counter! ; )

As always, it’s best to get matched at the counter! ; ) For your reference, I am a O-02 for Lancome’s Teint Visionnaire and a 764 for Shu Uemura’s Lightbulb foundation. Chanel, B20.


SPF50+/PA+++, 30g of product in a set (15g x 2) and costs 60,000 Korean Won.

SPF50+/PA+++, 30g of product in a set (15g x 2) and costs 60,000 Korean Won.

Like the Laneige BB Cushion, Sulwhasoo's Evenfair Perfecting Cushion comes with 2 x 15g of product - one of which is already in the container, and the other sealed up till you're ready to use!

Like the Laneige BB Cushion, Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion comes with 2 x 15g of product – one of which is already in the container, and the other sealed up till you’re ready to use!

Sealed for hygiene purposes!  The case comes with a sponge (and so does the sealed pack)!

Sealed for hygiene purposes!
The case comes with a sponge (and so does the sealed pack)!

Whenever I see this I am reminded of the sponges at the post office (the one used to wet stamps hahaha).

Whenever I see this I am reminded of the sponges at the post office (the one used to wet stamps hahaha).

Did you know that you can invert the sponge?!

I didn’t realize that, and I did it to one of my cushions which had dried out (used plenty of times : p) and whoa! THERE’S SO MUCH PRODUCT BENEATH! So yes, please flip it if you feel like it’s running out. Prolong your foundation usage! Seriously, after knowing that I can flip it I think this is gonna take a really long time to finish!

Before / After - See what I meant when I say that I tend to flush a little red?

Before / After – See what I meant when I say that I tend to flush a little red?

No. 23 Medium Beige was the perfect shade for me and the coverage was pretty good! I still had to use concealer on a few annoyingly red spots (pimple squeezing, sorry sorry please don’t do that, this is a 不良示范) and also on my under-eye area, but it really color-corrected my entire face well and countered the redness of my face.

All in all, I’m really happy with the shade (because you know, sometimes even if it’s just a little too pink, you’ll look totally off).

The texture wasn’t too matte but neither was it ridiculously shiny – I didn’t see the need to wipe off excess or pat down so that it’s not too shiny – Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion PLUS POINTS! : D

The resulting FOTD!

The resulting FOTD! Don’t mind my dry lips, they’re always dry one lah.

Foundation: Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion in No. 21 Medium Beige
Eyebrows: Shu Uemura Pencil / Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara
Lenses: Angelcolor Modic Lenses (Grey)
Eyeliner: THREE
Blush: Benefit Rockateur
(Not wearing mascara here)


Andddd after 5 hours….


I have extremely oily skin, so this cannot be helped (I purposely didn’t blot just to take this photo haha). I would say that the color tone is still quite spot on and coverage is still there! (It looks a little more reddish due to the light source (day/night) differences).

I really like this foundation and how compact it is – I’ve grown to like the packaging because it is hassle-free, portable (very good for bringing overseas!) and this one gives you significantly better coverage (if you need it!).

I love Laneige’s BB Cushion, but Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion gives me more coverage and also it is a better color match for my skintone! It is definitely worth a try in my honest opinion.

Thank you, Sulwhasoo for the chance to try this out. I’m in love! Sometimes in my line of job I get to discover new make up, and I’m super appreciative of that when I find a product that I love.

Sulwhasoo is available at TANGS Beauty, TANGS Orchard & TANGS VivoCity, TAKASHIMAYA Departmental Store & ROBINSONS Orchard. The Evenfair Perfecting Cushion debuts on 7th Feb 2014, and retails at $74 SGD in Singapore.



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