Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

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“Baby Doll Kiss & Blush by Yves Saint Laurent offers an innovative formula structure, the results of a fusion of two technologies: foundation and lipstick. An airy texture that’s a cross between lip color and a cheek blush that instantly evolves into a velvety soft veil with matte luminosity.”


YSL’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush is quite possibly my favorite item in my make up bag this past month. I’ve been bringing it practically everywhere because of how convenient it is to have a two in one item in my bag!

Usually when I’m out all day two things on my face goes first (as in, fading off) – my lip color and then my blush. And when you touch up with powder you invariably cover over your blush with it and… why bring two items when you can just bring one? And it’s a no brainer – you don’t need to match your lip color to your cheek color – using just one will make sure that you are perfectly matched.

I don’t think I need to sell this to you but at $50 for a duo-purpose product, this is definitely worth being on your to-purchase list for the month of May.

The YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush will come in 12 shades:

  • #01 Fuchsia Désinvolte
  • #02 Rose Insolent
  • #03 Rose Libre
  • #04 Orange Fougueux
  • #05 Rouge Effronté
  • #06 Rouge Libertine
  • #07 Corail Affranchi
  • #08 Pink Hédoniste
  • #09 Épicurien
  • #10 Nude Insolent
  • #11 Prune Impertinente
  • #12 Moca Garçonn


Out of the 12 colors above (arranged according to listing numbers), I was sent 7 beautiful shades to try out by the YSL Singapore ; ) Thank you, Zling!


The seven shades I got were:

  • #01 Fuchsia Désinvolte *
  • #02 Rose Insolent *
  • #04 Orange Fougueux
  • #05 Rouge Effronté
  • #07 Corail Affranchi
  • #08 Pink Hédoniste *
  • #09 Épicurien *

A * denotes my preferred shades.


“The high performance of the formula is matched by an unique, multi-purpose applicator. At its center, the hidden pearl applicator has a flexible bead that espouses and caresses lips and cheeks in a rapid, precise double gesture. It glides perfectly on the lips and gives them a precise outline.”

Swatches on arm; these are layered swatches (about 2-3 swipes) and quite close to how they’d look like on your lips!


Of cos you can also wear them sheer (just dab it on) and ALSO as a cheek color, which was the other purpose it was intended for. I don’t have pictures of me wearing all of the colors on my cheeks, but I rubbed them off on my arm and left you with an idea of how it should look like on your cheeks!


Personally they are fairly well pigmented and can be layered on to desired intensity – but you have no worries about over applying ot streaky colors as it blends really well and finishes off velvety smooth rather than sticky. The texture is really great and it’s one of the easiest cream blushes I’ve ever used – this changed my perspective about cream blushers for sure!

My favorite would be #01 and #02 – especially #01 because of the blue in the pink which gives me a super healthy glow! I’ve been loving cool pink / purple blushes a lot recently. For a good idea of how #01 looks like on cheeks, you can view Temptalia’s post here.

Lets move on to the lip swatches!

(p.s. – sorry about the dry lips!) ysl-babydoll-kiss-and-blush-01-fuchsia-desinvolte-3

^ #01 Fuchsia Desinvolte

Did I already mention that the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in #01 Fuchsia Desinvolte is my favorite out of all of them? I love how it gives my lips enough color when used sheer and also as a cheek blush you don’t really need to layer this too many times – it shows up really well and is a complimenting color for my skintone. While I won’t say that the color is super glossy and moisturizing, it doesn’t dry out my (already pretty dry) lips and it is a keeper for sure!


^ #02 Rose Insolent

I think this would be the next most popular shade after #01 because it’s a pretty bright pink! I thought it made me look darker though, but it’s great when used sheer and it makes for a pretty blush on the cheeks.


^ #04 Orange Fougueux

Corals aren’t the first color I’d go for in a collection but surprisingly this one looked rather nice on me! And it’s beautiful on the lips when lightly dabbed on too. Doesn’t make me look too sallow, which is good!


^ #05 Rose Effrontee

This has the most natural looking lip color when used sheer – you’d look like you have naturally rosy and super kissable lips!


^ #07 Corail Affranchi

I can’t really do light corals as I tend to look super sallow, but this makes for a nice cheek color.


^ #08 Pink Hedoniste

Love the name, and love the shade. 3rd favorite after #01 and #09! A cheerful pop of color on the lips when worn both sheer and opaque – and yes, coral-pinks are always beautiful on the cheeks to me!


^ #09 Rose Epicurean

This color doesn’t emphasize the lines on my lips, but I really prefer using it sheer! It is opaque enough to cover my darker upper lip which is a strong plus point! My next favorite color after #01 because it is a blue based bright pink. Perfect on the cheeks as well! ; )

The YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush items will be available at all YSL counters (Tangs, Takashimaya, ION Orchard) in May.
Note that YSL at ION Orchard is currently undergoing a makeover and will be back soon some time in May ; )

It retails at $50 SGD. It costs 27 pounds and $40 USD, which means that it’s cheaper in Singapore than outside – Cheers to that!

Shiseido MaQuillAGE Spring / Summer 2014 Base & Point Makeup Photos & Swatches

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I think even color provides me with a form of therapy – else I have no idea on how I can explain feeling so inexplicably happy when I saw blue and white all over Shiseido MaQuillAGE’s Spring / Summer 2014 makeup that was sent to me!

I mean, that’s beside receiving a beautiful white rose on top of all that on Valentines’ Day itself!

Thank you, Shiseido!

What to expect in Shiseido’s Spring / Summer Base & Point Make (this is how they refer to it in Japan!):

  • True Liquid Long Keep UV (liquid foundation in a tube, $60 SGD)
  • Beauty Keep Base UV (base / primer, $60 SGD)
  • Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo (Lip gloss, 6 new Colors, 2 limited shades $43, SGD each)
  • True Rouge (Lip stick, 2 new colors, $49 SGD each)
  • True Eye Shadow (2 palettes – Pink or Blue, $69 SGD each)
  • True Highlight (Limited Edition highlighter with a brush, Price $56 SGD)

Sooo… photos and swatches!

First and foremost…

True Liquid Long Keep UV

Liquid Foundation with SPF 30PA +++


The foundation comes with a sponge for better application – the sponge has two different surface textures!


Available in 6 shades, the foundation is supposed to be ultra-thin and lightweight – it diminishes pores and shine as it selectively absorbs only sebum and solidifies for a matte and smooth finish (claims to last up to 13 hours!). Contains ingredients like Super Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin so your face is well moisturized!


I was given OC20, which turned out to be just a little too pink and very slighttttlyyy dark for my face – I think I could go with OC10 instead! Seems like my peels and lasers worked : p Brigher complexion, woohoo! The foundation is pretty opaque so you really need just a very tiny amount!

True Highlight

Gives skin bright luster and radiance - creates three-dimensional and translucent finish!


This highlighting powder comes in the same form and shape as the True Cheek blush which was launched last year – it basically powder in a portable tube casing and comes with a horse-hair brush already in it!

I’ve always loved the cheek blush cos it’s so convenient to bring around and the fluffy brush is a nice difference from the flat brushes compacts usually have. This spring, the True Highlight is Limited Edition so there are no refills purchasable, but you can always buy the cheek refill to use the brush with when you run out of it! *genius* (okay la, not really haha)

Little things that matter - the safety seal is easy to remove, and is peforated so the label still stays there!

Little things that matter – the safety seal is easy to remove, and is peforated so the label still stays there!


Like the True Cheek, it comes with a tube to protect the brush when you want to slide it back into the tube, preventing frays and snagging.


It gives a soft shimmer all over – but be sure to tap away excess before applying on your face, as you can’t control how much product is picked up when you pull it out of the tube!

Eventually if you need to dip it into the tube again to get more powder, just twist it and the brush will automatically have powder swept on it. ; )

Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo & True Rouge

A gloss to instantly plump up your lips and a moisturizing lip stick with lasting shine, moisture and color!


The Essence Glamorous Rouge is available in 6 new colors - 2 of which are limited edition shades!

The Essence Glamorous Rouge is available in 6 new colors – 2 of which are limited edition shades!

“The Essence Glamorous Rouge is moisturizing and provides intensive care for the lips – it hydrates and seals in moisture with the Moisture Holding Essence. An Elastic Gel film envelopes dry lips like an essence mask, to maintain perfect fullness for hours.”

Available in 2 new vibrant colors, the True Rouge conceals dullness and lines on lips!

Available in 2 new vibrant colors, the True Rouge conceals dullness and lines on lips!

“It spreads with a light dewy texture and smoothly adheres to your lips – it is also scented with Essential Aroma Rose, and includes shimmering pearls to help achieve a gloss-enhanced finish. “


The colors I got are RD406 (for the lip gloss) and PK701 (for True Rouge). To be, both are beautiful colors which complement each other when layered together! I love how dainty the lip gloss tube is too! The rose scent isn’t too overpowering upon application.

True Eye Shadow

Available in Fresh Pink or Elegant Blue

Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in Elegant Blue

Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in Elegant Blue

Super glad that I received the elegant blue, cos it made me really happy! I love blues, and this palette is just so pretty!


*in love*


Like most Japanese palettes, this one came with instructions – even the applicators are labelled perfectly!

I wouldn’t say this palette is pigmented (typical of Japanese eyeshadows) but it’s just so gorgeous! Shade 1 and 4 are actually infused with multi-colored shimmers – I see flecks of pink and green in them! *MAJOR LOVE FOR SUCH EYESHADOWS* And look at that lovely taupe, which is shade 3!

4 is an eyeliner shade – they are numbered by appliation steps – basically The japanese apply it in a gradient manner and you layer and gradient them from lightest to darkest, top to bottom:


  1. Luminious Highlight base – use the largest tip and apply all over upper eyelid
  2. Main Color (the blue!) – use one side of the smaller tip to apply it approx 2/3 of your eyelids
  3. Harmonizing Shadow (the taupe!) – using the other side of the smaller white tip, apply it 1/3 of your eye area, nearer to your lash line.
  4. Eyeliner color – the tip for 4 is extremely unique – it’s an eyeliner pointed tip which allows for precise application with lines that are not too harsh, and I love it! This makes the palette so complete – You can just throw this in your bag and you don’t even need to bring along eyeliner cos this palette already has it!
  5. Under-eye Highlight Base – Apply below eye, on top of your concealer to set it – skip this set if you already have concealer set.
Step 1

Step 1

Step 2 + 3

Step 2 + 3 (blue first, then taupe over blue)

Step 4, eyeliner

Step 4, eyeliner (whoops, hair and some fallout)

Conclusion? GET, if you love soft, pretty looks! This goes amazingly well with dark brown / black eyes too.

Conclusion? GET, if you love soft, pretty looks! This goes amazingly well with dark brown / black eyes too. (Eyelash extensions by Japanese Salon, Graceous! ; ))

 (p.s. – really happy with my graceous lashes! I did them before Chinese new year, so it means it’s been well over 3 weeks without touching up and they’re still going strong! If anything, they look wispier and even more natural for me.)

The eyeshadows are very typically Japanese – soft and harmonious but that also means it’s work safe, super easy to apply – not much blending skills needed! From time to time I enjoy soft palettes like these – and with 4 colors in a pan (5th is a setting powder) there’s definitely more than one way to apply the eyeshadow.

The MaQuillAGE Spring/Summer 2014 make up collection will be launched in Singapore on 1st of March, at all Shiseido counters! ; )

[ Collection was captured with the wonderfully color accurate Fujifilm XM-1 + kit 16-50mm lens! ]

Makeup Items I got from Best Buy World! (Advertorial)

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In this day and age where you can get pretty much almost everything with a click of a mouse, getting beauty products online doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore – but I swear to god, I didn’t know what I was expecting because I wasn’t told before hand and when my package from Best Buy World arrived… WHAT? BURBERRY MAKE UP!? *rips*


And the resulting FOTD with these make up items! ; D

The resulting FOTD with these make up items! You’ll see more of that lter!


And lo and behold – a shiny (really shiny) new Burberry Eyeshadow Quad !

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 03, Pale Nude

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 03, Pale Nude


{ Burberry Complete Eye Palette #03 Pale Nude, $76.50 }

While the colors were not the usual smoky ones I love, this palette was still beautiful in my eyes – it came during the CNY season, and it was just perfect on 初三 because of the angpao-red Love, Bonito dress I was planning to wear!

I mean, if there’s already gonna be a very strong red / black combi on you, then your makeup should be pared down a little – and that’s exactly what I did!

Here’s a close up of the beautiful colors in the pan – they are mostly matte/pearly (the white), and oh so pretty!


Of course, how could we do without an arm swatch? ; D

The colors are soft, very neutral, and the yellow blends into my skintone like there’s nothing there, but the matte texture means that his palette can be put to many different uses – you could use the brown very lightly as a contour color for your nose! Plus the palette comes with not just one, but a total of 3 different brushes!

I really like the texture of the Burberry eyeshadows and it’s been raved about by quite a few make up bloggers too – and best of all, on Best Buy World, you get 10% off the retail price and it’ll cost $76.50 SGD as compared to $85.00!

Here are two pics of me wearing just the eyeshadows and nothing else (no eyeliner,!) and of course false eyelash extensions but that’s a story for another day!


I really like how it makes me look like I have deeper set eyes without being overly harsh – and the neutral, soft colors means that you don’t need to be too precise in application!


I would totally recommend you to check out the Burberry Eyeshadow Palettes, especially if you’re looking for work-safe palettes! (Purchase here)

Okay, my favorite eye shadows aside, Best Buy World also sent me some other items to complete an entire look!

{ Banila Co. it Radiant BB Glow BB SPF 37 PA++ in Classic Beige, $34 }

SPF37 PA++

SPF37 PA++

In a convenient pump form!

In a convenient pump form!

Color comparison to my current favorite, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire.

Color comparison to my current favorite, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire.

I guess the radiant factor in this BB Cream comes from the slightly pink tinge – even though it’s named Classic Beige.

Pinkish bases work well to color correct yellowish and sallow skin tones, and produces a radiant complexion – but in my case, I don’t have a pink based skin tone, but it’s sensitive and a little red from that so if to counter that, I’ll have to use a yellow based primer before applying this. However I feel that that defeats the purpose so I’ll recommend people with sallow skin to try this as the BB Cream is of a pretty nice texture, and spreads rather well! (Purchase here)

{ Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara #01 Black, $6.50 for 2.8ml }

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara, deluxe sample

Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara, deluxe sample

I unfortunately have false lashes on so I couldn’t try this on, but the brush picked up ample product and applied easily, even on my hand! (I just used one swipe on the swatch below)

It is however, not water resistant but some people do like that – for example, it doesn’t affect me very much so I’m quite sure that I’ll enjoy using this when I take my lashes off! (Purchase here)

It is dark and water resistent, but rubs off easily and even more so in warm water. I'd say if you're just looking for a little definition with your lashes and you don't have a running mascara/liner moment, you could most definitely use this!

It is dark and water resistent, but rubs off easily and even more so in warm water. I’d say if you’re just looking for a little definition with your lashes and you don’t have a running mascara/liner moment, you could most definitely use this!

Next up was the next most exciting item in the package other than the Burberry Eyeshadow…

{ Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour #Lotus Pink, $37.80 SGD }


This was the 3rd full sized item in the stash, other than the BB Cream and the Burberry Eyeshadow palette and I love it!

“A light-as-air, velvety powder blush that sweeps on silky sheer color easily and evenly. With skin-silkening natural botanicals, skin not only looks but also feels beautiful all day long.”

A more accurate color representation of the beautiful cheek color in the pan *__*

A more accurate color representation of the beautiful cheek color in the pan *__*

The blush can go on a bit heavy, so do diffuse it a little or tap off the excess before applying!

The blush can go on a bit heavy, so do diffuse it a little or tap off the excess before applying!

Lotus Pink is a rather outstanding shade and looks really pink in the pan, but don’t be afraid – simply tap off the excess and go with a light hand, or use a fluffy brush which will pick up less product – and it will render you a healthy glow on your face!


You also get to save 10% off retail price over counter, at $37.80 SGD instead of $42 SGD! (Purchase here)

{ Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss #Red Door Red, $12 SGD for 4ml }

If there’s one thing I can’t seem to finish, it’s my lipsticks – I have so many of then I barely take 1cm off any one tube or make a dent in any of them because I’m always using different colors on my face – That’s why I really love deluxe sized samples, especially when I need touch ups on the go!

(I brought along a total of 15 lipsticks for my San Francisco trip and oh boy, was that pouch HEAVY!!!)


I have a fondness for miniature stuff so I really loved both the miniature mascara and lip gloss sent to me.

Red door red is a bright cherry red color which many girls would love – I find this shade a little cool-toned and would seem to be suitable for many skin tones!

Cherry Red!

Cherry Red!

I had to apply this 2-3 times because it can go on a little sheer – it reaches good opacity at the 2nd coat, and it’s so glossy! It also has pretty good lasting power and doesn’t have any funky smell, which is important for me (sometimes certain scents can render me a little dizzy). (Purchase here)


Sorry about the slightly off application! I only saw that on the photo ._.

Here’s the complete look which you saw a bit earlier and a few more pictures!

best-buy-world-products-23  best-buy-world-products-25

If you haven’t heard of Best Buy World (BBW) before, well, it is a Singapore-based online shopping website established in 2007 and their objective is to provide a safe and convenient e-commerce environment for Singaporeans who love shopping and hunting for bargains online!

And that’s how I came across this website actually – before this advertorial, I have shopped on BBW quite a few times – for their travel sets which are so convenient (no need to lug heavy bottles with me on my overseas trips!) and also for eyelashes which were not available in Singapore previously! I’ll have to say that their delivery is fast and reliable – saving me the time to head out (and spending more money on parking, food, drinks, and time walking…).

They also operate in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong and carries an extensive array of products, ranging from Skincare, Makeup, Fragrances, Bags, Accessories and even Health Care products!

Do take a look at their website at to see what they offer – perhaps you’ll set your eyes on something you’ll need! ; )

Shiseido The Makeup Spring 2014

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Of all the things I get to review, I love make up most. And nothing makes us girls happier than playing with make up and swatching away at an event. Okay, sometimes good food makes us happiest but that’s beside the point!

This time round my very siao-on fellow beauty blogger Candice and I have both joined forces (arms, actually) to bring you a collection of swatches from Shiseiso’s Spring 2014 collection! Lotsa wiping involved and red arms thereafter, but still very much enjoyed ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the colors! ; )


Spring 2014’s releases from Shiseido:

  • Lacquer Gloss in 8 colors (New)
  • Sheer Eye Zone Correcter in 6 shades (New)
  • Face Color Enchanting  Trio in 4 shades (New)
  • Shimmering Cream Eye Colors in 8 new shades
  • Lacquer Rouge in 7 new colors (didn’t swatch, sigh)

Whoop! Quite the bumper release, if I may say so!

The lacquer glosses are gorgeous! I especially love the purples.

 Shiseido Lacquer Gloss, SGD $39

Lip Gloss inspired by traditional Japanese transparent lacquer. Sheen with a complex transparency, as though multiple layers have been applied. Creates beautiful lips with appealing, clear color and a dewy smooth feel.




 Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color, SGD $32

Dewy-textured cream eye color that accents your eyes with shimmering light, making them sparkle with life. Vivid color and radiant shine last all day without creasing or fading. 8 New shades.


I love the non-creasing texture of this shimmering cream eye shadow – it may be seem a little daunting for some because it isn’t your usual powder, but this just stays on so well! Yuba is a color really worth trying out – I saw Suhaini (Shiseido MUA) apply it on Tricia (click for pic) and she looked like a bronzed goddess!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 2.06.17 AM


 Shiseido Face Color Enchanting Trio, SGD $53

Create a beautiful complexion, add dimension and make the tones harmonize. Shiseido has been studying the relation between attractive facial expressions and makeup and found several phenomena make lively impression. These phenomena in complexion, dimension and harmony can be reproduced very easily with makeup techniques.



this is one massive swatch hahaha. My arm and Candice's together - she's a lil darker than I am but the colors show up beautifully on her.

this is one massive swatch hahaha. My arm and Candice’s together – she’s a lil darker than I am but the colors show up beautifully on her.

Here’s a little guide on how to use the trio (taken from

shiseido spring 2014 face enchanting trio how to use

 Sheer Eye Zone Corrector, SGD $45

A sheer corrector that evens the skin tone and provides a healthy, glowing finish under the eyes that lasts all day. Skin maintains moisture all day long, due to Shiseido's exclusive Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

Shiseido scientists have discovered that dark circles are caused because the skin under the eyes has fewer yellow and red color pigments than the cheek area.

Orange-colored Net Base adds the yellow and red pigments that dark circles lack and transmits light to create reflection from the natural bare skin, which gives it an even tone. Under eye circles become invisible and the area takes on a sheer, natural glow.

Reflect and Fit Powder generates complementary colors (green, blue and white) to thoroughly neutralize major skin tone concerns under the eyes.




A guide on how to find your correct shade (imho, I feel this really depends on what color your dark eye circles are!)



Unfortunately, we didn’t get to swatch the 7 new shades of the lacuqer rouge, but here’s a color chart for you from the website!
Bonbon, Metalrose and Indiscreet looks good! The Lacquer Rouges are retailing at SGD $43.


The entire Shiseido The Makeup Spring 2014 collection is out now at all counters in Singapore! ; ) Hope you see something you like especially if you haven’t gotten any makeup for the new year yet! HUAT ON!

P.S. – I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much beauty stuff lately – I’ve been getting pretty bad breakouts on the lower part of my face – while it is not too obvious in group photos and such, it makes me feel lousy because I can see it and it shows up in my typical beauty photos. I feel pretty down about it and it’s already been a while now – about 6 months? It improved while I was on medication, but I’ve since stopped as I’m still trying to conceive. It’s mostly hormonal / stress acne so I’m in a pretty helpless situation, just trying to not aggravate it further and try to hasten to healing process! (不忍老不行… My skin doesn’t seem to heal as quickly as it did when I was younger!)

My favorite nude lippies

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For as long as I can remember, ever since I’ve discovered M.A.C’s Viva Glam II, it has been my go-to nude lippie – it’s creamy enough, color is opaque enough and it doesn’t make me look sick. It’s my most used lippy, ever. It’s at half its previous height!

That is, till I discovered Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink.

I fell so hard in love! It’s more moisturizing then my M.A.C, and has less grey in it so it doesn’t look so severe. IT’S A MUST HAVE.

I was taking some pictures while swatching for a friend who was looking for nude lippies, so I figured what the heck, I might as well do a post on it!


I know it looks like I’m wearing the same lipstick for all the pictures, but I hope you understand because it’s incredibly hard to catch these very slight differences – NARS’ Pago Pago has silver shimmer and looks almost frosty sometimes.

Here, for you to see the differences on hand:


M.A.C. Myself is my least favorite of all, I’ve only worn it once since I got it cos it’s just not opaque enough to hide my discolored lips, but it does well with a lip pencil. Pago Pago goes very well with the lip gloss I got in the same set (their Summer 2013 Kits), which I’ve reviewed here, complete with swatches.

If you’re looking for a great lip liner, my preferred ones are Givenchy’s or Shu Uemura’s (reviewed here), and I also like Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss in Modern which stays on very well!


Other than Penelope Pink, Charlotte Tilbury has two other nude shades in her K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen from the Lipstick Tree range (name so long dunno for what…), and I’m most interested to try “Bitch Perfect“, which is definitely pinker than Penelope Pink. She has an ultra nude shade too, “Nude Kate” but that one would make me look uber pale so I’m skipping that.

I don’t think you can find Viva Glam II anymore and I’m not sure if Myself is still available at M.A.C counters, but you can definitely get Charlotte Tilbury from London – get a kind friend staying / vacationing in London to CP it for you, it’s available for order online via or her website as well, but I got mine from Net-a-porter when there was free shipping – it’s worth camping for if you can wait! ; )


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