Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Brilliance Et Tenue Effet Gel

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… or, also known as the Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in English. French beauty houses sure have a way of making things sound long and complicated!

Thankfully, these newly revamped Dior Vernis babies are anything but complicated when it comes to application!


I already have Dior’s Nail Glow and I love it to bits – so I know what to expect with Dior’s packaging. You have a removable silver rectangle cap, and after removal you’ll see a black cap which is the real thing you should be twisting open, instead of the silver cap. I made the dumb mistake of trying to twist open the silver cap many times, whoops.

The Nail Glow is pretty much the only thing I ever use these days actually, since I’ve cut myself some slack gotten lazy with nail polish application. But I still love beautiful polishes – if anything, I appreciate textures and application brushes more than anything else now… which brings me to the new brush from Dior’s latest Vernis collection.


The new brush is supposedly more flexible than the previous collection, but honestly, you don’t need comparisons because I think my Nail Glow goes on beautifully anyway – all you need to know is that THIS NEW BRUSH IS GOOD. EXCELLENT.

While I won’t say that it goes on in one coat / applies in one stroke, the rounded brush shape makes application a whole lot easier for people with curved cuticles and creates a beautiful rounded shape. I love the consistency and texture of all the polishes I’ve swatched, and all these are swatched at 2 coats, without top coat applied.

There are 21 new colors released for this revamp, with some classic shades brought back in. I was given 4 shades to try out, with compliments from Dior! (Thank you, Shauna & SY!)

First, a stunning bright coral, Dior Vernis 551 Aventure! It is just slightly sheerer than all the other shades but at 2 coats it’s pretty opaque already.

Dior Vernis in 551 Aventure

Dior Vernis in 551 Aventure

And the sweetest shade ever, 575 Wonderland! It’s a lovely bubble gum pink which thankfully doesn’t scream kiddish.

Dior Vernis in 575 Wonderland

Dior Vernis in 575 Wonderland

And the classic red, 754 Pandore! This one is a pure, bold red which makes you fingers look soooo fair. And check out that shine even without top coat. The formula was creamy and a dream to apply.

Dior Vernis in 754 Pandore

Dior Vernis in 754 Pandore

And last but not least, the color I had my eyes on when I gave the entire collection a glimpse and hoped to get – 338 Mirage. While the shade does not correspond to the Dior Addict Fluid Stick which has the same name and number, this stylish purple is a great addition to my collection! I love purples and this is the year of the purple, isn’t it? It is just ever so lightly sheer but apply with a heavier hand and at 2 coats it’s perfect, too. YES MY FAVORITE COLOR of the 4! *heart shaped eyes*

Dior Vernis in 338 Mirage

Dior Vernis in 338 Mirage


At $38 (hmmm, price increase by $1), I wouldn’t say that these are a must-have, but I have to admit that these are indeed very beautiful – you aren’t just paying for the brand name, you are paying for the smooth formula, the brush which makes application a breeze and also, hey admit it – these would look so pretty and classy in your collection! It’s something I’ll definitely spring for if I love the shade so.

I also love how easily it stacks along in my drawer, and the secondary cap because it helps prevent polishes from drying out faster. It also honestly makes a good, small gift for any polish loving girlfriend who needs a pop of color to cheer up their day. I’m not sure if Sephora’s white card is eligible for 10% off Dior products, but if it is then great! ; )


Thank you, Dior Singapore for letting me try out these new polishes. I’m SOLD!
(I have another beautiful blue, Sailor which comes in a set to review. I… I can’t bear to open it up yet, but I soon will!) 

You can find the polishes (both old and new) at all Dior Counters, and don’t forget their one and only Dior Backstage Studio in ION Orchard #B2-44/46! Drop by to take a look and explore the many make up quick courses and surprises (they have things other outlets wouldn’t have) they have in store for you ; )

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polish Spicy Collection Photos & Nail Swatches

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YSL’s latest La Laque Couture Spicy Collection consists of 6 new polishes – 5 cream colors, and 1 very pretty gold flaked top coat!

  • 41 Eau de Rose
  • 42 Safran Sultan
  • 43 Opulente Cannelle
  • 44 Ambre Gingembre
  • 46 Poivre Noir
  • 47 Feuille d’Or (Top Coat)


You can see that the collection, as the name would suggest, is mostly made up of warm colors. While I wouldn’t say that this collection has all my favorite shades (I’m a blue, purple and turquoise person), I am pretty certain that these are worth the money at $37 SGD a piece – YSL’s polishes ARE TO DIE FOR. Specifically, their brushes and formulas are a dream to work with and to achieve neat nail curve lines!

I am pretty damn amazed by how good the brush is and even the top coat is smooth and applies like … a dream. (Sorry to use that word twice in two paragraphs haha).

Less talk, more pictures! Had a fun time swatching all 6 colors – it’s been a long time since I’ve done any massive nail polish swatching!

41 Eau De Rose

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer



With the Feuille d'Or topcoat

With the Feuille d’Or topcoat on

42 Safran Sultan

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer



With the Feuille d'Or topcoat on

With the Feuille d’Or topcoat on

43 Opulente Cannelle

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer



With the Feuille d'Or topcoat on

With the Feuille d’Or topcoat on

44 Amber Gingembre

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer

YSL-La-Laque-Couture-Nail-Lacquer-Polish-Spicy-Collection-2014-44-Amber-Gingembre-bottle YSL-La-Laque-Couture-Nail-Lacquer-Polish-Spicy-Collection-2014-44-Amber-Gingembre-2

With the Feuille d'Or Top Coat

With the Feuille d’Or Top Coat

45 Piment D’Ailleurs

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer



With the Feuille d'Or topcoat on

With the Feuille d’Or topcoat on

46 Poivre Noir

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer

YSL-La-Laque-Couture-Nail-Lacquer-Polish-Spicy-Collection-2014-46-Poivre Noir-Bottle

YSL-La-Laque-Couture-Nail-Lacquer-Polish-Spicy-Collection-2014-46-Poivre Noir

With the Feuille d'Or topcoat on

With the Feuille d’Or topcoat on

47 Feuille d’Or Top Coat

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer

The top coat polish is really pretty on its own, too! I didn’t have any top coat here so it looks a little matte but it’s still pretty stunning isn’t it? ; ) It’s so smooth too and not clumpy at all.


I must say, the colors look even prettier when swatched, especially 41 Eau de Rose! I love Poivre Noire too – it’s extremely rich and makes your hands look fairer since it’s a darker color. Much love for YSL – even if you don’t see anything you like in this collection, I urge you to check out their polishes because of the excellent formula and brush!


[ Collection was captured with the Fujifilm XM-1 + kit 16-50mm lens! ]

Natural, Hypoallergenic & Pregnancy-safe: Covet London

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The posh-sounding nail polish brand which hails from, well, London, is one of the latest nail polish brands to arrive in Singapore, and is available at Escentials in both Tangs and Paragon.


Yours for $38 a bottle, the nail polish isn’t exactly dirt cheap to own – in fact, the price puts it right up at the likes of Chanel ($36) and Dior ($37), but it’s worth it because it is:

  • Natural (85% natural ingredients – derived from sugar cane,mushrooms, beets, lichens, cotton and crushed gems)
  • Free of the carcinogenic petrochemical compounds
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Pregnancy-safe


The polishes are bottled in eco-friendly Italian-tempered glass bottles (square bottles, ah. Easier to store!), and each polish comes with a custom 398-strand soft brush that helps with application. Also, they contain 17ml of polish as compared to Chanel’s 13ml and OPI’s 15ml. So price wise and material wise, they work out to be pretty fair, IMO. As Candice said on her Instagram, if you’re already paying for luxe polishes, why not so for the toxin-free alternatives? No harm there (quite literally).

Let’s be honest here – for that price point, I wouldn’t be going crazy and swiping dozens of them off the counter, but if you are pregnant, I would think this is a fair price to pay for vanity + safety… nothing is more precious than your baby, of course! I’m not pregnant now, but the thought of not wearing nail polishes for 9 months makes my jaw drop – mental note to self, better start collecting now.

So for me – not pregnant (yet), and a polish hoarder – what’s the draw? Well… you MUST check out their glittery shades, which contains actual crushed gems to achieve the sparkly look!

For Holiday 2013, they’ve got 3 new limited edition colors up for pre-orders now at Escentials – Cassiopeia, Opera and Soiree, featuring crushed rubies, black gold and Australian rainbow opal.

Holiday 2013 - xx, xx and Soiree.

Holiday 2013 – Cassiopeia, xx and Soiree.

Cassiopeia: Inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation; named after the queen of Aethiopia in the Greek Mythology that was exiled to the sky as a punishment for her vanity. An ethereal blend of blue and purple with delicate silver dust, topped with flakes of Australian rainbow opal – a gemstone of hope and clarity.

Opera: A luxe take on a classic shade, crushed-ruby shimmer in theatre-drape red. Conservative and classic with a twist.

Soiree: A spin-off of the bestseller “Celebrate” – an enchanting black gold that flashes hues of bronze, blue, yellow, orange and green. A multi-dimensional color that commands attention and oozes mystery.

Covet London's marketing team wearing Soiree on her tips

Covet London’s marketing team wearing Soiree on her tips

I fell in love with Soiree, which was described as “black gold”, and it is a sheer 3 coater – it was good enough at 2 coats, but for better opacity you can go up to 3 or 4 coats. Check out the gorgeous sparkle – it stayed like this for days, twinkling away in the sunlight as the sun rays brought out the best in the polish. It does seem to reflect a little purple/pink at times, and that makes it all the more worth getting.


The manicure lasted pretty well – after about 1 week, all I had was some growth and very minor tip wear. You can see the crushed gems’ iridescence here and I absolutely loved it. It also went pretty well with almost everything I wore due to the neutral color tone.

Covet London Soiree - after 1 week

Covet London Soiree – after 1 week.

I was just notified that Covet London just won Harper’s BAZAAR beauty awards for “the most lasting nail lacquer”! Congrats, Covet London! To achieve maximum long lasting effect, do use their top and base coats as well, which are pricier at $42 SGD .

The crushed gems laid pretty flat and layered really well – removal was a breeze too, since they weren’t plastic glitters that had to be rubbed away hard. Definitely impressed!

I think these colors are great for the manicure/polish junkies as Christmas gifts, especially if these colors are down their alley – wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer as well? ; ) In case you’ve forgotten, it’s $38 SGD a bottle – the holiday collection can be pre-ordered now (they will only be released in November) at Escentials (Tangs & Paragon) and on Luxola.

I will be holding a giveaway on Instagram for these lovely lacquers soon – thank you, Covet London for being so generous to my readers! I’m gonna head down to Tangs and pick some shades – if anyone’s passing by Tangs or have seen Covet London’s polish collection, why don’t you tell me what’s your favorite shade? ; ) I’d love to hear your preferences!

What’s new at Ettusais!

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Some new releases from Ettusais for the months of August & September!

Ettusais' foamy rich mousse has been upsized! For a limited time period, they are offering it at the usual price of $32 SGD, but with 25% more product!

Ettusais’ foamy rich mousse has been upsized (from 180g to 225g)! For a limited time period, they are offering it at the usual price of $35 SGD, but with 25% more product!

I love this cleanser – it’s perfect for lazy days. I usually use Fancl’s washing powder, but on days that I’m too lazy to foam it up myself, I reach for this!

The way it dispenses foam is awesome - like shaving cream, haha - and also I love the little flip on top to prevent you from accidentally squeezing foam out!

The way it dispenses foam is awesome – like shaving cream, haha – and also I love the little flip on top to prevent you from accidentally squeezing foam out!

the foam that comes out of the can is finer than the ones I can lather by hand. It feels really rich but surprisingly, it doesn't dry out my skin and is actually a pretty gentle cleanser.

the foam from the can turns out denser than the ones I lather by hand. It feels really rich because it’s so dense, but surprisingly, it doesn’t dry out my skin and is actually a pretty gentle cleanser. I’m most likely to repurchase this once I’m done with it!

Next up, Ettusais' Peeling Milk Sebum Up!

Next up, Ettusais’ Peeling Milk Sebum Off!

It's like the previous peeling milk, but with charcoal powder and menthol - I love this version! The previous one smelt really strongly of alcohol but this one doesn't.

It’s like the previous peeling milk, but with charcoal powder and menthol – I love this version! The previous one smelt really strongly of alcohol but this one doesn’t. You can smell the menthol once you start rubbing actually, but I like menthol so I enjoy using this.



In action - you can see the bits starting to bead up as you rub!

In action – you can see the bits starting to bead up as you rub! I love using this before applying my make up because it gives me a smoother base to work with. It is non-comedogenic and the plant-derived fibre & abyssal clay removes melanin & dead skin cells for a more radiant, smooth complexion! Use

conversion! : ( Still, it looks pretty good and I would love to get a bottle of this if I ever visit Japan… ever again.


Sparkling Berry!

Sparkling Berry!

Other than the Gel Nail Topcoat, they also have new Gel Color Coats, 9ml for $24. Again, in Japan this goes at 950 Yen so I'd rather pick them up in Japan. : (

Other than the Gel Nail Topcoat, they also have new Gel Color Coats, 9ml for $24. Again, in Japan this goes at 950 Yen so I’d rather pick them up in Japan. : (

Nail swatches on display! Looks like the perfect french manicure pink - really wonder how they'd look on my nails! (Always searching for the perfect pink polish, you know.)

Nail swatches on display! Looks like the perfect french manicure pink – really wonder how they’d look on my nails! (Always searching for the perfect pink polish, you know.)

Also, here’s one artwork that cracked me up! I love Ettusais’ branding and visuals – always so interesting and Japanese. I love the artwork as well, it is an illustration style I wish I had done when I was younger.



That’s all for now, but have you checked out the Ettusais Giveaway on my Instagram? ; D

As part of my giving back to readers this month, Ettusais Singapore has kindly sponsored 6 lip essenses to 6 lucky readers! Quick, follow me, @ettusais_sg and take part! Gooooood luck – the giveaway ends Monday!

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013

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This is my third year doing piCture pOlish Blog Fest and I’m glad to be doing this again for them! The first two years (2011, 2012) were more like swatch fests, so for 2013 they’ve decided to do something different – nail art with 3 polishes!

We couldn’t pick the polishes – it was sent at random, and after ripping my package apart, here’s what I found sitting in layers of bubble wrap:


Jade, Mad Magenta & Citrus!

One thing I’ve come to love about piCture pOlish bottles are the printed labels which are stuck on the the front of the bottle – they’re huge and there’s no need to flip to the side or the bottom to look for the polish names!

I flipped through some books and went online for inspiration and finally settled on a design from a Japanese nail artist which I modified slightly with the colors!

Armed myself with…


Nail art brushes!
I have both long brushes (for striping) and short ones – I purchased them from eBay a few years ago actually, haha. Glad to put them into use now!


Striping tape!
I also included other kinds of tape to void our areas where I didn’t want polish of a particular color to get on them.

Here’s a quick tutorial / view of how I blocked out the colors!


I ended with gold striping tape lined in the middle – To avoid curling, apply the tape about 15 seconds after a layer of top coat – and then press it down firmly with an orange stick!

Quick tip: Don’t use tapes that are too sticky – You can use washi tape (but try to get the cheaper kinds!) or if you have no choice, try to make the sticky tape less sticky by taping it on your own skin first to make it less adhesive – else your nail would be in a mess!


This was done with the nail art brush shown earlier! A chevron marking – it isn’t exactly the neatest, but I like that the chevron lines covered my nail lines a little – I’ve been loving the translucent nail bed + nail art look going around!


Added a square stud in the middle – placed it to look like a diamond shape, aligning with the chevron lines!


Freehand on one half and nail art striping brush on the other half. Can you tell? Heh. I love the striping brush so much! I know this probably looks really simple but it was incredibly hard to make sure the lines were smooth and also I had to make sure the parts where the lines met each other were aligned well too. I don’t even wnat to think about checkered and houndstooth!


And the final artwork, after two layers of top coat!


Happy with this summer manicure with bright, happy colors! I didn’t use Jade (on the middle finger) to do any lines as it was sheerer than Citrus and Mad Magenta. Wished I have were neater with the lines though, that would probably take more practice! ; D

piCture pOlish is based in Australia, ships internationally, with 2 bottles as minimum purchase and you can find your nearest distributor if you want to buy locally instead or you don’t want them shipped from Australia! Check out their everyday deals (for PP’s official website only) if you want a good bargain!

Thank you, piCture pOlish! ; D

piCture pOlish’s really active on their facebook page, and are also on other forms of social media to keep you updated: Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter!


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