Zoya Ornate – Storm, Blaze & Aurora swatches

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Zoya Ornate collection - Storm, Blaze & Aurorae

Zoya Ornate collection – Storm, Blaze & Aurorae

The Ornate collection has to be one of my favorites in quite a while. I’ve always loved Zoya for their excellent formulation, unique colors and the bottles are just adorable (and they look so pretty stacked beside each other!) – if only they were not so hard to procure.

I got these polishes from the states off, hand-carried back by a very helpful friend (thank you, Ron!).

Zoya Ornate - Storm

Zoya Ornate – Storm

Storm is a black jelly filled with generous holographic flakes and it reminds me so much of Glitter Gal’s holographic collections! But this one is da bomb – I like how the glitter is

suspended in the polishes unlike certain indies and it spreads so well. Gorgeous and opaque in two coats.




Zoya Ornate - Blaze

Zoya Ornate – Blaze

I don’t usually go for reds, but this one looked so stunning on swatches everywhere that I had to get it. Beautiful. Like Storm, this was speckled with holographic glitter and PERFECT for a wedding dinner on an ivory or cream dress. Classy!




Zoya Ornate - Aurora

Zoya Ornate – Aurora

My favorite of the collection. Both the name and the shade, I LOVE. And it’s as glitter packed as the other two. Heck, the entire collection is full of irresistible holographic glitter (unless of course, you HATE glitter… which I will not be able to comprehend haha).




I’ve been laying off polishes for quite a while now (got bored of all the same old colors) but I’m wearing Aurora on my fingertips at the moment. I think it goes with my hair, hahahahaha… All three have excellent formula and are jellies which are opaque in 2 coats. MUST HAVES.

Which one’s your favorite? ; D

Each polish costs $8 USD from They do not ship internationally. Local suppliers are (at $13.50) and (at $13.90 – thanks CheeYing for sharing!), but neither have (much) stocks for Ornate collection.

Dior Nail Glow (Swatch)

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Dior Nail Glow is from their Cherie Bow Spring 2013 Collection.

Instant French manicure effect Brightening treatment

To reveal the natural beauty of your nails, Dior has invented Nail Glow. A treatment nail varnish that makes pink pinker, and brightens nail tips for an instant French manicure look.”


Well… I really like it!
I’ve been on this nail polish break for a few weeks now (I’m not sure if I’m too lazy (to wait for it to dry) or I’ve lost interest – I still buy polishes, but I don’t wear them as often as I used to – blog sale coming soon maybe?) and while this is technically still a polish, how come I’m still using it? I think I kindda prefer natural bare nails now (I’ve always preferred bare or clean french manicured toenails), and since I can never be bothered to buff my nails (too much time), the Dior Nail Glow is PERFECT!

I was wondering… what whitening? Then when I applied it on my nails I went “Oooh…”. The whitening is subtle, but noticeable. I don’t have super yellow nails, but they look dull and a bit unpolished. The pink “color” has a little bit of purple tinge in it (think light fuschia), which corrects the yellow in the nails – and yes, as described, gives you a pinker nail bed, and whiter tips – a very natural glow!

I’m using it without topcoat and after a week, it’s still pretty shiny with some minor tip wear which isn’t too obvious anyway. My nails (still) look very well kept and clean – I love the healthy appearance!



In the sunlight, the purple-pink hue is especially outstanding if you have too many layers on, but indoors, it looks like there’s nothing on your nails (except a healthy shine, haha) and you can also use this as a “color changing” top coat! You can intensify pinks with this, or give other colors a tinge of pink!

I find that I don’t need to use a top coat over this – it acts very well as a top coat and lasts very long too. I’ve had it on my nails for the past 2 weeks and I only touched up once with an extra coat over it.

Dior Nail Glow contains 10ml of translucent pink/light fuschia polish, is made in France and costs $37 SGD in Singapore.

More reviews over at Joey’s, Sophia’s and MyWomenStuff.

I think I may need a backup of this!

Lancome Vernis in Love in 335N Rose Macaron + Contest

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For all those who have been waiting for Lancome’s nail polishes to arrive on our shores, I’m happy (and partially sad) to announce that we’re almost there! You have to wait 4 more months though for the full collection – they will only be available in the mid-2013.

However we have a “teaser” of sorts for now! Like the Midnight Rose for last year’s A/W 2012 collection, Lancome’s Vernis in Love in 335N Rose Macaron is a GWP (gift with purchase) when you get either the blush or eyeshadow palette from Lancome’s Limited Edition Spring in Love collection (click to read post). Take note that the Spring collection is only available at 4 counters – Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard, Robinsons Centrepoint and Robinsons Raffles City.


According to Joey, the polishes coming to Singapore will be an Asian formulation and supposedly improved too. Currently, the bottle of 335N Rose Macaron I’m holding is made in France, holds 6ml of polish and is in a tiny bottle with a black cap.

• Multi-Polymers Complex provides a film that protects color and keeps nails perfectly polished
• White Mica Lamellas reflect natural light for a high shine finish
• Grooved stem allows the polish to flow directly to the center, while the elongated, round base distributes uniform color in a single stroke


I love, love love the brush. It makes application (shaping especially if you have rounded cuticles) so easy of the rounded flat brush, and it’s a breeze to deposit color as it holds just the right amount of polish. The polish also dries fast, and is shiny even without top coat!




I had the opportunity to swatch some more of the lovely polishes while I was at Lancome’s office, so here they are!



please excuse the dry cuticles and overspill! > < please excuse the dry cuticles and overspill! > < [/caption] lancome-vernis-in-love-6

Lancome in Love in collaboration with Olympia Le-Tan Contest

“To celebrate their first birthday, Rouge In Love and Vernis In Love enter the whimsical, make-believe world of Parisian designer Olympia Le-Tan.

Three initials, OLT, the best-kept secret of celebrities and fashionistas; RIL and VIL, three must-have initials of style queens and beauty addicts. The encounter between Lancôme and Olympia Le-Tan was written in the stars.”


“After spending several years working with prestigious fashion houses, Olympia Le-Tan founded her eponymous label in 2009. Her designs are influenced by the graphics of the forties and fifties, as well as their glamorous pin-up girls. Passionate about embroidery and a great lover of literature, Olympia Le-Tan immediately attracted attention with her now cult-status accessory: a hand-embroidered minaudière based on old book covers that she reinterprets at whim in tune with her reading. The stylish clutches quickly found their way onto the red carpet and into the dressing rooms of the most informed and admired actresses. In March 2012, Olympia Le-Tan showed the press her first ready-to-wear collection, a retro look infused with a modern, rock-star vibe, incredibly chic and edgy. An instant hit.”

There is ONLY ONE SET of this to be won, and it is a contest held by Lancome, specially for the month of Feb starting from Valentines’ Day! It is a special minaudière book clutch, with 6 Rouge in Love lipsticks and 6 Vernis in Love nail polishes specially selected by Olympia Le-Tan and Lancome for this gift set.

To enter:

  1. Submit a short write-up describing a moment in love of not more than 350 words. (it can be a personal account or a fictional story)
  2. Participants can submit via email at from Jan onwards with their Name, NRIC and HP; or head down to the Lancome IN LOVE event on 14th Feb – 28th Feb to submit the entry. The event will be held at Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall.

The Lancome IN LOVE event at Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall will showcase the minaudière and there will be a “workstation” for participants to do up their entries and to read other participating entries. There will also be complimentary in love makeover services; and a selection of the Best of Lancome in love products available.

Winner will be announced on 22nd March 2013 via Lancome Singapore Facebook Page at Contest deadline is 15th March 2013.

Should you need more details, please visit Lancome Singapore Facebook Page at



Are you joining? I know I’ll be trying!!! This set is too exclusive to miss! If i’m not wrong, the worth of this is over a thousand bucks!

piCture pOlish Cosmos Swatches

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piCture pOlish Cosmos is a STUNNER.
I almost didn’t get it, but I was so glad I did in the end – you really have to see this in real life – it’s so beautiful, you’ll fall in love with it instantly. (unless of course you hate blues)

Holographic glitter suspended in a blue jelly base – you can actually use a nice deep blue as an underwear for this if you want to darken it up a little – I actually matched it to a closer blue, which was Zoya’s Song. I did that for my ring finger only and you can see the very slight difference – it is more intense and royal blue than the other fingers.




Application is smooth, easy, brush is perfect, opaque in 2 coats even without a base.

Nothing to complain about, really. JUST GET IT. I’m sure this one’s a keeper!

Nobody understands why I need so much blue nail polishes – but I really love blue and this is a keeper. BUY.

This bottle costs me $17, and I got it from Susan, but she’s no longer selling piCture pOlish. It retails for AU $11.50 (not including shipping costs) on piCture pOlish’s site. If you wish to find other ways to purchase this, or if you’re not from Singapore/Australia, take a look at their Network Member’s page to find out more.

Gloss ‘n Sparkle Cotinga Swatches

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Gloss ‘n Sparkle is yet another indie polish brand, but the bottle looks more professionally produced than others and comes in a rectangular bottle shape with a tall cap, reminiscent of Misa polish bottles.

Gloss ‘n Sparkle’s Cotinga is meant to be a layering polish – it has multiple shaped glitter in a clear base – you can see silver, purple and turquoise hex glitter, some miniscule glitters and irregularly shaped dark purple and turquoise ones.


I first layered this over a grey – black base which flashes a little turquoise at certain angles, which is Sally Hansen’s Black Tie.




Later on switched to a blue – Butter London’s Blagger.

Butter London Blagger

Butter London Blagger

Pictures in the sun:



Pictures in shade:



I’ll probably try this over other bases one day when I’m free-er, but for now this is all I have to show you. If you have a base request, please let me know and I’ll try to do it!

Gloss ‘n Sparkle polishes retail for $18 SGD over at Shoppe Eclecticco. Get $2 off for every order above $40. Use code 2OFF40 at check out, or enter BIRTHDAY for 20% off (It’s Annette’s birthday month!)


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