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Dining at Star Vista – Part 2

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Menya Musashi

Actually I’ve never been interested in Menya Musashi before except during it’s opening – when I learnt that the noodles were thick and after a bad review from a galpal that the soup was full of oil, I almost didn’t try it out until my adventurous (and stubborn) husband wanted to give it a go.

The chain of ramen restaurants were named after Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese swordsman and ronin (浪人, aka samurai without a master haha) and they actually expanded really fast – this is their third branch within half a year or just a bit more, methinks?

Well guess what… The Tokyo Akiba Curry ramen wasn’t that bad! The only thing was that it’s a seasonal item so you may not see it on the menu anymore. I’ve also seen on some food review blogs that food differs from outlet to outlet so… take a chance, I guess? : p

Type of food: Japanese Ramen
Ambiance: Slightly awkward at the Star Vista branch, but not all the seats are awkwardly positioned. Seems a little hard though.
Price: $$ ($14.90 – 15.90?)
Unit Number: #B1-08
Try: Tokyo Akiba Curry!

Menya Musashi – obviously Japanese from the decor

Seasonal Item – the Curry Ramen!

Was actually pretty yummy…

I was on a diet so I didn’t really join my husband on his ramen indulgence – but I did try the Hotate appetizer – man, awful. Don’t. Try. It.

Don’t ever ever take this. Tasted like how I’d imagine soggy cardboard would be, seriously.

Canton Paradise

Our friends forewarned us against this place but since we’ve already plonked our asses on the seats, we proceeded to order anwyay. Oh boy. The noodles were a little weird – it had an interesting aftertaste and the husband commented that the noodles was “old” <-- whatever does that mean!? The soup for our noodles were bland and tasted... silverish. Me no like.

The 猪肠粉 however wasn’t too bad – though there could have been more pork in it!

I honestly expected more from this place actually, because it’s also by the Paradise group which has some of my favorite eateries like Paradise Inn, Seafood Paradise.. but meh. You’re better off sticking to Crystal Jade.

Type of food: Cantonese cuisine – like Crystal Jadde
Ambiance: Plentiful seats, great for families. I like the comfy seats against the walls and partitions but I can forsee that it will crack in time.
Price: $$ (not that expensive lah)
Unit Number: #B1-45/46

Blackball Taiwanese Dessert 黑丸嫩仙草

At first glance, you’ll be confused. I was. I spent about 2 minutes asking questions about how to order and what is this, that, difference in ingredients etc. Basically, they serve you 仙草 (Grass Jelly for those who don’t read chinese – and I LOVE GRASS JELLY) + 2 or 4 toppings of your choice!

Toppings range from kidney beans, nata de coco (shiok), sweet potato balls (yummy), red bean (great with the grass jelly) to 3 kinds of yam and pearls (珍珠!). You can opt for your Grass Jelly to be served in 4 different “temperatures” – Hot, Warm, Cold, Icy (on a block of ice). I’d say, go for the icy one. It’s gooooooood.

At $4.50 for 4 ingredients + grass jelly it’s a pretty good serving and that size is enough for 2 persons (girls) to share. Don’t take too much pearls though, it’s very very starchy ah!

Didn’t really dig the al fresco area though it looks comfy – esp in this weather – so we went in and sat on the seats in the air-conditioned area. Ahhh Bliss.

Oh, btw, the pictures of the mediacorp artist on the wall… gah the desserts and drinks on/in his hands are sooooooo badly photoshopped, it’s worth taking a look haha. The dude’s okay, just not the photoshopping. Me, I want to go back there to eat again… it’s so yummy!

Type of food: Taiwanese dessert
Ambiance: Al fresco seating mostly, the indoor aircon seating can probably accomodate a maximum of 3 x 4 (12 pax)
Price: $ ($4.50 or so)
Unit Number: #02-14/15
Try: Mixing and matching your own, choose the cold one instead of the icy one. Too much ice kindda had to eat!

P.S. Sorry for the difference in photo quality – camera’s battery was flat!

Check out all the food available at Star Vista on their website.

The Tiramisu Hero ❤ Grammah Opening!

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TheTiramisuHero is an online “bakery” started by Peggy (sixpegs) and previously, you could only order the food online – but they’ve progressed on to selling their wares at a physical space!

Dearest Peggy invited some of us (Yina, Jayne and I) over to the opening of her little space as well as the shop opening where Sir Antonio’s little corner is located in! (Erm, does that make sense?)

Sir Antonio beckons you in.

Grammah aka 我的阿妈 (actually, I think it’s written 嬷…)

The Tiramisu Hero’s corner in Grammah!

Go straight for the 杂货店 for nostalgic items and snacks!

Somebody’s grandma’s IC. ; )

大哥大,旧照片,旧相机… ❤

Yina, Me & Peggy! Thank you so much for inviting me dear!!!

You know where to go to get your tiramisu fix!

Nonnahero NOM NOM NOM! At this size, it’s best to share between 2-3 people…

Peggy’s Tiramisu creations are delightful and easy to carry around with the string handles – and the cupcake sized miniheroes are great for parties (ordered some for my cousin’s birthday), plus they can be customized – for kids, no alcohol, for me, extra creamy (and sinful!) and such!

The Tiramisus can be kept for up to 1 week in the fridge, and 1 month in the freezer – Of course I recommend eating it fresh, but as you know I’m on a diet, so….. I eat half, close the cap back in and throw it back into the fridge for tomorrow XD The jars really come in handy for this hahaha. And Nonnaheroes are sooooooo huge… I think I may tapao a few for Christmas gatherings to share!

I looooooooveee the shop. It just brings me back to the 90’s…

Vintage bags, clothing embellishments, the cute lamps at the cashier and omg those doll figurines!!!

Toy Soldier necklaces, sewing machine chops (which says “happy birthday” haha), My Little Ponies and SUPER OLD 电视广播周刊 MAGAZINE featuring Pan Ling Ling on the cover!

We were all given $66 each to shop, and this must be the quirkiest loot of this year.

I got…

An old school looking beer tray (but it’s actually very very very new haha) feauturing a bull dog, Lord Brian.

Mamee! Bee Bee! Ling Mong tablets for my mummy : D I recalled her eating loads of this when I was younger

Studs and Rivets for personalizing my clothes with XD
They were going at $0.10 – $0.15 for each stud, and Grammah has a huge variety to choose from. My favorite were the stars (in two different colors)!

Mini bucket bag! This is so tiny and cute – it’s only $10!

Love the grey color which goes with almost everything, and the pattern!

Read more about Grammah on this AsiaOne article! : )

Thank you Peggy for the MommaHeroes!! Super yums.

You can find Tiramisu Hero in a corner of Grammah, located at 66 Haji Lane.

TuttiHeroes (cake pops) are $3 each, MiniHeroes are $3.5 each, CuppaHeroes are $6.50 each, MommaHeroes are $7.50 each and NonnaHeroes – made for sharing or a person who really loves tiramisu costs $17.50 each.

Follow Sir Antonio’s adventures on Instagram at @thetiramisuhero, on facebook, and visit their website at


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