ASUS Transformer 3 Pro: The One Laptop You’ve Been Looking For

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When was the last time you’ve been excited about a tech gadget?

Well, certainly not in the past 1 year for me – I’ve been less than impressed by the offerings out there… and then, things changed when I got to know of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro.


I’ll say it once again – I’m not one who accepts sponsored posts unless I truly believe in the product, and after reading up about it, I was pretty much eager to try out the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro – and then when I met it at the event, I was sold – by how slick it looked, how light it was built to be, and all the extra functionalities that complemented my current lifestyle!

As you age, your lifestyle (needs, wants, priorities) changes – I went from being a freelance designer who stays home most of the time, to someone who has to be able to work on-the-go due to the events I’ve been attending as an influencer, as well as the wanderlust I’ve caving in to! Isn’t it the dream to be a digital nomad, and work a little wherever?


The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, as the name suggests, is a versatile gadget which transforms to suit your needs – it is a laptop, tablet, and stylus all in one nifty 1.14kg package (including the detachable keyboard)!


Simply attach the keyboard when you need to use it like a laptop, and remove it when you want to use it as a tablet to say, watch movies – the laptop comes with front facing speakers, and the backlit keyboard magnetically clips on upon close proximity, self activates and even comes with a touch pad!

It’s so easy going from laptop to tablet and to a laptop again. I love that the detachable ASUS Transformer Cover Keyboard comes in 4  colors (black, brown, orange and cream) to suit your choice of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro (comes in Icicle Gold and Titanium Grey), and it also protects the laptop screen during transit!


As some of you may know, I’m a designer and I’ve been using my laptop with a Wacom tablet. This meant extra baggage (dont lose the stylus!!!), and additional software to install for compatibility, and while one may get used to it, the slight inconvenience of not being able to directly edit via the pen on the screen directly.


Doing away with all these hassle and trouble of bring extra equipment and installing extra drivers, is what I’d consider the best feature of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro – the touchscreen monitor, and the stylus that comes along with the laptop for onscreen editing!

One will appreciate how convenient a touchscreen monitor can be when it’s easier to simply tap your screen, especially when your mouse is low on battery (did I mention that I got my Apple Magic Mouse to work with the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro?) and how useful the stylus (a.k.a ASUS Pen) can be when you need to annotate or sign documents digitally!


12.6-inch display with 3k graphics

The 12.6-inch display on the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro offers makes working on it easy – one of the most important consideration for a laptop as a designer was that it has to be light and portable, BUT it cannot be too small – in fact the screen’s superb graphic output with its 3K (2880 by 1920 pixels) resolution impressed me!

Other than the sharp, clear graphics, its versatility to transform into a tablet by just removing the keyboard enabled me to keep my cousins entertained on our transfers and train rides in Tokyo! Since it’s operating on Windows, I don’t have to convert files and am able to just drag and drop videos into its 128gb SSD harddisk and read directly from it!

Little girl looking bored cos we asked her to pose for a photo and didn't give her entertainment : p

Little girl looking bored cos we asked her to pose for a photo and didn’t give her entertainment : p


The laptop comes with a built-in MicroSD Card slot, which makes for easy uploading of pictures, especially from action cams, which uses mostly Micro SD cards! This came in extremely useful when I was going through footage from various action cams from my snowboarding in Niseko and diving in Malapascua.

Should you require transferring photos via USB instead, there are 2 USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Thunderbolt) for fast photo transfers into the laptop! One feature I was impressed by was the Microsoft OneDrive storage, which, when configured right, backs your photos and files up into the cloud drive – and when you reinstall the laptop (for whatever reasons), your files will be reinstated for you automatically!

You know, I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t be able to adapt to the Windows interface after years of being with Apple. Turns out I didn’t have much to worry about!

Powerful, yet lightweight


When it comes to processing power, the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro did really well for such a small, compact laptop!

The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro comes with 2 processor options – the Intel® Core™ i5 6200U Processor, or Intel® Core™ i7 6500U Processor. Both options come with 16GB of ram (soldered on), which explains its fast speed and ability to run the multiple programs I require at my job (imagine a gazillion tabs!).

Weighing at just barely 1.2kg, the lightweight laptop is easily managed with just one hand, and is perfect for travels! Case it in point – with all the necessary applications installed, I did work on it on a 30 minute train ride to Yokohama!


It is extremely important that my laptop be able to run Photoshop and Lightroom for my work and photo editing, as well as the graphic-intensive Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos on the go!

In fact, I edited and touched up photos + uploaded them really quickly, even before my trip ended! Can I say, productivity +100 points? : p


I know mobile is pretty good, but hardly can you find a mobile app able to process raw files, which is able to pull out more color and clarity – for these, I have to use Adobe Lightroom on the laptop. I’m actually pretty particular about this especially when it comes to astrophotography!

Sunset in Shibuya

Sunset in Shibuya

Coffee and chit chat on the high floors of Keio Plaza Hotel

Coffee and chit chat on the high floors of Keio Plaza Hotel

Christmas lights on display in Shinjuku

Christmas lights on display in Shinjuku

Power Boost with the XG Station 2

There will always be tradeoffs for laptops that are compact – while the laptop is able to run my intensive programmes without lag, it is always faster and better with a bit of boost. And this is where my eyes sparkled and I looked at the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro as not “just another laptop” – it changes my life completely.

Summary of my life – I do light work on the go with the detachable keyboard on, I present in tablet mode, and when I go home… I revert to nerdy graphic designer and sometimes gamer by simply connecting the ASUS Transformer 3Pro with their ROG XG Station 2!

The first 2 laptops in my life were actually both ASUS – and I purchased them after much research on stability, and ability to perform well while playing games. *sheepish* Yes, I was addicted to gaming for a while – the extremely graphic intensive World Of Warcraft!

ASUS is quite an ICON in the gaming world – ROG stands for Republic of Gamers, and they specialize in the most drool-worthy rigs (both specs wise and looks wise) customized for GAMING. Intensive. Gaming.


Plug & Play

Deceptively powerful is right – with the right graphics card inserted into the ROG XG Station, the sleek, gorgeous box boosts the Transformer 3 Pro into a machine that’s even more powerful than certain gaming laptops and desktops!

It is connected simply via a Thunderbolt cable – this greatly reduces the need for separate machines (desktop, laptop…) at home – you can just come home, plug your laptop into the XG Station and voila! Desktop!

It was really a solution that made sense, and fits into my current lifestyle perfectly.

The ASUS Transformer 3 Pro is available at all ASUS Brand Stores and Authorised Retailers, with prices starting from $1,898. Learn more about the amazing ASUS Transformer 3 Pro here!

My New Love – the Olympus PEN-F (2016)!

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On my most recent trip to Melbourne, I was asked “Why do you take pictures of everything? Not tiring ah?” 

That came from a group of people who take the most wonderful pictures with their cameras as well, and would probably be the ones who would understand me most when it comes to picture taking, so I know they’re not mocking me, but really trying to understand why.

I paused for a while, and thought about it.

I don’t really post every single picture I take with my camera on my instagram or blog, but I take plenty of pictures. Scrolling back through my photos from the last trip, I slowly recalled everything that happened during my previous Melbourne trip.

The sights, blue skies, the sound of the tram, the bustling city, the good food, the great weather, and most importantly, how I felt when I was in Melbourne the previous time. Things that I might have forgotten in my short term memory, but not in the back of my mind.

“Memories.”, was my answer.

Taking pictures – it’s my way of making sure that I don’t forget things. Sort of like an extra brain, my SD card contains my precious memories, captured. They just needed to be pulled out of my mind castle with the right jolt. These pictures do the trick, it’s more than just a visual. Be it digital image files or physical prints, they bring back memories and experience. Things you might have forgotten… and things you don’t want to forget.

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Me and my Olympus PEN E-PL7

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… Wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

But you’re gonna learn more about the Olympus E-PL7 after this post, as well as stand a chance to win it! More information to come later, but let me finish my story first, ok?

Let’s go back to the time when I started attending events with Yina, about 3-4 years back! I found a camera-tech geek friend in Yina, and we would always spend time discussing about new camera, lenses, mostly me asking her questions really, but who cares? hahaha.

As we attended events together and you know, take the same photos and all, I started to realise that my camera (we both had micro four-thirds, just of different brands) wasn’t functioning quite as well as hers. She sold and bought a few cameras, but there was this one which she kept using (from 2013 till now!), and impressed me every single time she brought it out.

It had a flip screen for selfies (one of the first at that time).

It lets you transfer images from your camera to your phone via a compatible WiFi SD card.

The pictures were brilliant, sharp and most important of all, the lens she paired it with gave incredibly nice, smooth and creamy depth of field and bokeh!

That was the Olympus PEN E-PL5, ladies.

Fast forward 2 years later – practically every other blogger I meet at events are carrying the Olympus PEN camera, be it the E-PL5 or E-PL6 – I had no doubt that was the effect of Yina Goh’s fabulous photos as I saw for myself the queries she got at events and as well as on her blog/IG/!

When it was time for me to change my camera, I spent countless nights comparing cameras. Good camera, no flip screen. I need it for my blogging. Flip screen, but lousy specs. And then suddenly someone asked if I’d considered the PEN E-PL7, when it’s released?

At that point of time, it wasn’t even on the market yet – there were just specs floating around, but after checking out what the E-PL7 offers, I was completely SOLD! It met ALL of my criteria for a new camera!

1. Flip screen (downwards instead of upwards for a more natural viewpoint)
2. In-built Wifi Function (no more wireless SD cards which suck up battery life!)
3. Semi-pro, micro four thirds format
4. You can change lenses for different types of situations
5. It isn’t too heavy (but of course, that also depends on the lenses you’re using)
6. Great in low light situations
7. Manually adjust functions and modes (P-mode, S, A, M)

So when it came out on pre-order, I immediately paid for one, and since the day I’ve gotten it, it’s been everywhere with me. To events, to weddings, birthdays, meet ups, and to plenty of holiday trips! It makes me regret not bringing a better camera to Norway for the Northern Lights!

Because that one camera has to be able to capture all the moments I want to remember by, and capture it well.

I can say that the Olympus cameras I’ve tried did it all, and more – You have no idea how much easier it was to take selfies with a flip screen, especially for a blogger!!

Me in Club Med Phuket with my Olympus E-PL7!

Me in Club Med Phuket with my Olympus E-PL7!

I’ve gotten a lot of comments on the camera since it was in my possession – I have random people I meet for the first time praising my choice of camera, people saying that my camera looks professional – even the random guy hawking BBQ-ed seafood at Tsukiji market pointed to my camera and said “Olympus! Ichiban!” : o

I was already advocating the Olympus E-PL7 before they approached us to be their ambassadors – and you know what? They only approached us because we were EXISTING users of Olympus cameras and because we love it so! And yes, we were more than happy to take on the roles because we do love, and recommend this camera to all our blogger friends!

It was in our plans to hold a workshop and share our knowledge about the Olympus cameras because we so often get questions about our cameras – like how to take pictures with a blurry background, how to adjust white balance, and I have to agree, for a person with no prior knowledge about cameras, you’ll find it hard to even begin on your research on buying one unless someone points you in the right direction!

The beauty of the internet and social media, is that you can see the results instantly and just ask them what cameras they are using. : p And that’s why we had a full turnout for our workshop held in conjunction with Olympus, for the ladies who are interested to know more about the Olympus PEN E-PL7, and how to use it / pair it with certain lenses for certain effects!

BFF Style with Olympus PEN Workshop

The event was held at Food For Thought, Botanic Gardens which had a great set up and such huge space for us!

The event was held at Food For Thought, Botanic Gardens which had a great set up and such huge space for us!

We were there to teach people what we do every other day – TAKE OOTDS, and SELFIES!

And since there's Yina Goh, there's also The Velvet Dolls! Yina brought down some of her new and unreleased pieces for her loyal TVD fans, and also to teach them how to grab that angle, as well as what lens to use with the camera to achieve a better depth of field (often mistakenly referred to as Bokeh instead)

And since there’s Yina Goh, there’s also The Velvet Dolls! Yina brought down some of her new and unreleased pieces for her loyal TVD fans, and also to teach them how to grab that angle, as well as what lens to use with the camera to achieve a better depth of field (often mistakenly referred to as Bokeh instead)

Yina and I with Chanel, one of TVD's resident models!

Yina and I with the gorgeous Chanel, one of TVD’s resident models!

And since we have fashion, how can we not have beauty too, since it’s such an integral part of our blogging lives?

Meet the beauties from MAC, which I so love! Can you guess which was the most popular shade? XD

Meet the beauties from MAC, which I so love! Can you guess which was the most popular shade? XD

We ran out to take a quick OOTD before the event began for our demonstration purposes : p

We ran out to take a quick OOTD before the event began for our demonstration purposes : p

And so the event commences!

And so the event commences!

It was a BFF event, so everyone came in a pair, and each pair of BFFs had one camera on the table for them to play with, to try and to get used to the camera!

It was a BFF event, so everyone came in a pair, and each pair of BFFs had one camera on the table for them to play with, to try and to get used to the camera!

I actually think that this was really important and I was happy that every one had one camera to play with – having hands on experience will greatly aid you when it comes to choosing a camera. How it fit in your hands, learning how to use the dials, seeing the flip screen in action and all!

They definitely wasted no time!

They definitely wasted no time!

So what happens after you’ve taken your dream photo? You upload it of course!

The built-in wifi means that I can ditch my Wifi SD-cards (just a year ago, they were the “in” thing!) as they do use up a significant amount of battery life too!


Simply look for the “OI.Share” App on your Appstore (both Android Google Play & Apple Appstore) and download it!

You just need to link your camera to your phone once and for the other times, all you’ll have to do is simply fire up the app, and it will connect to your phone automatically!

Tip: If you’re on an existing Wifi network, you will need to manually select the camera’s wifi network before launching the app. 

This function has changed the blogging industry by quite a bit. We no longer have to wait till we “get home then send you the pictures”. Sometimes my phone automatically connects itself to Yina’s camera and her phone to my camera because we find it more convenient to download the images directly to our phones, rather than waiting for someone to send it over!

And you no longer have to take pictures with your phone for Instagram. It’s still quite instant if you manage to upload your picture and edit it in a flash! ; p

We also demonstrated how to download your images via the app, and shared some of our favorite apps for editing images at the workshop!

We also demonstrated how to download your images via the app, and shared some of our favorite apps for editing images at the workshop!

The Olympus PEN E-PL7 comes in 3 basic color models. I already found it super hard to choose between all 3 fabulous looking colors combos…

Screencap from my post back in 2014 as proof, hahaha!

Screencap from my post back in 2014 as proof, hahaha!

But wait, there’s more!

The PEN has always been about suiting your style – anyone remember the glass display boxes in Cineleisure?




The Olympus Singapore showroom have always had a showcase of their selectively curated and compatible items for accessorising the the PEN – but now, they’ve launched the #MyPENMyStyle site – they’ve got a number of items you can choose and customize online (they will pack it all up, stick it nicely and send it to you!) when you purchase a PEN E-PL7 on Olympus Singapore’s website!

Now you can visualize the skins on your camera before buying it! THAT BLUE is such a pretty shade, isn't it?

Now you can visualize the skins on your camera before buying it! THAT BLUE is such a pretty shade, isn’t it?

Have you taken a look at the website, and drooled over how good looking your next camera purchase’s gonna be? Yes? Hehe.

We’re gonna give one of you


All you need to do is:

  • Take a Selfie or OOTD (can be self-timed, or with your friends)
  • Upload it onto Instagram (if you account is private, we can’t see your posts!), and tell us what your favorite combination would be like!
    E.g. I love blue, and I think it’s gorgeous how the black Olympus E-PL7 looks with the Light Blue skin + adorable Navy Clover Strap! (or you could write something more interesting than that!)
  • Hashtag #OlympusXEvonnz #MyPENMyStyle

Best of luck, y’all! Hope I explained sufficiently about why I love this camera so! The contest will end on 19th August 2015 at 11:59pm, so you have 2 weeks from now to strike a pretty pose and upload away!



And last but not least, I would like to thank all the beautiful ladies who came for the workshop and spent an afternoon while we babbled on! I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves like we did!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2015-05-24-Olympus-BFF-mypen-mystyle-event-25 2015-05-24-Olympus-BFF-mypen-mystyle-event-3 2015-05-24-Olympus-BFF-mypen-mystyle-event-4 2015-05-24-Olympus-BFF-mypen-mystyle-event-10

And congrats to the 3 attentive ladies, who answered our seemingly difficult questions, and walked away with a Kandee Pouch with M.A.C lip loving items in it!

We had special gifts to give away to readers who

Packing MAC goodies in the Kandee pouches!

And for all who came, we hope you love the goodie bag by our beloved sponsors!


Thank you so much,

Bioderma, Get Klarity x Graceous, Guerlain, Kandee Shoes, Salon Vim, Branche Singapore… and specially to L’Oreal Professional and Hada Labo, who were super generous and I’m sure all ladies are stoked to see your wonderful items in the goodie bag!



And last but not least, Thank you, Olympus Singapore, for choosing us as your ambassadors and also having this workshop for us, to share about what we love!

I will be uploading another blogpost about the lenses I use with my E-PL7 soon. Stay tuned!

It's love. It's PEN. <3

It’s love. It’s PEN. <3

Parcel App for iPhone/iPad

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I find this app really good for tracking deliveries, as I don’t wanna spend so much time checking on the computer all the time and also it’s rather troublesome to always have to keep going to the mac just to check deliveries.

This app tracks up to 110 different type of delivery services, and it even includes Singpost so you can check your registered mail too!
The app is free, but the free version only supports up to 3 deliveries at one go, but that’s sufficient for me unless you’re like a mega shopaholic.

Add Parcel

More screenshots:

Not paid to review this, just thought that some people might like this app!

My New iPhone 4S… Not.

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iPhone 4S 64GB, White. With my beautiful japanese fabric hard cover case purchased from Japan. <3

I have been waiitiiingggg so long for the 4S but when it finally arrived, and I got it plugged it and powered up… I was really disappointed.

Of ALL things, my phone came with what some people dub the “yellowgate” problem. Basically it means that the phone has a yellowish tinge. It REALLY annoys me as it is really a huge difference. Maybe there isn’t really anything wrong, maybe my old iPhone 4 is just more magenta/cyan… But I really HATE the yellow tinge. It takes ALL the blue out of my images and that really sucks. I even compared it to my laptop… It is definitely too yellow for me.

Some images.

iPhone 4 on the left, iPhone 4S on the right. Maximum brightness.

Disappointed, I called up Apple Support (I purchased my iPhone from the Apple Store preorder) and to my delight, they were willing to do an exchange for me! YES. But neither of us were sure that I could get a set without the yellow tinge issue again, so the customer support officer told me that I could get it exchanged up to 3 times and if I’m really _STILL_ not satisfied, I could get it returned. Thanks to Apple for AWESOME service!!! (DHL picks the phone up from me!) :3

iPhone 4S, MBP, iPhone 4.

On the above picture it is obviously more yellow tinged though it’s kindda hard to use a camera to capture screens, if you know what I mean. From the picture it may also seem that the iPhone 4S better when it comes to contrast – seem to see more details on the 4S than the 4. It is somewhat true when it comes to greyscale items and playing games, but it is really negligible and i’d rather do without the yellow tinge than have better contrast. Also, this image was digitally altered (on the iPhone) to have more blue than yellow. It’s probably not a good pic for comparison but that’s all I have that’s available across all 3 gadgets.

In case anyone says “it’s the glue, wait a few days it will dry” <-- I don't think so. I've already set it to Maximum brightness for a few days and it does nothing for the screen except to deplete battery life really fast. And oh yes the battery on the iPhone 4S really, really sucks too, even if I turn off auto time update and location services. It depletes so fast I don't feel safe going out without a spare battery! (Update: The 5.0.1 update is here and I hope that fixes the problem! But I don't have a 4S to test it out yet. Haha.) Anyway, I got it returned on Wednesday. But just in case anyone's curious, the little differences on the iPhone 4/4S... (image from powersupport jp) [caption id="attachment_6062" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Just a few mm between the buttons, and also the mute button has been shifted quite a bit lower."][/caption]

On the overall, not much of a difference size wise, but enough if your iPhone casing isn’t cut with more allowance on the volume/mute sides then you really have to watch out for the mute button as it’s quite far away from the old position.
Le sigh, my awesome blue hokusai wave silicone cover from is unlucky enough (but the silver cloth one fits).

I’m still using my 4 though, till my 4S arrives – again.

And on a (very much) happier note…

I won an iPhone 4 16gb.

From a lucky draw by drinking C1000 Orange. Just to clarify, it’s my favorite perk me up drink cos of the orange flavor as well as the size. Strangely enough, I CAN’T find the orange flavor of this drink in Japan for some funny reason. Meh. Anyway I submitted 3 bottle caps and drew “PICK ME! PICK ME!” on the envelope. HAHAHAHA.

HOHOHO! Someone up there loves me or wants me to stop sulking! : D I’m so happy! It’s the thrill of winning something. HAHA!

Thank you C1000! <3

(I was kindda rude to Rena from C1000 who called me LOL I mistook her for a telemarketer! : x Oops.)

Also tried out 美圖GIF so here’s a bo liao GIF. HAHA. I quite like this app! And my face is really damn round. *puffs* I also need more water and lip balm!!!


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