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Picked up my white GF-2 dual lens kit (14-42mm + 14mm f/2.5 Pancake lens)from a seller on clubsnap forum today, it was almost new and I got it for $1050. : D

Comes with the usual goodies, 8g card + Lumix camera bag!

Since I was going around asking prices, I might as well list down some of my searches for people who need references…

Panasonic GF-2 Dual Lens Kit (14-42mm + 14mm pancake lens)

– Comes with free 8g Card + Lumix camera bag
– Prices are all in SGD and may change due to JPY currency fluctuation.
– Please double confirm the prices with the respective shops yourselves!
– Quote taken on 9th Feb 2011

MS Color – $1120 (Phone quote)
MS Color – $1105 (Email quote)
Alan Photo – $1125 (Phone quote)
Paris Silk – $1145 (Phone quote)

(the above shops are just some that i’ve purchased before / gave me a good deal before as well – I’ve heard that John 3:16 at Funan also have great prices, but I couldn’t find a phone number – and when I did no one picked up the phone – so I couldn’t get a quote from them fast enough as I was making a quick decision in purchasing the camera from another seller.)

In Japan’s Yodobashi, the same config is going for 78,600 Yen, not sure about freebies and international warranty – I’ve heard that you can request for it but I can’t confirm this.

As for the 20mm f/1.7 Pancake lens, I did some research as well and the cheapest between these 3 stores was Paris Silk, which quoted me $543 while everyone was selling theirs at $550.

The 20mm pancake lens goes for about 35,000 Yen after tax rebate at Yodobashi and on Amazon it’s about $335 USD not including shipping, and item can only be shipped to the USA for now. It’s the cheapest option as it converts to about $430 SGD since the current exchange rate is so low!


MakeME iPhone App

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You know how we love to customize avatars in the past. It’s like playing with barbie dolls…. on a digital level.


I discovered MakeME app when I first got my iPhone and I got quite a laugh out of it : x

Other than just being avatar makers, you can assign these profiles to your contacts and when someone calls you the avatar you’ve created will show up. It’s a perfect waste of time. And I love it.

I especially love Eve’s grumpy avatar. HAHAHAHA! Here’s what I’ve created:

Top: Me, Grumpy Eve
Bottom: Yang, Veron (act cute)

Anne (Kuma!), NerdyApril, Wendy Bikini babe.

XD Damn cute lah.

Download it on App Store.
Find out more here:

Favourite Twitter App for iPhone – Echofon!

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Well the first thing I had to do after getting my iPhone was to make sure I was able to communicate with the rest of the world effectively and comfortably. (okay fine i downloaded first but that was Yang’s doings)

I tried Ubertwitter. It was chio, I liked it, but….. It didnt continue from where I left off and instead loaded the newer tweets first. FAIL.

So I downloaded all the apps I could find that continued from where you left off, under the suggestion of my friends.

1. Twitter for iPhone
2. Twitterific
3. Seesmic
4. Echofon
5. TwitBird

At first I really liked Twitterific. It has a pretty interface and it screams “YOU’RE TAGGED IN THIS TWEET” and stuff like that. Then later I realized that it doesn’t allow me to tag people (auto complete of user names) and I decided I didn’t love it that much any more.

I’ve deleted everything else and am left with only Echofon because it is simply one of the best apps out there for Twitter, namely for these reasons (to me):

– Continues from where you left off (last read)
– Auto complete usernames (even if you typed the person’s display name instead of username it can still locate that person!!)
– Good reading font size
– Highlights the tweets you’re mentioned in
– Loads fast
– Loads your direct messages in conversation style
– Images loads fast as well
– Displays lists, and there’s a search (not that i use them at all)
– You can choose from 3 photo services (tweetphoto, twitpic and flickr)
– Choose from 4 themes
– Add multiple accounts

My only grumble is that I have to read all the way up to refresh the tweets, but it’s pretty fast a refresh, so this is a minor flaw to overlook. I’ve used this since it’s previously known name, TwitterFox and it was a reliable firefox add on to have.

Oh yes. I don’t really like the logo nor the name too, but it works well so… Function over form!


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