BeautyAsia 2012 – Day 1 (Quick Coverage for Nail Polish Lovers)

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Quick BeautyAsia Update
This year’s BeautyAsia convention runs from 20th – 22nd Feb (till Wednesday), at Suntec Convention Hall (on the 4th Level, you can’t possibly miss it) and opens from 11am till 7pm.


  • China Glaze at $5 / 8 (depending on retailer, there’s 2, Ugateway ($5), and another more exp stall (United Nails Supply) which sells the latest Prisms collection, but $5.5 price is only applicable only if you buy above 12 bottles).
  • Misa at $5 each – Plenty of colors!
  • ORLY at $6 (does not include latest collection), Deborah Lippmann at $19, Zoya at $7 but are all subjected to 7% GST from Ugateway.
    Orly UV GelFX avail too but not sure about price, most likely $24, also subjected to GST.
  • Gelish, Bling UV Color Gel at $16. from United Nails Supply
  • Poshe top coat at $8, will be discounted to $6 if you buy 12 bottles, from United Nails Supply.
  • Seche Vite at 11.50 per bottle over at Ugateway, i believe there’s a discount for bulk purchases and it’s prob also avail at Star Like Nails which is right at the entrance.

For beauty industry people who are interested in going, please register either at the convention itself or via their website at

It is also open to the public, it seems. (Although their website states that it’s strictly for industry professionals…)


It is "divided" into a few sections - Beauty Asia (Nails etc), Spa Asia, Natural Asia and Health Asia.

Star Like Nails - Right in the middle of the entrance!


United Nails Supply - Gelish for $16!


All-Belle (Taiwan) also made an appearance, and were offering free lash applications on the spot (I believe it is free). There were quite a few kinds of lashes available, but the prices are really much more inflated than buying from Taiwan (I believe twice! $30 here vs $15 in TW?)

Packaging for the lenses were really different from the ones that I got from HK (dont laugh at me! I got mine from HK at around $20 SGD) so I'm beginnign to wonder if mine's fake! Could just be new packaging though, I like the new packaging!

Misa at $5! This store also sold the JustNail line of polishes and accessories, which are from Taiwan.

Orly Gel FX available at Ugateway. Pretty price though it seems, if i'm not wrong, they are $24 SGD each - but that's not really far off from the price on transdesign ($14.85 USD).

More about Orly GelFX:
“Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail.”
View the shades avail (It’s the same as their existing range) over atOrly’s Site // Make Up by Sara-May

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game

Deborah Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues, Zoya Akyra (from a collection way back in 2007! WAH!)

Next year’s BeautyAsia will be held from Feb 25th – 27th (Mon – Wed). Remember to apply leave / save some money for it if you need to!

* Ugateway generally caters to distributors and wholesale enquiries – Their warehouse is in Boonlay
* United Nails Supply has a brick & mortar shop located at 531 Upper Cross St, #03-05 Hong Lim Complex – and personal purchases in small quantities are welcome!

Parcel App for iPhone/iPad

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I find this app really good for tracking deliveries, as I don’t wanna spend so much time checking on the computer all the time and also it’s rather troublesome to always have to keep going to the mac just to check deliveries.

This app tracks up to 110 different type of delivery services, and it even includes Singpost so you can check your registered mail too!
The app is free, but the free version only supports up to 3 deliveries at one go, but that’s sufficient for me unless you’re like a mega shopaholic.

Add Parcel

More screenshots:

Not paid to review this, just thought that some people might like this app!

Moo x Facebook Free Name Cards!

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Placed my order on 25th Jan, and it’s here today (6th Feb) from the UK!

These cards are love., in collaboration with Facebook, lets you print up to 50 different cards (using 50 most recent cover photos from your Facebook account) and these are super useful for me as other than being a designer, I also blog and have multiple online shops!

Full color, Front and back!

While space is limited and I could only customize that much on my free cards, it still makes for great conversation starters between new acquaintances (I’ve printed out cards featuring photos from my favorite holiday location – Japan, and my most recent one in Europe with the Auroras) and I have been dying to print my own cards for blogging purposes – But could never settle on just one photo for 200 cards!

I think these cards are perfect for freelance designers, bloggers and people who want to create a social presence for themselves! it also comes in a fully recyclable and very nice, sturdy black box.

– – – – – – ★ – – – – – –

What you have to do to get free name cards from Moo (in collaboration with Facebook)

1. Have a Facebook Account (Duh.) Have Timeline activated.

2. Upload 50 cover photos you’d like to print.
You don’t have to delete those you don’t want to print, but they’ll automatically retrieve 50 of your latest photos.

I spent the whole night choosing pictures to upload

3. Click on the “About” link in your profile

Follow the red arrow....

4. Locate the Contact Info box.

Click on the little name card icon.

5. This should pop up.
Click Print Cards!
You will be directed to’s UK site (which is nearer to Singapore than USA is) and from there, you have to create your own account.

5. Register an account with
Once you’ve registered, it will automatically import 50 of your latest cover photos…

6. Edit your details.
The free text space at back of your card, and the details on your card will always be the same throughout all cards. You can delete a particular photo if you don’t like it. Your facebook URL cannot be changed.

If you only upload 5 cover photos, I’ll assume they will print 10 of each as there is no way to specify if you want more of a particular design.

7. Double Confirm
Moo actually makes you double check your details and you have to select all 3 checkboxes to double confirm that you have checked through your details.

Yes yes the information are all correct!

8. Check out, and pay with Paypal!
You have to pay for shipping. Of course lah, everything free meh? Heh. Shipping is only £4 from the UK!

I went to explore the difference in shipping prices (as ships from both UK and US) and UK is significantly cheaper at £4, while US’s shipping is around 14.99 USD IIRC. Made sense since UK is much nearer to us anyway.

If you want to make a different set of cards, you can make another set of 50 cards at £10! I was looking for the additional print option but I couldn’t find it – I wanted 100 instead of 50 free pieces (I’ll pay for 50 more lah!).

Here are the prices for reprints:

– – – – – – ★ – – – – – –

With regards to the quality of the cards, they are thick, matte and full color on both sides, which made me a very happy girl! However, the images are not as crisp but I had already expected that. I do in fact think that these are pretty worth it, as you get 50 different prints and i have loved Moo’s service even way before they came out with this free fb collaboration.

If you’re doing design, you can request for a sample pack (consisting of mini cards, normal cards, eco cards and postcards etc) from Moo! : )

Another great site to customize your stuff would be, you can also request for a sample pack to see the quality of their stickers!

– – – – – – ★ – – – – – –

More pictures of my cards : D

Auroras, Europe

London, Paris

Personal cards.. My favorite things

Japan. ❤

Pinterest – What’s pinned on my Make Up board!

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Eugenia introduced me to Pininterest, sent me an invite and omg I was hooked! It’s something like tumblr, a collective of nice/interesting stuff (in fact a lot of stuff were all cross posted from tumblr) but very neatly categorized and I could pin them onto my own “boards”.

I think the iPhone app is much easier to use and repin function is easier as compared to tumblr’s app and “reblogging” though. My favorite part of Pininterest is the Hair & Beauty section. I have a board mainly for make up inspiration… Look at these pins on my “Make Up” board. They are just so gorgeous and inspirational. I think all beauty junkies will LOVE it.




My favorite has to be these 3 looks:



Would love to recreate these looks when I have more time on my hands.

I have been religiously pinning away every night before I sleep hahaha till the app kindda broke down on me after I updated the FB app ;( Imma go delete it and reinstall!

You can sign up, or if you need an invite for some reason, please let me know! ; )

30DC – 14. Favourite Youtube guru(s)

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(30DC stands for 30-Day Challenge! This is part of the 30 day make up Q&A challenge I’ve decided to join – Click here to view the entire list of questions!)

14. Favourite Youtube guru(s)

AHHHH! This one is fairly simple. I don’t really like to watch videos, but I really like Promise Phan. She’s Michelle Phan’s Sister-In-Law.

I was first curious when I saw a link to her video saying that she used make up to look like Adriana Lima. Then I was IMPRESSED.

I mean, have you seen her “impersonation” videos? Just take a look at this list…








I know, it’s not really a channel for beginners, but she’s reallllyyyy goooood. And knows her face very well too.
Visit her YouTube channel.

And she’s really pretty too:

Psst… Her look reminds me of April. Heh heh.


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