Melbourne Cafe Hopping Part 1 (March 2016)

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I have SO many backdated travel logs that it’s not funny. I just get so shutter happy with my cameras and take too long to edit… But since this one’s still relatively fresh (March 2016), I thought I’d get it done first!

To be very honest (please don’t drop me for any future campaigns, Australia), Melbourne’s probably the last travel destination on my list – for some reason I just never had any inclination to visit, but I definitely didn’t mind it. A work trip beckoned and since the exchange rate was favourable ($1 SGD = AUD $1.036)… why not right? The next thing you knew, I was on my way over to one of Australia’s most popular cities!

This trip’s itinerary has gotta be one of my favourites because what we did was cafe hop ALL DAY. *heart in eyes* It was the perfect timing for me to try out my new Olympus PEN-F with the amazing light you’ll get in Australia! For this trip, I had only my Olympus 12-40mm mounted on the Olympus PEN-F – I really think that this is the best travel lens and combination for me, especially for street photography, since the PEN-F’s shutter sound can be silenced! I love the EVF as well, which worked really well against the strong sun lighting conditions in Melbourne.

Less words, more pictures. Enjoy Part 1 of my Melbourne Cafe Hopping post!
(Link to my Google Map of all the places I’ve visited in Melbourne and places YOU should visit at the bottom of my post!)

Day 1 in Melbourne

The Kettle Black, Seven Seeds, I Love Pho

We landed bright and early at around 8am from a red-eye flight – I never knew that it would take 7+ hours to get to Australia! It was a lovely and spacious flight aboard Emirates (A380!!!) and the weather was so pleasant! It was a comfortable 24~ degrees in the day and dropped to about 18 ~ 16 degrees at night.

Our first stop was a popular one - Kettle Black!

Our first stop was a popular one – The Kettle Black!

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