Choupinette brunch, and the launch of Valentino’s Valentina Acqua Floreale

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Sometimes you know, you just have the feel to blog about something and this was one of those days – couldn’t let it go and hence I’m blogging about a more recent event – at 3:37am. I meant, I’m blogging at 3:37am, not that the event was at 3:37am.

So during the whole haze hoo-ha, I stayed indoors for the bulk of the time and was pretty miserable when the PSI hit 400. I was supposed to have a brunch date with Yina to before an event, but our food tasting session got cancelled! I was salivating and dreaming of french toasts and egg benny the few days before and then boom, cancelled due to the haze. *sigh* So yeah I needed my egg fix and we decided on Choupinette, at Bukit Timah – Coronation Plaza to be exact.

607 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269708
Tel: 6466 0613

Closed on Mondays, 9-8pm on Tues – Thurs, Fridays 9-10pm, Sat 8am – 10pm, Sunday 8am – 6pm
*No reservations for groups of less than 5pax on weekends and P.H!


My eggs benedict ($22 for a set meal with 2 drinks) – it was delicious, I just didn’t like the type of bread! I always prefer soft breads than toasted ones – muffins over brioche.


French Toast with Berries Compote ($19 with a set meal with 2 drinks) – loved this one, I’ll probably just go back for this. Soft bread, checked. Strawberries, checked. Honey, checked. YUM.


I have no idea why they saw the need for 2 drinks – probably good if you’re gonna sit around and chat for a while more, or else you should just share a meal with your friend and save maybe 2-3 bucks! I had tea and juice – the juices weren’t freshly squeezed ones, so I’d recommend you to take the tea!



They also have a whole load of pastries and bakes for you to bring back! Giant donutttttttttt!


I would have ordered the strawberry tart if I wasn’t that full!


Took a picture just because I was still having a good hair day and because I bothered dressing up, and when I uploaded this my friend mocked me along the lines of “you look so serious about breakfast” lololol no offense taken, It was indeed posed anyway, but hey, I am VERY serious about my eggs okay. Can’t live without it. And you think everyone can look chio by accident or at all angles like Barney Stinson meh! Heh.


Accessories of the day: Skull Ring from ASOS, arm swag / bracelet mish mash from Thomas Sabo (the one with the angel wings), Hottopic, and my new CC Skye Lucky Horn Rosary Bracelet from Just Tangy – glad to finally have a local distributor for CC Skye stuff, I tell you! I remember looking for the spike bracelet for so long but I couldn’t ship from USA and kept thinking about it till now.


My 3M 6100 half face mask with P100 filters! Thanks to Estrella’s hubby for queuing up at Mass Technologies (Bukit Batok) and letting me ride on their orders, haha. The mask is grey with PINK filters and it’s quite funny to see people’s reactions to me when I’m out with this – I put it on as I was exiting the restaurant and someone was like “isn’t it a little extreme?!” Hell no, thank god I had my mask because I ended up spending some time outside taking pretty pictures for Yina – and also because the Haze suddenly came back and it was quite high at 300+ by 12pm!

It seems to be all clear skies and humid weather now due to the favorable wind conditions, but I think the forests are still burning, and in case the haze ever comes back, I’m all prepared! Fighting the haze with this uber mask (can keep long time, filters last for 2 months), my Best World Lifestyle Uber Air Vac Purifier and Ioniser! Oh oh and my 2 humidifiers from Osim! I heard the purifiers were all sold out, and I’m thankful I got my last 2 sets just before it was totally wiped at my girlfriend’s office. Whew.

Okay enough about the haze!

After a very satisfying brunch, we headed down to Paragon for the launch of Valentino’s latest Valentina Acqua Floreale.


Us in our pretty and new JC heels from P.V.S! (That’s the shop that sells Jeffrey Campbell shoes in Singapore – it’s in Cineleisure, on level 2!)
The pair that I’m wearing is called the AshSky and costs $199 – the prices are comparable, if not cheaper than the online prices (if you include shipping – I hope my husband doesn’t read this!), plus they’re having sales right now – you totally need to check out their Instagram and get an idea of what’s available!
Wearing my studded shirt from Hollyhoque – You can’t really see the studs here (was cold, needed more coverage), but it’s oh-so comfy and I really like the studs on it!

Psssst. Noticed Yina’s white bag? It’s lovely – and it’s up for backorders at!
The pleather snakeskin material is really good (much better than my neon box bag) and worth the buy!

Since I’m talking so much about shopping, let me repeat this here, hahaha. The shorts (if you can even see it, lol) I’m wearing are from Zara!

I love them so much I have 3 pairs in different washes (they actually only come in light and dark washes, but somehow the 2 light ones that I got are of slightly different shades) and I’m super happy with them! They’re a little ripped, but I was afraid they’ll get more ripped so I bought a backup. Haha. Never mind $59.90 – when you find something so comfy you’ll wanna roll in it all day, JUST GET IT.

Whoops, back to Valentina!


(The little clutch/pouch in the coffret is just so nicely made and different from the typical GWP bags you receive! Looks like a really worthy set!)

You know how scents sometimes start off with a main version – then maybe release a different variant every year?

Fashion house Valentino started with Valentina, inspired by Rome and Italian flavors, concocted with with attitude, sophistication and unexpected characteristics in 2011 – and then came Valentina Assoluto in 2012, an intense version of the Valentina original. This year sees the birth of yet another rendition, the Valentina Acqua Floreale, which is a lighter version. making it a total of 3 variants – they all come in similarly shaped, classy looking bottles with black nozzles, and the brand’s name engraved on the silver neck of the bottle.


Valentina EDP (2011)

The original Valentina EDP, housed in a clear, flat circular bottle was concocted by master perfumers Alberto Morillas & Olivier Cresp as a tribute to today’s Valentino woman. It is a floral fragrance, with Bergamot (top notes), Jasmine, African Orange Blossoms, Tuberose (heart notes), and Vanilla, Amber & Cedar as the base notes. I didn’t smell it at first, but there’s apparently a bit of Strawberry in the middle notes too! To me, this is a strong yet feminine fragrance – a distinctively European scent to me (you know, like how some French / Italian ladies tend to smell like) and to be honest, I feel it’s a little too heavy for our Singaporean weather – I can imagine wearing this in the winter in Italy maybe, but in Singapore… Go light handed on this one, please! The scent seems to have a drawing power, it is incredibly attractive – promoters walked past me with the scent on and I really liked the how it smells like after 2-3 hours. Being an EDP, it is incredibly long-lasting, but unfortunately though, I didn’t really like how it ends off – somehow it gives me a bit of a headache at the end of the day.

EDP 80ML – $175   |   EDP 50ML – $135   |   EDP 30ML – $95   |   BODY LOTION 200ML – $73   |   SHOWER GEL 200ML – $64

Valentina Assoluto (2012)

Valentina Assoluto is a much more intense, and less floral sister of the original – this time round with patchouli added to the bottom notes, and the inclusion of peach on the top – I honestly didn’t smell any peach, I can tell you that – I think the mixture of Patchouli and Vanilla stood out more and gave me a double whammy headache. It smells more masculine & earthy than Valentina, and usually I enjoy masculine scents, but Assoluto was still a little too sweet for me. Assoluto sees a very slight change in the bottle design, but still distinctive with a darker colored glass and a larger, single rose. In other words, the bottle looks more… intense. Heh.

EDP 80ml – $193   |   VALENTINA EDP 50ml – $149

Valentina Acqua Floreale (2013)

2013 – Valentina Acqua Floreale, the latest release, is my favorite of the three! I’m not sure if it’s because of the exclusion of Vanilla – the scent still smells like a determined woman with Patchouli at the base notes, but it doesn’t give me a headache. Yes, I’m pretty sensitive to certain scents. The lighter, fresher and flirty younger sister of the 3 fragrances is much more befitting for summer and I like it! I think I have a thing for light floral scents after getting acquainted with Love, Chloe and I can foresee myself wearing this more often than any of the other two. The bottle design is very similar to the Valentina EDP, and the only thing that sets them apart would be single white flower to denote that it is a lighter scent. Is it me or did they think of the bottle design for the next 3 years?! (Seeing that the original has 3 flowers of varying shades, haha)

EDT 80ml – $162 |   EDT 50ml – $126

* The fragrances are available at Metro Paragon & Takashimaya – Acqua Floreale is available at Robinsons Raffles City & Tangs Orchard *

The event had some delightful tea time snacks but we were too full for any, so we started on the activity which was much more delightful than the tea time snacks to me, hahaha. The fantastic team purchased stickers, gems, some clear iPhone 4/5 casings and had us decorating happily away! I perked up the moment I saw what was in store for us XD


I loved my gelish manicure done at The Nail Artelier loads!!!
I had to remove it because I had to do swatches for the blog, I’m so sorry Ying T___T I’ll be back for more fantastic artwork for sure.
Blog post on that coming up another time!


Behold, my pretty iPhone 4S casing! ; D


Love the doily stickers in white and turquoise – isn’t it just so dainty and sweet? Okay admittedly this is not my style but I’m still a girl after all and I have a weakness for clear casings with prints! Made another one for Estrella, hurhurhur. You know, maybe I should start making stuff like this since I have tons of iPhone 4S casings lying around T_T Would anyone want one to customize yourself?

Oh look, it’s raining now and a perfect time to sleep! Writing this post took me 2+ hours (including replacing my batteries on my peripherals and rebooting my computer) and I’m not even counting the time I took to edit the pictures, and I have a ton of work to finish this week – Who says it’s easy being a blogger?! ; D But thank you, you and you, for reading this blog. It is nice to know & hear that there are people reading this blog, no matter how many readers. I will be doing a giveaway for the perfumes soon, do stay tuned on my Instagram @evonnz!

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