Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Brilliance Et Tenue Effet Gel

By 9 April, 2014beauty, Nails

… or, also known as the Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer in English. French beauty houses sure have a way of making things sound long and complicated!

Thankfully, these newly revamped Dior Vernis babies are anything but complicated when it comes to application!


I already have Dior’s Nail Glow and I love it to bits – so I know what to expect with Dior’s packaging. You have a removable silver rectangle cap, and after removal you’ll see a black cap which is the real thing you should be twisting open, instead of the silver cap. I made the dumb mistake of trying to twist open the silver cap many times, whoops.

The Nail Glow is pretty much the only thing I ever use these days actually, since I’ve cut myself some slack gotten lazy with nail polish application. But I still love beautiful polishes – if anything, I appreciate textures and application brushes more than anything else now… which brings me to the new brush from Dior’s latest Vernis collection.


The new brush is supposedly more flexible than the previous collection, but honestly, you don’t need comparisons because I think my Nail Glow goes on beautifully anyway – all you need to know is that THIS NEW BRUSH IS GOOD. EXCELLENT.

While I won’t say that it goes on in one coat / applies in one stroke, the rounded brush shape makes application a whole lot easier for people with curved cuticles and creates a beautiful rounded shape. I love the consistency and texture of all the polishes I’ve swatched, and all these are swatched at 2 coats, without top coat applied.

There are 21 new colors released for this revamp, with some classic shades brought back in. I was given 4 shades to try out, with compliments from Dior! (Thank you, Shauna & SY!)

First, a stunning bright coral, Dior Vernis 551 Aventure! It is just slightly sheerer than all the other shades but at 2 coats it’s pretty opaque already.

Dior Vernis in 551 Aventure

Dior Vernis in 551 Aventure

And the sweetest shade ever, 575 Wonderland! It’s a lovely bubble gum pink which thankfully doesn’t scream kiddish.

Dior Vernis in 575 Wonderland

Dior Vernis in 575 Wonderland

And the classic red, 754 Pandore! This one is a pure, bold red which makes you fingers look soooo fair. And check out that shine even without top coat. The formula was creamy and a dream to apply.

Dior Vernis in 754 Pandore

Dior Vernis in 754 Pandore

And last but not least, the color I had my eyes on when I gave the entire collection a glimpse and hoped to get – 338 Mirage. While the shade does not correspond to the Dior Addict Fluid Stick which has the same name and number, this stylish purple is a great addition to my collection! I love purples and this is the year of the purple, isn’t it? It is just ever so lightly sheer but apply with a heavier hand and at 2 coats it’s perfect, too. YES MY FAVORITE COLOR of the 4! *heart shaped eyes*

Dior Vernis in 338 Mirage

Dior Vernis in 338 Mirage


At $38 (hmmm, price increase by $1), I wouldn’t say that these are a must-have, but I have to admit that these are indeed very beautiful – you aren’t just paying for the brand name, you are paying for the smooth formula, the brush which makes application a breeze and also, hey admit it – these would look so pretty and classy in your collection! It’s something I’ll definitely spring for if I love the shade so.

I also love how easily it stacks along in my drawer, and the secondary cap because it helps prevent polishes from drying out faster. It also honestly makes a good, small gift for any polish loving girlfriend who needs a pop of color to cheer up their day. I’m not sure if Sephora’s white card is eligible for 10% off Dior products, but if it is then great! ; )


Thank you, Dior Singapore for letting me try out these new polishes. I’m SOLD!
(I have another beautiful blue, Sailor which comes in a set to review. I… I can’t bear to open it up yet, but I soon will!) 

You can find the polishes (both old and new) at all Dior Counters, and don’t forget their one and only Dior Backstage Studio in ION Orchard #B2-44/46! Drop by to take a look and explore the many make up quick courses and surprises (they have things other outlets wouldn’t have) they have in store for you ; )

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