Do you have sensitive skin?

In the past week, I’ve met at least 4 people with sensitive skin, or suddenly developed sensitive skin! It is actually possible to develop sensitive skin later on in life, and not know about it. Closer to home, my niece also suffers from sensitive skin since birth.


I wasn’t born with sensitive skin, and I never found my self sensitive until one day, after not moisturizing myself for a while, I started having dry skin patches all over and found myself scratching them. D: And then clothes with coarser fabrics would give me friction burns!

Could it be the food I consumed? Milk? Was I sensitive to something at home? Dust?

Like treating my acne, I pulled out all the stops – stopped consuming dairy stuff, moisturizing more often, changing my bedsheets more often, cleaning my room up properly, even getting anti-dust solutions for the home!

But the most important thing was changing my body soap! Most body washes contain soap (surfactants) that can also strip the skin of its nutrients and moisture during cleansing, causing sensitivity and redness.


In all the experiences I’ve had with Dove, I’ve found them to be least drying amongst other body washes – it’s hypoallergenic, lathers really well despite being soap-free and clinically tested to help skin retain nutrients, for a healthy skin barrier, which allows your skin to shield itself from harmful environmental irritants and pollutants!

I have a friend who has fabulously smooth skin and when questioned on the brand of soap used – it turns out to be Dove!And if you’ve used Dove before, you would know that Dove has a particular scent to its washes – this formula isn’t fragrance free, but the amount used is really low, and it smells even nicer than the original Dove body wash!

Other than leaving skin supple and moisturized after using, it’s always enjoyable and even kind of therapeutic when showering with Dove due to the fantastic scent it has and leaves after – it’s sort of like aromatherapy for me!

Despite the gentle formulation, it cleanses well and lathers fairly well too!

Despite the gentle formulation, it cleanses well and lathers fairly well too!

evonnz-dove-1I brought the small bottle I had with me on my trip to Fiji, and boy, did it come in handy. Little did we expect that we’d be showering at least 2 times a day due to all the activities we did – sometimes even three times a day! It was gentle enough to be used multiple times a day without drying out my skin (all that sand, sea and sun!), and yes, I loved how fresh I smelled after the shower! Smelling good makes me happy, and sets the mood for the rest of the day!

Well like I say in most of my reviews, don’t just trust me – try it out yourself! You can redeem yourself a 200ml sample over here! Get clicking, and don’t forget to watch the video if you’re still not convinced by now!

Excuse me now, I have to go take a shower with Dove, and get ready for my day. ; D


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