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Let me tell you a story of my bras.

I have amassed a huge number of them (probably… 30? 50? Some are at my parent’s place) but the real number of bras that actually get used (on a rotation basis)… comes up to a grand total of….

3. THREE. 

*sheepish smile* 

That’s like less than 10% of the bras I own. I don’t even know why I have so many in the first place when only 3 of them actually fit me properly and are comfortable enough to be worn the entire day.

(Here’s a bonus funny comic which got me laughing – about the 10 types of bras you will have in your wardrobe!)

And the last time I got fitted?

I don’t remember!
*another sheepish smile*

So just how often should you change your bras, and how often should you get refitted?

For me, I usually change it once it feels uncomfortable (P.S. hand wash your bras!) and as for a fitting, you should get it done by the professionals (also known as the very reassuring aunties hehe) at least once a year – and especially if you’ve lost or gained weight in the recent months (I swear, all that extra weight crept up on me over the span of 5 happy years with the husband)!

I mean, if your bras are leaving behind an unsightly, angry red mark on your body, and if the best thing at the end of a long day is the moment when you whip your bra off, it’s time to reassess your bra size and find the one that fits you best!

And what’s a better time to do it than at Triumph’s pop-up store, located right outside Robinsons Orchard, Heerens?




The pop up store is air conditioned and has 3 well-built changing rooms for your utmost privacy when you’re trying out bras in-stores – it runs till 12th July, and there’s many deals in-store worth checking out!

From now till 12th July (which is when the pop-up store closes), every woman who drops by will be entitled to a free and detailed fitting consultation by Triumph professional fit experts. On top of that, stand to win $1000* worth of Triumph vouchers when you get fitted at the pop-up store!


It’s quite the bra heaven, especially for me. I have this thing about lingerie – I love looking and touching them and checking out the designs available.

This lace pattern quite chio ah

This lace pattern quite chio ah

Every so often, I’ll get amazed by the new things brands come up with. For example, wireless bras… and then these aqua touch bras offered by Triumph. I was just feeling around and then I realized that this padding wasn’t just foam or cloth – instead, it is…

The soft aqua padding's made of baby oil!

The soft aqua padding’s made of baby oil! : O

There’s nothing more annoying than a bra that can’t fit right, if you know what I mean. And that’s why when we find a bra that fits us perfectly or gives us the support we desire, we get all excited and want to get the same bra in 10 different colors! XD


Meiting, Yina and I were invited by Triumph to drop by their pop-up store, take a look, get fitted, and… get our old bras exchanged for a really good deal!

We were really impressed by the animation Triumph came up with, which was a really well done production I must say!

And there was a little dance performance by girls who resembled the ladies in the video so much too! Right down to the perfectly matched shade of mint green top the main character was wearing!


I don’t know why but I seem to always be going bra shopping with Yina! It’s nice to shop with a girlfriend you can bare yourself to (literally, you know) because she can share the costs with you as well when there are good deals like the “Buy 3 get 1 Free, Buy 5 get 2 Free, and Buy 6 get 3 Free” promotion at the Triumph Pop-up store!

But here’s the best deal of them all –


Meet the Body Make-Up Jacquard Bra – which you get to bring home for just S$20 (U.P. $89.90) and also matching underwear to complete a set for just $10, as long as you bring along and trade-in an old bra of yours!

I’ve tried this bra set and it’s reallllly comfortable! There’s a limit of 2 transactions per customer though! I forgot to bring along my old one (man I wish I can exchange all the bras I don’t use anymore) and you can bet your 2 cents that I’ll be heading down again to enjoy this sweet deal!

But before I go bra browsing, I have to get fitted first by this lovely fit expert from Triumph!


Do you know how to measure your own statistics? I can’t really recall it without googling for it myself – but the fit experts have the measurement at the back of their mind, and even have an app to double confirm your fit!


We all have different body shapes. And here at Triumph, they’ve defined our shapes into letters..

S – for curvy (you’re proportionate!)
A – for the bottom heavy
I – for the skinny ladies
O – for the voluptuous
Y – for the ones with wider shoulders, and smaller hips

And I happen to be an S! I’ve always thought of myself as top heavy, but I guess all the extra weight finally went somewhere more useful : p

And with my measurements, I can finally go bra shopping and testing!


I was actually matched to a 70D (WHAT) and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if that was the right size still. The app’s probably really close, but I know that I should try a few more different sizes just to be sure, as different bras can have different size fits!

I'm on my mission to find the one.

I’m on my mission to find the one!

And as it turns out… my confirmed size and fit turns out to be 75C!


For the unaware – this is how you should measure your bra / bottoms, and also how you should put on a bra, as displayed in the changing room! And yes, it’s worth a read – I was wearing my bra wrongly for a good 20+ years before I finally got enlightened on the right way to put it on.

I swear, there’s this magical thing about finding the bra that fits you ever so well. I can’t quite tell why, but I suspect it’s the long column on the side of the bra that made me so enthralled by it – it doesn’t cut into your ribcage uncomfortably, and I’m thankful for that! THIS ALSO MEANS NO BULGING FATS, which to me is the MOST important criteria of a good bra!


And after I’ve found the one that fits the best, it’s time to make the hardest decision – choosing a favorite color and deciding if just one is enough! XD (That’s why I say it’s always best to have a girlfriend to share good deals with you!)


I love the bra that I chose – and in fact, it was similar to the one that Yina chose too! Told you that bra’s really comfortable. I was just catching up on Asia’s Next Top Model too over the weekend, and I was excited to see them being featured on an ANTM segment too! You should really catch the episode they were in here – episode 12 (to be linked)!


Before I go carry on watching ANTM, here’s one last reminder to drop by the Triumph Pop-up store before 12th July to get fitted, and enjoy the fabulous deals they have for you!

I’m quite sure you’ll find the one for you there, just like I did! ; )

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