Leave on haircare: Essential’s CC Oil & Night Care Milk

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Of all the products I’ve received, my favorite to try would probably be hair care, because you don’t need to worry about breakouts – it either work, or it doesn’t.

And so far, all of Essential’s hair products have worked brilliantly for me! Other than the fact that it’s from Japan, I love that its price point is really good as well, and that you can find it easily at most drugstores, supermarkets & hypermarts!

Other than the very obvious facts that bleaching and perming can damage your hair, external environmental factors (sun, sea, dust, air conditioning) and everyday habits (blowdrying, combing, hair-tying, pillow friction) can also cause damage to your precious hair cuticle(s)!

Let me introduce you to Kao Essential’s newest additions this season which promises to combat all your bad hair day woes! Say hello to the brand new additions, the CC Oil & Night Care Milk!


Leave-on hair care’s probably my favoritest kind of hair care, because sometimes I just don’t have the luxury of time to wait in the shower while my hair mask absorbs! With leave-on haircare, I can pamper my hair anytime, anywhere!


{ Essential CC Oil }

CC in this case doesn’t stand for color correcting, it actually stands for “Cuticle Care”!

Applying oil on my hair after washing every night has become second nature to me – I would actually feel really uncomfortable if I’ve forgotten my hair oil when I’m overseas, and go out to buy a new one. The CC Oil is priced well at $11.90 SGD, and comes in a handy 60ml bottle which fits nicely into your palm (and along your luggage, even aboard a flight)!

The Essential CC Oil promises to coat each stand of hair to protect and fight against 5 most common forms of hair stresses:

  1. Blow-drying
    (all that extreme heat! don’t you feel like your hair is too hot to even hold after hair curling sometimes?)
  2. Combing
    (I don’t comb my hair unless necessary – sometimes when you’re trying to comb out a knot, it can cause a lot of stress to your hair especially near the roots!)
  3. Split ends
    (the split will go even higher if you don’t snip it off or apply a coat of oil to protect it)
  4. Dryness
    (all that beach exposure and air conditioning in the room has dried my hair out considerably too –  if your face feels tight and dry like the desert, do you think your hair will feel like it’s in an oasis?!) 
  5. Breakage
    (I love typing my hair into a ponytail! I’ve been doing that since I was young, and when it’s too tight your hairline will start to recede – and sometimes using the wrong hair bands will also break your hair – never, ever, ever use a RUBBER BAND!)


The hair oil is lightweight, not too oily nor does it leave an obviously oily feel to your hair – instead it adds shine, and keeps your hair smooth and tangle-free!

I tried it on my hair which was naturally dried the worst possible way ever – I actually slept through this while it was wet, and boy, did the pillow friction cause all that much frizz or what?!


I use it before I blow dry my hair too – think my hair could use all the protection it needs, especially for the hair ends which has endured many rounds of bleaching!


{ Night Care Milk }

Have you tried the Sleeping Hair Mask before? I have friends who rave about it! It’s essentially the same thing, the Night Care Milk protects your hair against PILLOW FRICTION too – but this version’s better and improved! When you toss and turn at night and sometimes for the side sleepers, wave your hand about below your hair (haha) – these actions cause you to wake up with extremely frizzy hair!


The texture is pretty similar to the Sleeping Hair Mask, just slightly lighter, and it’s also non-greasy. You can use this on either damp or dry hair! The Night Care Milk promises to intensively repair and moisturize your hair while you sleep, and coupled with cuticle coat protection like the CC Oil, it also leaves your hair smooth and more manageable the next morning!

I have a mommy friend who has absolutely no time in the morning, and was considering the extreme option of rebonding her hair just to solve the frizz problem – I recommended her to the Sleeping Hair Mask sometime early this year and it worked wonderfully for her, and saved her tonnes of money since it was just $11.90! I’m definitely going to recommend her to try this out again, because…


Yep, that’s actually the left and right side of my hair. I am a side sleeper and I tend to switch sides VERY often through the night (plus all the hand action below my hair). If I don’t tie my hair up in a ponytail, I get the huge frizzy mess you see on the left!

$11.90 SGD for you to save more time in the mornings – DEFINITELY A YES!


I actually brought both products with me on my recent Indonesia trip, and I’m so glad I did, because I faced A LOT of external environmental stress when I was there – Mountain hiking actually left more dust in my hair than I’d like, and also sulphur fumes, the heat and sun at lower altitudes… I also had to wash AND blow-dry my hair up to 4 times on the first 2 days due to all that. I’m so thankful that I brought them along to keep my mane happy!

Both the Essential CC Oil & Essential Night Care Milk retails $11.90 each, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, are available in most drugstores, hypermarts and supermarkets! ; ) 


Play Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook game and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King to win attractive weekly prizes! 

The mechanics of the game’s pretty simple.

Help Essential’s Mane Hero catch the falling Essential products (100 points each) and AVOID the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers + Pesky Pillow King (minus 50 points if you accidentally catch them) simply by moving her and her basket left or right!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.39.04 am

My top score so far is 2000. Hope you’ll get a high position on the leaderboard! Go go go try it now!

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