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When you come face to face with an aesthetic doctor I’m sure quite a few questions would naturally come to your mind, like:

“Is botox safe?”

(yes, when performed by a licensed doctor that is fully trained to perform aesthetic procedures) 

“Fillers painful or not?”

(depends on area(s) injected)

“Which celebrity’s face have you fixed before, ah?”

(Doctor cannot tell you la…)

but the most important and relevant question would probably be…

“What can I do to improve my looks?”
(and how much?)

Well, that’s what I would ask, anyway! Some people immediately ask “I want to botox my jaws, how much ah?” but I believe you should always seek the doctor’s opinion before deciding for yourself what you need done!

I’ll put it all on the table and admit here & now that I’ve seen a doctor and had aesthetic procedures done on myself almost a year back. They were very small procedures, but I witnessed (for myself and on myself) how little changes can make the most difference sometimes – I had botox done, and while no one could tell that I’ve done it – everyone said that I looked like I lost weight when in fact it was the botox’s magic! : x Every time I’m at the doctors we would chat for a very long time because I just have so many questions!

Most recently, I was invited for quite an interesting talk organized by The Sloane Clinic, which was about the ideals of beauty in all races’ point of view, the latest non-invasive procedures available to transform how you look, and one of the speakers was a Korean plastic surgeon, Dr. Moon, whose slides fascinated us and had our undivided attention for sure with all the fascinating before/after pictures.

I was quite happy to be there cos usually you’ll have to pay more than just $30 to hear these doctors speak or even ask them questions. During the talk, they covered all the usual procedures people will do, both invasive (double eyelid aka Upper Blepharoplasty , inner eyelid aka Epicanthoplasty) and non-invasive (fillers, botox, thermage, lasers). I even took the chance to ask Dr. Chua from The Sloane Clinic about a dark patch at the side of my face which appeared out of no where (melasma, apparently! DAMN.). Time to pile on the sunscreen!!!

And because this post would be boring without pictures, and also because I didn’t have anything drastic done YET (don’t worry guys, I’m not intending to for now (until I old and get saggier)) – here’s a photoshop process of what I could have done if given the chance!

First off, here’s a picture of me, completely unedited.

1. ZERO EDITS. My untouched face…

Unedited selfie!

Unedited selfie! Pimples. Eyebags. Droopy eyelid. Big jaw skillfully hidden with awesome hair, but still there when the wind blows.

2. If I did laser / skin treatments…

To brighten my dull face of course. And to get rid of pigmentation, blemishes / acne scarring, etc.

One can try:

  • Fractional lasers
  • LED/IPL treatments
  • Peels
  • Facials
  • Oral/Topical medication & creams


3. If I did fillers / Thermage…

– a radio frequency procedure to tighten, lift and firm skin and alleviate all visible signs of ageing (in my case, works for my saggy jowls and loose skin!)

Using Restylane hyaluronic acid fillers (they have different types of fillers meant for different parts of your face, because in some areas you’ll need softer fillers (under eyes) and for some areas you’ll require longer lasting ones (nose, chin).

  • on the nose, for a sharper tip
  • in my tear troughs so that I dont look like I have eye hollows
  • for fuller cheeks – you can’t see it but I have pretty uneven cheeks and that’s why I usually take pics on one side
  • on the chin for a slightly sharper V face


4. If I went a step further and had Upper Blepharoplasty for my saggy eyelids…

To be very honest, I’m prepared to get this done when I hit 45 or 50, because I’ve seen it happen on my mum / mother-in-law. Thanks to genes, I’m blessed with already beautiful double eyelids (If i may say so!) but this only means that they’ll sag in time to come.

After Upper Blepharoplasty

After Upper Blepharoplasty – the difference is very slight here, it’s more of a lift!

Alternatively of course, you can start with preventive measures like Ulthera (lifts up your brows and opens up your eyes non-invasively), as well as using creams and getting customized eye treatments from a good aesthetic clinic.

5. Now to take things extreme and get an Epicanthoplasty as well…

Removing the excess fold at the inner corners to reveal the medial portion of the eyes. Epicanthoplasty is performed to correct those with Mongolian fold, resulting in sharper inner eyelids and making the eyes appear larger and more open.

For some people, cutting double eyelids aren’t enough – a good surgeon will be able to manage your expectations and advise you if you need epicanthoplasty or not in order to achieve good facial balance and symmetry, so that you’ll look GOOD instead of weird!

Let me first erase my eyeliner and show you why I always wing my eyes out - because I actually have pretty close set eyes and a wide face - I will look like I have beady, small eyes if I don't wing my eyeliner out! So here's the erased version (but with "upper eyelid surgery" done)

Let me first erase my eyeliner and show you why I always wing my eyes out – because I actually have pretty close set eyes and a wide face – I will look like I have beady, small eyes if I don’t wing my eyeliner out! So here’s the erased version (but with “upper eyelid surgery” done)

after photoshopping how Epicanthoplasty would go on me!

After Epicanthoplasty (without eyeliner)

After Epicanthoplasty (without eyeliner) – now I don’t really need eyeliner anymore! Hehe.

But of course If I still want to draw eyeliner, no one's gonna stop me!

But of course If I still want to draw a winged eyeliner, no one’s gonna stop me! I prefer having a feline flick actually, it makes me look more feminine.

Actually there’s more than just epicanthoplasty and blepharoplasty –  just looking at this makes me go o_o


I know it may seem like really small changes (and its not visible if you view pic by pic like that), so here’s a compilation gif to show you all the “procedures” “performed” on my face.

A simulation of how aesthetic procedures would have gone on me:  Lasers, Fillers, Ble & Epicanthoplasty!

A simulation of how aesthetic procedures would have gone on me:
Lasers, Fillers, Upper Blepharoplasty & Epicanthoplasty!

Amazing, isn’t it. You know, If i were to visit a doctor I would show them this animation after hearing their opinion. Totally. hahaha. And I think my eye bags really need some help, man!

Eh, what about botox?

Do you think that I would forget about this most popular procedure, which involves injecting botulinum toxin to weaken and freeze your muscles temporarily so that you’ll have a smaller jawline / lesser wrinkles? Heh. I personally really enjoy the effects of this. The results are most obvious in photos but when people ask if I’ve slimmed down… *wry smile*

I don’t think you can tell, but in the set of pictures above (taken in March ’14), I’ve actually already had botox done.

The effects of my previous botox has long gone by now, but I’ve dug out an old pre-botox picture and photoshopped it to my liking to show you the difference! It’s really slight, but it makes such a huge difference. Blink and you’ll miss it – I’ve also photoshopped my chin a little sharper (ahh, if I had fillers done…)


All these procedures are available at The Sloane Clinic, which offers BOTH non-invasive aesthetic procedures AND plastic surgery (only available at a specialized The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre) as well – this surprised me really, because that means that they have certified surgeons, which means more knowledge shared amongst the doctors as well to advise you on what procedures are suitable for you.

I believe in finding a good, reputable doctor or clinic – in my honest opinion, I would never do any procedure on just the first visit – I would consult 2-3 doctors for different opinions (which is what I did actually!) before concluding what I want to do and settling with a doctor I’m comfortable with.

It helps if I know about the doctor’s good skills through word of mouth, and not just based on advertorials alone. I strongly suggest consultations and going slow on these procedures, and DON’T do more than what is necessary, or get addicted to it. A good doctor shouldn’t advise you to do beyond what is necessary just to make money.

I would like to reiterate that I’m not intending to get surgery done, but nonetheless, it was good to hear the doctors share about the procedures and learn more just because this is an interesting topic to everyone.

Do read up about the various procedures available so that you don’t get too confused – and always ask the doctor if you’re unclear about anything. An extensive list of what The Sloane Clinic offers, along with diagrams, is available at their website if you’d like to check out more information.

Like I said, choosing a doctor is very important – he, or she, must have a great sense of aesthetics and not just blindly calculate everything to the golden ratio (in my honest opinion, a little flaw only makes you more unique and beautiful in your own way.)

Thank you, The Sloane Clinic for inviting us and having the wonderful speakers – Dr. Moon Hyoung Jin, Dr. Tan Ying Chien, & Dr. Chua Han Boon to share their experiences, thoughts and teaching us more about the procedures available for different problems. It was an eye-opener and interesting to know how the doctors made different people with different features and problem areas look better!

One of the interesting things they spoke about during the talk was the “Golden ratio” – the calculation and all is too cheem for me so you can read up on it, or like me, simply take the template and photoshop it over your face hahaha. I think when I start it’s a little hard for me to stop so here’s a bit more about it!

They say that Angelina Jolie has the perfect face which aligns to the golden ratio measurements

They say that Angelina Jolie has the perfect face which aligns to the golden ratio measurements

You’ve heard about the Caucasian male who wanted to look like an Asian KPOP Star – but you know, due to our different anatomy / facial bone structures, what’s beautiful in a Caucasian eyes may not be the same as an Asian’s, and for the same reason, you would definitely visit a local, or at least an Asian doctor when you want to get something done.

Just for the fun of it I went to find a picture of myself full frontal (wah, that is so hard lor!) and photoshopped the golden ratio mask to my face (calculating yourself will always be more accurate but this is definitely much faster). Here’s a little .gif of how I would look like before / after confirming my features to fit the golden ration:


Errrr… no thanks ah! Hahaha. And I guess that is why I wasn’t advised to do chin fillers. I’d look like a horse if I want to have the perfect golden ratio face, because I’m quite short! This just reinforces my opinion of finding a good / right doctor!

This picture above was actually about 2 months after I did botox and fillers – It was a really good decision to have had it done because it was life changing – the best time of my life, really –  taking pictures endlessly without having to photoshop anything! And knowing that you’ll always look good in other people’s pictures too (that’s really important when you’re a blogger, man).

I’m sure there would be many curious about how safe / painful fillers and botox are, and this is my testimony:

  • they are safe when performed by a licensed and good doctor
  • they are not permanent (goes off after 6months – 1 year depending on how fast your body metabolizes the fillers / how often you use the muscles (for botox)),
  • it was quite painless for me even without numbing cream (I’m super afraid of needles and pain and i rate it a 1/10 – 2/10)
  • There wasn’t any bruising or swelling, just felt a little sore at the muscles
  • it made me a very happy person for the next 9 months, seriously. it was best decision I’ve made in 2013!

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, if you guys have any question(s), email me using the contact form on the site and I’ll try to answer if I can! ; )

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