L’Oreal Professionnel A/W 2013 Hair Trend – Sombre

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Did you know that L’Oreal Professionnel comes up with hair trend collections every season? I didn’t actually, till I was invited by Gary to watch one of the shows where experts performed and wow-ed the L’Oreal trained stylists in Singapore – it was an eye opener! I mean, of course there are hair trends – But I would have never known about the showcases they hold for their stylists in the academy till now!

That was S/S 2013 actually, and back last season, the theme was Over Nature / Nature Ombre (the names are always slightly different in different countries) – and their lookbook was styled according to theme – just for a recap, S/S 2013 looked like this:


For A/W 2013, L’Oreal Professionel has come up with yet another set of looks, closer to my heart because of the color combi – Silver and Blonde! BLONDE!

Presenting to you, the IT looks of A/W 2013.


I’ve been a blonde for quite some time by now actually, and have been getting compliments for my blonde hair by Vim! ; ) At the same time, in Pinterest, I’ve noticed that there’s been a sudden surge of blonde colors – so yes, it is in season for A/W (or F/W, whichever term you prefer!).

“Silver blonde is truly one of the colours that I had wanted to recreate for a long time since it has been a while since blonde has been so pure and frosty.” – Frederic Mennetrier, Collection Hairstylist

So I popped by the salon, and got my hair color refreshed by the trusty hands of Salon Vim – this time round by Gary, because he was directing the colors for a photoshoot. Thankfully, his vision was similar to what I was looking at as well, and very happily, I walked out of the salon with a gorgeous new metallic sombre color.


Sombre, means Subtle Ombre. There was so much highlighting going on that you can’t really see the details if you look at me from afar, but you can definitely see that my hair has more texture and if it’s even possible, looked much thicker than before!



The stylists spent so much time coloring my hair that even I felt bad for them – I was just sitting in the chair and getting a bit of a sore butt, but these stylists, on top of having to handle my hair, have to stand for the entire day and handle customers one after another.

I actually requested for some streaks of rose-gold/pink-blonde as well, and hehe, I was given that! Though, in my current state of blonde and hair condition, pink hair doesn’t last long on me and it faded pretty quickly.

Couldn’t stop camwhoring with my hair the minute I got home…


The textures, the layers and the color… Words cannot describe how happy I was!


Thank you, Salon Vim!

I can’t wait to share snippets and photos from the A/W photoshoot with you all soon.

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