My New iPhone 4S… Not.

By 11 November, 2011Awesomeness, Gadgets

iPhone 4S 64GB, White. With my beautiful japanese fabric hard cover case purchased from Japan. <3

I have been waiitiiingggg so long for the 4S but when it finally arrived, and I got it plugged it and powered up… I was really disappointed.

Of ALL things, my phone came with what some people dub the “yellowgate” problem. Basically it means that the phone has a yellowish tinge. It REALLY annoys me as it is really a huge difference. Maybe there isn’t really anything wrong, maybe my old iPhone 4 is just more magenta/cyan… But I really HATE the yellow tinge. It takes ALL the blue out of my images and that really sucks. I even compared it to my laptop… It is definitely too yellow for me.

Some images.

iPhone 4 on the left, iPhone 4S on the right. Maximum brightness.

Disappointed, I called up Apple Support (I purchased my iPhone from the Apple Store preorder) and to my delight, they were willing to do an exchange for me! YES. But neither of us were sure that I could get a set without the yellow tinge issue again, so the customer support officer told me that I could get it exchanged up to 3 times and if I’m really _STILL_ not satisfied, I could get it returned. Thanks to Apple for AWESOME service!!! (DHL picks the phone up from me!) :3

iPhone 4S, MBP, iPhone 4.

On the above picture it is obviously more yellow tinged though it’s kindda hard to use a camera to capture screens, if you know what I mean. From the picture it may also seem that the iPhone 4S better when it comes to contrast – seem to see more details on the 4S than the 4. It is somewhat true when it comes to greyscale items and playing games, but it is really negligible and i’d rather do without the yellow tinge than have better contrast. Also, this image was digitally altered (on the iPhone) to have more blue than yellow. It’s probably not a good pic for comparison but that’s all I have that’s available across all 3 gadgets.

In case anyone says “it’s the glue, wait a few days it will dry” <-- I don't think so. I've already set it to Maximum brightness for a few days and it does nothing for the screen except to deplete battery life really fast. And oh yes the battery on the iPhone 4S really, really sucks too, even if I turn off auto time update and location services. It depletes so fast I don't feel safe going out without a spare battery! (Update: The 5.0.1 update is here and I hope that fixes the problem! But I don't have a 4S to test it out yet. Haha.) Anyway, I got it returned on Wednesday. But just in case anyone's curious, the little differences on the iPhone 4/4S... (image from powersupport jp) [caption id="attachment_6062" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Just a few mm between the buttons, and also the mute button has been shifted quite a bit lower."][/caption]

On the overall, not much of a difference size wise, but enough if your iPhone casing isn’t cut with more allowance on the volume/mute sides then you really have to watch out for the mute button as it’s quite far away from the old position.
Le sigh, my awesome blue hokusai wave silicone cover from is unlucky enough (but the silver cloth one fits).

I’m still using my 4 though, till my 4S arrives – again.

And on a (very much) happier note…

I won an iPhone 4 16gb.

From a lucky draw by drinking C1000 Orange. Just to clarify, it’s my favorite perk me up drink cos of the orange flavor as well as the size. Strangely enough, I CAN’T find the orange flavor of this drink in Japan for some funny reason. Meh. Anyway I submitted 3 bottle caps and drew “PICK ME! PICK ME!” on the envelope. HAHAHAHA.

HOHOHO! Someone up there loves me or wants me to stop sulking! : D I’m so happy! It’s the thrill of winning something. HAHA!

Thank you C1000! <3

(I was kindda rude to Rena from C1000 who called me LOL I mistook her for a telemarketer! : x Oops.)

Also tried out 美圖GIF so here’s a bo liao GIF. HAHA. I quite like this app! And my face is really damn round. *puffs* I also need more water and lip balm!!!

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