My Skincare Routine (May 2013)

No better time to do this than now, because I had to bring my skincare items and talk about them a few weeks ago at a survey.

I do tend to try out new stuff every now and then, but I’m happy to find a reliable routine and these are my go-to products on a usual day!


Step 1: Cleanse


For cleansing, I use both Shu Uemura’s Anti/Oxi (A/O) Skin Refining Anti-dullness Cleansing Oil, and Fancl’s Washing Powder – but not always both together.

In the morning, I just use either one alone – but preferably Shu Uemura’s A/O Cleansing Oil (1-2 pumps) because it is gentle and dry me out. At the survey, one of the ladies actually mentioned that she only washes her face with water in the morning – I don’t disagree with that (you cannot disagree with her clear, smooth complexion) but I just don’t feel comfortable just washing with water, especially since I need to get rid of oil build up and all so that my makeup goes on better.

If I have make up on, I will pump out a liberal amount of Shu Uemura’s A/O Cleansing Oil (3-4 pumps) on dry hands, and massage it in a circular motion to dissolve my make up – make sure your face is dry too, because the oil emulsifies upon contact with water. Cleanse with water and voila! If I have really thick make up on, I will take on an extra step and use Fancl’s Washing Powder to double cleanse, although Shu’s rep has mentioned that it is not necessary to do so.

I have to sing praises for the Shu Uemura A/O Cleansing Oil because it is extremely efficient at removing all traces of make up – plus, I can clearly see that my pores are less clogged – I’ve never seen my nose so clean before! It is a bit of a struggle when it comes to removing mascara though, so I’ll still use Heroine Make’s mascara remover before using Shu’s A/O Cleansing Oil.

Shu’s latest A/O Cleansing oil is formulated with Green Tea & Moringa Extracts, and Moringa is a great anti-oxidant – it captures and clears away harmful pollutants as well as oxidative sebum in an instant.


Shu has a total of 4 cleansing oils in their series (A/O, White Efficient, Fresh Clear Pore, High Performance), but I’ve only tried A/O, so I’m not sure how the others perform – I’m pretty keen in testing out the Fresh Clear Pore after I’m done with A/O. The 150ml bottle has a lock mechanism which is great for traveling – I’d recommend the 150ml if you’re just trying this out first.

In case you need to know how it is used (image from the www):


As for Fancl’s Washing Powder, it is gentle, soothing, and I get a kick out of using it with the foaming ball. My face feels a lot cleaner than using other cleansers and best of all, no tight feeling! Other than that, I know that Fancl’s products are usually formulated without preservatives and all, so I do feel that this is good for me.

Another cleanser I like would be Philosophy’s Purity 3-in-1 cleanser for face & eyes, for its gentle, non drying formula and the scent too.


  • Shu Uemura AO Cleansing Oil – $58 SGD (150ml), $130 SGD (450ml)
  • Fancl Washing Powder – $26 SGD (1 bottle, 50g), $48.50 SGD (2 bottles, 50g x 2) / Foaming ball is $1 SGD each.
  • Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser – $35 SGD (240ml)


Step 2: Tone

9225596There’s a lot to choose from in my stash actually, but I find myself attracted to the soothing herbal scent of Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Toner most, ever since I tried a mini bottle (which is what you see here) from a Bellabox – I have a 250ml one sitting on my shelf now!

I use this two ways –

  1. In the morning or when I didn’t put on any make up, I just simply pat this on with my bare (and very clean) hands after cleansing.
  2. If I’m using this after makeup removal/cleansing,  I’ll wipe down with a cotton pad first just in case (It’s just a habit of mine), then pat on with bare hands or use a cotton pad to pat it on.

Kiehl’s has been giving back and have marked down their prices permanently, and I was pleased to find out that they’ve been marked down by this much for the Calendula Toner!

Kiehl’s Calendula  Toner Prices

  • 125ml $54 ➡ $40 SGD
  • 250ml $78 ➡ $58 SGD
  • 500ml $110 ➡ $90 SGD


Step 3: Serums (Extra care)

evonnz_skincare_routine_serumsI’m not sure if it’s Shu Uemura’s AO Cleansing Oil, or Shu Uemura’s Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator, but my face was instantly less oily from the moment I started using this combination. It is wonderful, because my skin has gone from extremely oily to just oily. I can feel the difference instantly – first from the lesser oil build up I get at night, to the fact that my make up lasts longer on me. And yes, my skin does seem more radiant than before!

Shu Uemura’s Tsuya Skin can also be layered, so you either use it alone, or use it before your other serums. I have quite a few serums in my stash, and one of my favorite to layer with it would be Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Serum, for anti-aging and also because I like the scent of this range!


  • Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Serum – $108 SGD (30ml)
  • Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum – $99 SGD (30ml), $129 SGD (50ml)



Step 4: Moisturize


If you’re sharp, you would have noticed that there’s no moisturizer in the picture above! That’s because I’m still searching for a holy grail one – I have a few which I’m rotating, and are quite gentle to use, as listed below.

  • Ettusais White Shooter Dual Effect  – Gentle on the skin, but it’s pretty watery so some may not get used to this.
  • Biotherm AquaSource – I’m in love with the scent of this. It’s gel based, so it gets absorbed pretty fast into my skin and so far, no aggravation.
  • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – This is strictly speaking not a moisturizer, but sometimes using this alone is actually enough for my skin and it does aid oil control. The calming scent is a bonus for me!
  • Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Cream – Origins is a skincare brand I always trust, and the cream may look hard to deal with because it is a cream, but it actually goes on pretty easily and it is really moisturizing! Doesn’t clog my pores, and has a great scent to boot.
  • Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream – it is a little hard to spread for me, but if you get your palms suitably warmed up enough it does help it to go on easier – this provides adequate moisture for my skin.


  • Ettusais White Shooter Dual Effect – $42 SGD (170ml)
  • Biotherm AquaSource Moisturizer – $69 SGD (50ml)
  • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – $90 ➡ $80 SGD (30ml)
  • Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Cream – $110 SGD (50ml)
  • Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream – $80 SGD (50ml)

Eye Care

Step 5: Eyes


My Eyes have always been one of the biggest concerns because I wear contact lens all the time (all the tugging and pulling) plus I spend long hours on the computer for work. I’ve tried out a few items which I like and think works for me.

The Génifique Eye Light-Pearl™ has a massager which is a joy to use. It really helps to boost circulation around the eyes and the massager means you don’t have to use your fingers and tug on your skin unnecessarily. My girlfriend Mag has been using this for quite a while now and I think it works wonderfully well for her – and she likes it!

The other two items which I love are pretty similar in terms of usage and function – both Make Up Store’s Cooling Eye Stick and Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer are basically like a fat lip balm – product is dispensed when you twist it and they both are cooling when applied – and you don’t need a mirror to use this so I tend to do my work halfway and quickly roll this over my eyes for quick relief. I have one stationed on my table all the time!

  • Génifique Eye Light-Pearl™ – $110 (20ml)
  • Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer – $45 (5g)
  • Make Up Store Cooling Eye Stick

Some beauty experts have recommended using eye care right after serums and before moisturizers, but as long as you wash your hands and don’t get moisturizers near your eye areas (to avoid getting millia seeds), I think this as a last step is fine.

Hope this entry wasn’t too long and that it helped! I’m not paid to write about of the products, even though I’ve been sent some of the products – I’m grateful that I get to try these stuff out and I’m just sharing about which ones worked well for me.

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