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The posh-sounding nail polish brand which hails from, well, London, is one of the latest nail polish brands to arrive in Singapore, and is available at Escentials in both Tangs and Paragon.


Yours for $38 a bottle, the nail polish isn’t exactly dirt cheap to own – in fact, the price puts it right up at the likes of Chanel ($36) and Dior ($37), but it’s worth it because it is:

  • Natural (85% natural ingredients – derived from sugar cane,mushrooms, beets, lichens, cotton and crushed gems)
  • Free of the carcinogenic petrochemical compounds
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Pregnancy-safe


The polishes are bottled in eco-friendly Italian-tempered glass bottles (square bottles, ah. Easier to store!), and each polish comes with a custom 398-strand soft brush that helps with application. Also, they contain 17ml of polish as compared to Chanel’s 13ml and OPI’s 15ml. So price wise and material wise, they work out to be pretty fair, IMO. As Candice said on her Instagram, if you’re already paying for luxe polishes, why not so for the toxin-free alternatives? No harm there (quite literally).

Let’s be honest here – for that price point, I wouldn’t be going crazy and swiping dozens of them off the counter, but if you are pregnant, I would think this is a fair price to pay for vanity + safety… nothing is more precious than your baby, of course! I’m not pregnant now, but the thought of not wearing nail polishes for 9 months makes my jaw drop – mental note to self, better start collecting now.

So for me – not pregnant (yet), and a polish hoarder – what’s the draw? Well… you MUST check out their glittery shades, which contains actual crushed gems to achieve the sparkly look!

For Holiday 2013, they’ve got 3 new limited edition colors up for pre-orders now at Escentials – Cassiopeia, Opera and Soiree, featuring crushed rubies, black gold and Australian rainbow opal.

Holiday 2013 - xx, xx and Soiree.

Holiday 2013 – Cassiopeia, xx and Soiree.

Cassiopeia: Inspired by the Cassiopeia constellation; named after the queen of Aethiopia in the Greek Mythology that was exiled to the sky as a punishment for her vanity. An ethereal blend of blue and purple with delicate silver dust, topped with flakes of Australian rainbow opal – a gemstone of hope and clarity.

Opera: A luxe take on a classic shade, crushed-ruby shimmer in theatre-drape red. Conservative and classic with a twist.

Soiree: A spin-off of the bestseller “Celebrate” – an enchanting black gold that flashes hues of bronze, blue, yellow, orange and green. A multi-dimensional color that commands attention and oozes mystery.

Covet London's marketing team wearing Soiree on her tips

Covet London’s marketing team wearing Soiree on her tips

I fell in love with Soiree, which was described as “black gold”, and it is a sheer 3 coater – it was good enough at 2 coats, but for better opacity you can go up to 3 or 4 coats. Check out the gorgeous sparkle – it stayed like this for days, twinkling away in the sunlight as the sun rays brought out the best in the polish. It does seem to reflect a little purple/pink at times, and that makes it all the more worth getting.


The manicure lasted pretty well – after about 1 week, all I had was some growth and very minor tip wear. You can see the crushed gems’ iridescence here and I absolutely loved it. It also went pretty well with almost everything I wore due to the neutral color tone.

Covet London Soiree - after 1 week

Covet London Soiree – after 1 week.

I was just notified that Covet London just won Harper’s BAZAAR beauty awards for “the most lasting nail lacquer”! Congrats, Covet London! To achieve maximum long lasting effect, do use their top and base coats as well, which are pricier at $42 SGD .

The crushed gems laid pretty flat and layered really well – removal was a breeze too, since they weren’t plastic glitters that had to be rubbed away hard. Definitely impressed!

I think these colors are great for the manicure/polish junkies as Christmas gifts, especially if these colors are down their alley – wouldn’t it make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer as well? ; ) In case you’ve forgotten, it’s $38 SGD a bottle – the holiday collection can be pre-ordered now (they will only be released in November) at Escentials (Tangs & Paragon) and on Luxola.

I will be holding a giveaway on Instagram for these lovely lacquers soon – thank you, Covet London for being so generous to my readers! I’m gonna head down to Tangs and pick some shades – if anyone’s passing by Tangs or have seen Covet London’s polish collection, why don’t you tell me what’s your favorite shade? ; ) I’d love to hear your preferences!

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  • Von says:

    I totally understand what it meant by no nail polish during the 9 months of pregnancy. Erks. So glad to know about this nail polish is suitable for pregnancy. A note myself too for my next pregnancy! :)

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