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Last weekend, an impromptu trip to Ghim Moh Market for makan with my parents… (with my parents, it almost always is a last minute decision on where to eat or what to eat. my irritated husband just has to live with it haha.)

It was actually my second visit in a week. I’m amazed. After Star Vista, this place is a gem to me! I think I’ve got more things to eat here than Star Vista actually since I’ve mostly tried whatever I wanted to in SV. I mean, where else can you find lunch at just $2.50 SGD? Ghim Moh Market!

In fact, Chicken rice – $2.50 SGD. A bowl of mee pok? $2.50 SGD too. *tears of joy*

I’m not broke la, but geez man, $2.50 for rather nice food as compared to $25 for blah food at Watami (at SV) with less than stellar service (and service charge)… Give me Ghim Moh Market anytime.

Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre
20 Ghim Moh Road
(Just search for Ghim Moh Market on your Google Maps and it will appear!)


That’s my momma offering incense to, I believe, the 财神 (God of Fortune)!

Back to the market. The major reason I love the market – everything feels so old school and nostalgic, especially the prices of the food, haha. I’m sorry but Clementi West market doesn’t hold a candle to this place. The food, the friendly pork sellers (hahaha I bought $10 worth of pork and cooked lunch for the hubs), the little 杂货店s, and the food area with birds chirping above you (hopefully none shitting) as you makan… I know there’s still quite a lot of this kind of markets around, but this one just has a really comfortable feel. Eunos’ market is too small, Tiong Bahru’s market is really awesome but too far, and Clementi West… I’ve been there all of 3 times to eat since I’ve moved in to West Coast 3 years ago. *Ghim Moh fangirl now*


This place is brimming with people.
I actually got rather angry in the morning because this car who _just_ turned into the limited spaced parking lot tried to take the first vacant lot, which I was waiting for and I honked the hell out of him. He got annoyed and wound down his window after stopping beside me “This whole road is yours is it?!” Uncle, if you can speak English. YOU KNOW THE UNWRITTEN LAW OF WAITING FOR A PARKING LOT. Actually for about 5 minutes I was wondering if anyone would recognize me and lambast me on my blog, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. Dude, I’ve been waiting for 3 minutes for that lot! (Was eyeballing the auntie and reversing non stop to the lot). So if you want to get a lot and not get pissed, go for the multi-storey carpark. Okay I’ve digressed, sorry. I think carpark advice is useful anyway.

Ahhh, the food. The day before this, I actually tried one of the chicken rice stalls at the end with Estrella & her husband, but I didn’t think it was that nice despite the queue. Bluff people one – so don’t anyhow join queues unless it’s really super long and got elderly queuing for it.

This time round, my brother gamely joined a rather long queue for chicken rice (according to both my husband and brother (before eating), it’s super tender) while my husband joined the other long queue for Roasted Meat (烧腊).

Ghim Moh Market Chicken Rice

I’m sorry it looks rather unappetizing here, but this was one whole chicken and it’s FREAKING DELICIOUS. When I get on a chicken rice kick it will last for weeks. I can eat chicken rice every day.

It’s so tender, shreds so easily and the skin… Oooo. The rice was delish as well! I really dislike tough chicken so this was IT for me – best chicken rice of the West so far lol.

In case you’re curious, it’s Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice (东风发), #01-49. Apparently there’s quite a few branches, Amoy, Kovan… and ieatishoot has done a blog post here if you’d like to read more about it.

Next on the must try list:
Jiu Jiang Shao La (九江烧腊), #01-45

Yang had wanted to try this for quite some time since our friends Magdalyn and her husband raved about it being the best 烧腊 ever. According to the husband, the duck is the 招牌 dish for sure! He’s gonna eat this again and again for the next few weeks, I’m sure. I love the 烧肉, it was tender and soft without being too oily – a little salty at the end, but don’t eat too much, lah. Share with your family and it’ll be just nice.

And I had…


I believe it is Heong Huat Fishball Noodle (雄发鱼丸面) #01-50 (I’m saying that because I cant remember exactly – it’s right opposite the 烧腊 stall!).

I was actually the last customer and the fish balls were all sold out… at 130pm on a Saturday!
Then again, I believe they usually close at 2pm. I didn’t get to taste the fish balls, but I had my mushroom meepok fix (I love meepok!) with no chilli, and with ketchup. The noodles were of a great texture – springy, tasty and just nicely cooked. Slurp. The mushrooms were surprisingly… bland. But the ketchup made up for it.

Washed it all down with sugarcane from the store in between the chicken rice and roasted duck (which was meh) – Skip that. I’ll find a nicer one soon – I’m already drooling at the thought of food from the market.

If you have any recommendation for stalls with great food, please share! Drop me a comment yes? I’d love to try them out!

And just yesterday… I spent some girl time with my girlfriends who got their hair done at Salon Vim Bugis for the upcoming CNY. Woohoo! They’re two of my closest gal pals so it was only natural for me to join them… and hope that all goes well with their hair.

And turns out that I probably should have spent my time working at home instead – there was nothing to worry about! Both of them walked out of the salon with hair so gorgeous that I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.

First up, Felicia!


Felicia’s two toned layered hair was done by Weng of Salon Vim – she’s been doing red almost every year, so this time round she wanted something different.. and Weng gave her something different! She was also super happy with the haircut Weng gave her, and I nodded in approval too! Her thin hair looks much more fuller and healthier with a lovely cut.



And then there’s Estrella.

She previously had brown hair with orange-red highlights done by Stephanie of Salon Vim 313.

(estrella's previous hair color)

(estrella’s previous hair color)

(estrella’s previous hair color)[/caption]

That was like in November 2012 and the color had faded to an unappealing orange which didn’t suit her skin tone. She was game for a change and decided to take the adventurous route after consulting Sham, and ding ding ding!!!
(btw, no particular reason for jumping from 313 to Bugis – Stephanie’s still as awesome, we just decided on Bugis randomly)


shockedemoji shockedemoji shockedemoji shockedemoji

It’s so pretty, I don’t even…!!
(Both her and Felicia were going “wah wah” even at application and half way through blow drying. More shockedemoji kuazhang than me hahaha)

Sham gave her purple and cherry highlights / ombre (?). Aiyah just show the stylist the picture la, I tell you all the technique name also no use right!




I quote her, “I’ve always wanted to be a My Little Pony!”

To which I said… “Now there’s two ponies!” (me lah, hahaha)

(pony sizes reflects our height as well hahahahha (done on purpose))

(pony sizes reflects our height as well hahahahha (done on purpose))

Left the salon after some 5 hours there (another friend got her hair done there too! Hope you like your new hair, Jayne!) and we trooped off for dinner. First Thai was too far away so… we ended up at Thai Express. Heh.

Turns out that they have a revamped menu! I love eateries with revamped menu every few months – like TCC – and I love pouring through the menus.

Starter to share: Prawn Toast!
I didn’t have a bite of it (don’t really dig fried stuff) and hence the speech bubbles with their comments. Hahaha.


Felicia's Green Curry Glass Noodles, I think? The noodles absorbed the curry super fast - eat quickly! Don't let your blogger friend take too many photos or it'll end up not so nice.

Felicia’s Green Curry Glass Noodles, I think? The noodles absorbed the curry super fast – eat quickly! Don’t let your blogger friend take too many photos or it’ll end up not so nice.

Estrella's Honey Chicken. According to her, "这只鸡很像有点 Lao Hong (漏风)." (*Hokkien, she meant Stale)

Estrella’s Honey Chicken. According to her, “这只鸡很像有点 Lao Hong (漏风).” (*Hokkien, she meant Stale)

Oyster Mushroom  Tomyum. [/caption]
<p><p class=This one I nearly died on first mouthful – It’s SUPER SPICY! I couldn't take it and just picked the mushrooms from the soup. On the other end of the table the two girls were going "SHIOK!!"” width=”550″ height=”367″ class=”size-full wp-image-12264″ /> Oyster Mushroom Tomyum
This one I nearly died on first mouthful – it’s SUPER SPICY! I couldn’t take it and just picked the mushrooms from the soup. On the other end of the table the two girls were going “SHIOK!!”

[caption id="attachment_12265" align="aligncenter" width="550"]My safe, boring fried "mee sua". It is quite appetizing!!! I didn't appreciate the onions in it, so I plucked it all out... At least there's no bean sprouts, so phew. The egg tasted fabulous with the thick "mee sua", but i have weird taste so try at your own will. My safe, boring fried “mee sua”. It is quite appetizing!!! I didn’t appreciate the onions in it, so I plucked it all out… At least there’s no bean sprouts, so phew. The egg tasted fabulous with the thick “mee sua”, but i have weird taste so try at your own will.

And a last picture of the day with the two happy girls with chio chio hair. Incidentally, they’re also the fairest girls in the group. Super fair, this two. (refrains from making vulgar reference, ahem. hehehe)


Thank you Salon Vim for making my friends so happy! In case anyone’s curious about the rates, please email them or facebook message Salon Vim to find out more.

If you guys are heading over, do quote “Evonne” to enjoy 10% off all full services! Get some Huat hair for the new year!

(You guys voted for a balance of lifestyle and beauty posts, so… how was this? : D )

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  • dblchin says:

    I’m really loving Estrella’s new colour, very shaded ombre inspired! Salon Vim is really good at creating different shades!

    • ling says:

      I love it too! It’s actually not too loud so I think it’s pretty work safe still, hahaha. *anyhow* : x speaking of which, your work allows you to have purple hair ah!? sud!

  • theng says:


    the duck rice stall (along the row where there are 2 stalls selling soya bean drinks, directly opposite the coffee shop) is also good! :)

    and at the other end of the row where Heong Huat fishball noodle is, there is another fishball noodle stall. That’s good too!

    Love Ghim Moh market too! Childhood memories :)

  • Cheeying says:

    HAHA, thats Tu di Gong! the Earth one! Glad you enjoy eating at hawker near my house, Im kinda tired of the food;(

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