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This is my third year doing piCture pOlish Blog Fest and I’m glad to be doing this again for them! The first two years (2011, 2012) were more like swatch fests, so for 2013 they’ve decided to do something different – nail art with 3 polishes!

We couldn’t pick the polishes – it was sent at random, and after ripping my package apart, here’s what I found sitting in layers of bubble wrap:


Jade, Mad Magenta & Citrus!

One thing I’ve come to love about piCture pOlish bottles are the printed labels which are stuck on the the front of the bottle – they’re huge and there’s no need to flip to the side or the bottom to look for the polish names!

I flipped through some books and went online for inspiration and finally settled on a design from a Japanese nail artist which I modified slightly with the colors!

Armed myself with…


Nail art brushes!
I have both long brushes (for striping) and short ones – I purchased them from eBay a few years ago actually, haha. Glad to put them into use now!


Striping tape!
I also included other kinds of tape to void our areas where I didn’t want polish of a particular color to get on them.

Here’s a quick tutorial / view of how I blocked out the colors!


I ended with gold striping tape lined in the middle – To avoid curling, apply the tape about 15 seconds after a layer of top coat – and then press it down firmly with an orange stick!

Quick tip: Don’t use tapes that are too sticky – You can use washi tape (but try to get the cheaper kinds!) or if you have no choice, try to make the sticky tape less sticky by taping it on your own skin first to make it less adhesive – else your nail would be in a mess!


This was done with the nail art brush shown earlier! A chevron marking – it isn’t exactly the neatest, but I like that the chevron lines covered my nail lines a little – I’ve been loving the translucent nail bed + nail art look going around!


Added a square stud in the middle – placed it to look like a diamond shape, aligning with the chevron lines!


Freehand on one half and nail art striping brush on the other half. Can you tell? Heh. I love the striping brush so much! I know this probably looks really simple but it was incredibly hard to make sure the lines were smooth and also I had to make sure the parts where the lines met each other were aligned well too. I don’t even wnat to think about checkered and houndstooth!


And the final artwork, after two layers of top coat!


Happy with this summer manicure with bright, happy colors! I didn’t use Jade (on the middle finger) to do any lines as it was sheerer than Citrus and Mad Magenta. Wished I have were neater with the lines though, that would probably take more practice! ; D

piCture pOlish is based in Australia, ships internationally, with 2 bottles as minimum purchase and you can find your nearest distributor if you want to buy locally instead or you don’t want them shipped from Australia! Check out their everyday deals (for PP’s official website only) if you want a good bargain!

Thank you, piCture pOlish! ; D

piCture pOlish’s really active on their facebook page, and are also on other forms of social media to keep you updated: Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter!

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