Conveniently located just across the carpark, Pince & Pints is the new kid on the Duxton Road block, serving you fresh & succulent Boston Lobsters specially flown in and kept in a stress-free environment!



The establishment spans over two units styled like an American diner with its red cushioned seats but with a slightly modern update as the details at the bar’s kept simple – the bar counter’s spacious and the seats are set apart comfortably enough for you in case you need some arm space to tackle your lobster.





The bar is well stocked and they offer a pretty good selection of drinks! I was driving, so I went for the mocktails instead – between the 5 of us, we had Crabbie’s Spiced Orange Ginger Beer, Melon Soda, Freddie Mercury, and the Duxton Mule – every single drink tasted really good and I loved mine especially, which was a mix of Cloudy Apple, Ginger & Mint!


Branding for Pince & Pints’ really pretty and it was made to resemble a lobster cage for the food menu and a lobster crate for the drinks menu!


Despite the extensive drink menu, there are only 3 mains offered when it comes to food – you can choose to have your lobster done either:

  • Live Whole Lobster
    (Choice of Grilled or Steamed, comes with Mesclun Salad, Sour Cherry & Balsamic Dressing, Shoestring Fries & Herbed Butter Sauce!)
  • The Lobster Roll  
    (Comes with Mesclun Salad, Soury Cherry & Balsamic Dresing & Shoestring Fries)
  • Chilli Lobster
    (Served in Homemade Fresh Tomato & Chilli Sauce and Fried Mantous on the side)

“Each dish uses 1 whole live wild-caught lobster of approx 600g.”

And no joke. The lobsters were H-U-G-E!



Presentation of the lobster roll probably looks tiny as compared to the the other dishes, but you can be sure that they use the entire lobster in it – this is a good dish to order if you don’t wanna get down and dirty like me.


Grilled or Steamed? Don’t expect the grilled one to be dry – this one was so succulent and juicy that you can see it oozing out as you drive your fork into it. I’m sure the dip was excellent, too!


And my order, the Chilli Lobster.

Everyone kept referring to it as the Chilli Crab by a slip of tongue the entire night because of the sauce it came swimming in – it was the perfect blend of tomato and chilli, not too spicy, but more tomato savoury sweetness which goes so well with the lobster – I guess I’m a very typical Asian – I don’t mind it being a little spicier but why spoil the taste of fresh lobster, right?


You get 5 mantous on the side for this Chilli Lobster dish which was just the perfect number – AHHHH I MISS IT SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!


I love the sauce so much that I nearly drank the entire claypot bowl of it! By comparison, this one appeared to be the largest and I was thankful for the spacious bar counter which allowed me to comfortably space out my drinks and two side plates without knocking anything over or elbowing my friends as I manoeuvred the lobster!


One more of the lobster roll to show you how packed the roll is with lobster!

Trish & Xin (with me in the middle).

Trish & Xin (with me in the middle).

Ron & Fang (with me in the middle again!)

Ron & Fang (with me in the middle again!)



The chefs behind your delectable lobsters!

I must say, their service staff were all super smiley and cute – attentive and bright-eyed + eager to help! And thank you so much too, Fred, for making sure that we were well taken care of – and special thanks to Vel for the helping me arrange for seats even though you were really packed! (Man, business’ alraedy good even before the official launch!)

At $48 each dish (before service charge & gst), I find it really well priced for a full sized, wild lobster – and the drinks are not of unreasonable prices, too (our mocktails were all $7)! I can safely speak for all of us when I say that EVERYONE enjoyed the meal, and we’ll definitely be back for more!

Pince & Pints’ located at 32/33 Duxton Road!

Parking is easy if you’re early (open air carpark had plenty of lots when I was there at 6+!)
but be prepared to scour the area if you’re there at about 7.30 – 8pm.

 They officially open for business on 7th July 2014,
and you can find more information on their various social media platforms:
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | email:

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