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By 25 July, 2013beauty, Hair

Unless you’re new to my blog, you would know that I love crazy hair colors. I’ve done them all except for orange (don’t need lah, huh) and I’ve run out of ideas of what color to do next, haha. It seems like everyone’s question to me when they see my blonde hair would be “so what color are you doing next?”. I actually have to plan my hair color carefully, as I’m not intending to bleach it all over anytime soon.


I would be doing my hair sponsor a great disservice if I were to say that they damaged my hair, because they didn’t, and deciding to bleach my hair blonde (and then going through various crazy colors) was my own choice. They’ve made every single effort to ensure minimal damage during bleaching, and they would advise against bleaching if my hair cannot take it – and that is why I’m on a bleaching ban, because my hair has hit its limit for bleaching – and let’s not forget the many external factors which damages your hair, like:

  • Blow drying / Curling / Styling with hot tools (who can forget the girl whose hair dropped off after curling?!)
  • Environmental pollutants & UV rays
  • Product usage &

    lastly, we have the award-winning Silk Pro Hair Tonic Concentrate. It contains 11 herbs of east and west origins, and they are specially blended with the powerful combination of 3 species of Ginseng – Korean, American and Siberan – which nourishes and revitalizes follicles to fight premature hair fall. It also contains ginger, which helps to increase micro-circulation at the hair roots, giving you fuller and thicker hair! MY HUSBAND NEEDS THIS. *coughs*

    Application tips:


    Spray directly onto scalp after shampoo/conditioner at the 6 recommended spots, and gently massage all over scalp with fingertips. You may feel a warming sensation (from the ginseng and ginger).

    I have many serums and leave in conditioners targeting the hair ends, but none at all for the scalp and I’m pretty happy to have this in my hair product stash! It completes my hair care regime – I’ve realized that I care for my hair ends so much that I’ve neglected my scalp. I really like the warm sensation, and I can do with having more hair for sure, hahaha.

    SilkPro’s shampoos are reasonably priced, and readily available / stocked at major supermarket and hypermarkets. They’re also having a promotion which ends 12th August 2013 – only available at NTUC Fairprice outlets! For the list of fairprice outlets and more promotions, please refer to SilkPro’s facebook page (and like it too!).

    Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 6.27.54 PM

    I’m really proud of this Singaporean brand which has conquered overseas markets as well – did you know that they will be available for purchase in Korea soon?! Thank you, SilkPro for the chance to try out your haircare products! ; D



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