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When I was visiting my aunt in USA, I made sure to bring along some of my favorite instant noodles as comfort food – but ironically, I couldn’t find the comforting taste I was seeking because… the water is just different from Singapore’s!

And it wasn’t just drinking water or cooking. My skin felt drier, and it was a nightmare trying to rinse off my shampoo. I had just started traveling more then, and it was also the period of time when I realized that water overseas is just really different, especially in European countries. I would notice these minute differences, and end up purchasing bottles of distilled water to wash my face with even! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

image from rawgirltoxic

image from rawgirltoxic

I started developing dry, itchy spots when it’s too dry, or when the water’s too dirty. There was once we had a change of pipes at home, and I felt it. My face broke out too, due to sensitivity! I told my husband that the water’s dirty – and indeed it was yellowish –  we had to spend some time flushing out the dirt before we finally got cleaner water – to the naked eye, that is! That actually got me thinking about installing filters for my taps and showers!

After reading up on how PureBlue Beauté Shower Filters came about, I realized that the founder had somewhat the same issues as I did – apparently, it’s common to install shower filters in Japan and Korea, which is how she began to notice that filtered water does make a difference when it comes to beauty benefits – she had silky smooth and manageable hair in Japan and came to the conclusion that it must be the water!

After some research, she purchased a water filter for her shower for usage in Singapore, and it made such a huge difference that she couldn’t imagine living without it! And eventually, she devoted her time to develop something that was easy to install and replace, with high-quality elements.

It's compact - no need for large filter tanks, the PureBlue Beaute Shower Filter is easily replacable and made with BPA-free filters!

It’s compact – no need for large filter tanks, the PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter is easily replacable and made with BPA-free filters!

Filters for drinking water are commonly found in many households – but everyone seems to neglect the water that touches the biggest organ on your body – your skin!

One of the reasons why I hesitated to purchase a water filter was because they were mostly in Japanese – and I wasn’t sure if the threads matched ours. With PureBlue Beauté Shower Filters, it was super easy!

The PureBlue Beauty Shower Filter can be easily installed on taps and water faucets

The PureBlue Beauty Shower Filter can be easily installed on taps and water faucets.

Did you know that our water contains chlorine? It’s added to kill certain bacteria and other microbes, but it also damages hair keratin – if you recall how dry your hair is when you come out of swimming pools (which contains high amount of Chlorine!).

This was one of the reasons why I was so excited to try this out! I just made a visit to the hair salon and my hair was bleached, and I needed to make my hair color last longer – this was actually perfect for my current hair condition!


It was a fuss free installation – unscrew, screw on, turn on the water and let it run for a while, and voila! I had cleaner, chlorine-free water!


And how did I know that?

With a simple science experiment which will be the best proof of how effective it is, of course! Each Filter comes with a complimentary chlorine test kit – to prove to you that it’s not a marketing gimmick, you can perform the test yourself at home!

The Chlorine test kit comes with a Chlorine reagent - basically, it reacts and turns the water yellow when there's chlorine present in the water!

The Chlorine test kit comes with a Chlorine reagent – basically, it reacts and turns the water yellow when there’s chlorine present in the water!

Easy to follow instructions!

Easy to follow instructions!

“PureBlue Beauté shower filters are the result of dedicated research to combat the daily problem of exposure to treated, chlorinated water, which can be bad for health and lead to dry, sensitive skin. Our superior, BPA-free filters harness technology and high-quality durable elements (KDF, Calcum Sulfite, Maifan stone and Ceramic Balls) to remove harmful impurities. Each element plays an important role in water treatment and softening.”

My bottles of water, labelled clearly.

My bottles of water, labelled clearly.

Dripping the Chlorine reagent in.... Oops, out of focus

Dripping the Chlorine reagent into both bottles… Oops, went out of focus

 I swear on my parents' lives that this wasn't rigged at all - even I was shocked by the results and ran over to show my husband!

I swear on my parents’ lives that this wasn’t rigged at all – even I was shocked by the results and ran over to show my husband!

I’ve been using the PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter for a while by now, and I have to say that I’m definitely won over.


Ever since I did the Chlorine test, I’ve been washing my face in the shower where the PureBlue Beauté Shower Filter is attached to! Erm I’ve even taken a sip of the water, and it does taste different from normal tap water.

I could sense that my shampoos lathered easier, and that my hair had a different quality to it after showering! It was no longer dry or hard to finger-comb through even after all that bleaching.

I went back to my parents’ place for a while – and it was just different (even with the same shampoos). Since I have two sets of this, I’ll be passing one to my parents so that we can all benefit from having Chlorine-free water!

Immediate benefits:

  • Soap lathers much better in smaller quantities
  • Skin becomes softer, healthier, less dry and sensitive
  • Reduced breakouts of rashes and wrinkle formation
  • Hair becomes silkier and healthier
  • Prolonged lifespan of coloured hair

Long-term benefits:

  • Reduces risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation
  • Decreases the risks of bladder and breast cancer
  • Children, who are particularly at risk, benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from shower water
  • Promotes higher energy levels and overall health

All I have to do now is to stock up some more on the replacement filters, as it should be replaced every 6 months or so depending on usage frequency!

The Shower filter costs $92 SGD, while the replacement filter costs $52 SGD. They’re available for purchase on PureBlue’s website at www.pureblue.com.sg – they accept PayPal/Credit Cards, and even Cash On Delivery! PureBlue offers FREE Local Delivery for orders above $80 SGD & FREE International Delivery for orders above $80 USD!

Win a PureBlue filter for yourself!

Simply head over to PureBlue’s Facebook page, like & share it and voila! You’ll be entered!
Good luck guys!

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