Random Weekends

The month passed by in a flash… O_O;

{ Bro’s birthday at Jumbo Seafood, East Coast }

Shark's fin with crab meat, yum!

Shark’s fin with crab meat, yum!

Bamboo Clams :p

Bamboo Clams, my fave!

Jumbo's Mee Goreng - this was alright.

Jumbo’s Mee Goreng – this was alright.

Cod fish, Baby Kailan

Cod fish, Baby Kailan

Deer Venison. I didn't like this one at all.

Deer Venison. I didn’t like this one at all. Tasted really gamey… pass.

Boiled Prawns!

Boiled Prawns!

Jumbo's Chilli Crab & Mantou - yeah I know about them losing to Gordon Ramsay hahaha. But that's okay, I still enjoy it! I have an insane love for seafood. Seafood over poultry anytime please.

Jumbo’s Chilli Crab & Mantou – yeah I know about them losing to Gordon Ramsay hahaha. But that’s okay, I still enjoy it! I have an insane love for seafood. Seafood over poultry anytime please.

Dad & Mum <3

Dad & Mum <3

The little bro turns 23, and that's my grandma between me and my mum!

The little bro turns 23, and that’s my grandma between me and my mum!

{ i-Weekly’s Beauty HQ at Hotel Re! }

Had the honor of being Larry’s demo model for i-Weekly’s Beauty HQ event, where he was also the speaker and spoke about taking care of your skin for all ages. And and and… Ann Kok was a guest speaker too!! Guess who had the privilege of meeting her?! XD


Sadly the pic’s a little pixelated cos it was kindda dark (backlight bah). Still. That woman doesn’t look like she’s aged in any bit. Sometimes I don’t know what to say to them… “I’ve watched your shows when I was young!” – sounds like I’m saying they’re old. But really, to look like this at her age, wah!


{ Benefit’s Porefessional Summit }

Yina and I were invited to become Spygals for Benefit’s Porefessional Summit, and to also perform makeovers on 2 fans! This was my second time putting on makeup for someone and I was feeling really lost… for all of 5 minutes. Thankfully my makeover model had great skin, was young and nice features to begin with XD



Gosh I can’t believe Phoebe is 10 WHOLE YEARS younger than I am. Please vote for #TeamEvonneandYina!!!

There were also 2 flash mob performances right outside Tangs…


And part of the flash mob were these really adorable Vespa scooters with sidecars, decorated with Benefit’s stickers! They came rolling in fetching the (model) spy gals in the side cars!


Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to act pretty on the scooter, along with the SpyGal’s Porefessional Kit!


{ Special Purchase Offer – COMPLIMENTARY BROW WAXING! }

If you’ve missed out the chance to take part in the event, fret not!

Benefit’s giving our readers special benefits – For the month of August, with the purchase of any Benefit Products from either Sephora Ngee Ann City (Taka) or Robinson’s at Raffles City, you’ll be entitled to a complimentary brow waxing service/voucher!

Terms & Conditions apply:

  • Complimentary brow vouchers are redeemable with any purchase of Benefit product (no minimum purchase)
  • Readers need to quote your respective names to our Beauty Advisors on duty, i.e., “SpyGal Renee” or “SpyGal Evonne”, etc, to redeem the voucher
  • Appointment booking for the complimentary brow service is necessary, and only valid at Robinsons Raffles City or Sephora Ngee Ann City
  • Voucher redemption is valid from 1 August 2013 onwards at selected counters only
  • While stocks last only

And right after the event, I rushed off to attend a wedding dinner – congrats on your matrimonial union, Wendy & Vincent! Many happy travels ahead for you guys as Mr & Mrs Ow! ; D

It was one of the funnest wedding I’ve ever been to – the entire table kept ourselves entertained so well, and I’m grateful for the friendships made during my time on LiveJournal – I love all of you!


And thanks to my photographer friends on the same table too, hahaha. Especially Ron for this OOTD shot – I’m wearing H&M (dress), Jeffrey Campbell (Heels) & TheVelvetDolls (Box Clutch Bag).

{ Love Bonito’s Sale @ Novotel Clarke Quay }


The girls and I trooped down to LB’s sale at Novotel and shopped to our hearts’ delight! Wished I went on the first day though, all the nicer designs were all snapped up : ( I left with 2 dresses which fit me very well, whee! Thanks Rach for the invite ; D And also to my girls for such a fun day out!

I’m missing the the fruit loaf from Linger Fingers which was free for us to sample over at the LB sale! *hungry now*


The initial plan was to head over to TFBB for brunch, but alas, it was full and SO VERY HOT that afternoon, so we shelved that crazy idea (TFBB only has outdoor dining tables, no air-conditoning and the heat was unbearable) and headed over to Marutama instead!


Yum, that was Estrella’s Teriyaki Chicken don for just $9 SGD!


The rest of us ordered the Zenbu Nose, which was everything in a bowl – Char Siew, Kakuni, Tamago (they make the best!), Seaweed & Spring Onion! Obviously my order was done without spring onions, haha but it tasted really really good.

I must say, Marutama’s standards have improved by leap and bounds – I’ve stopped coming for quite a while because it was just too salty and gave me a headache whenever I ate it. But I actually went there twice in a week because it was just so delicious again suddenly! I think it was even better than my first time to Marutama.

Random Rambling…

My weekends have been getting progressively happier because… my skin is finally turning better! I have plagued by pimply skin again recently, it was the worst in my few years – the pimples just.. popped out. and wouldn’t stop popping all over my face! I had no idea why this happened and it was really depressing (Yes Yina, I finally know how you feel!) It was so bad that the make up artists (Larry Yeo, and Karen from Shiseido) who had worked on me previously when my skin was better all commented “以前不是这样的…” T________T I know, I tell that to myself too.

After a few weeks of trying to let it heal by itself (to no avail, obviously), I went to an aesthetic doctor I trust (from word of mouth, not sponsored or anything), and was prescribed some antibiotics instead of hormone pills as I have plans to conceive, and also went for a facial at his clinic. Main reason I went to him was because he’s a doctor – I feel… safer. That, and the fact that he has two dips in Dermatology! After reading Bunbun’s article I’m sure everyone’s a little warier of where they go to for facials. I must admit, extraction was never been this painful before.. but that’s also because my face was really clogged up this time round, nothing to do with the therapist’s skills (they are wonderful, by the way!) :'( owch! But the pain was worth it, as within 2 weeks of medication + after that facial, my skin’s condition really took a turn for the better! My friends could tell, and I was SO happy. It was much less oilier, my pimples flattened, reduced, and I’m just left with pigmentation to fight – no problem there with great concealers!

I’m now on a second round of antibiotics, as the doctor thinks my skin can be even better… and I’m really hoping that I’ll have Jayne Tham / Shiberty kind of flawless skin soon! *sparkles all around* I’ve reduced my skincare as well, to simple stuff – still using bifesta make up remover / shu uemura for heavier make up, fancl washing powder, kiehl’s calendula toner, and endocare gelcream. Plus eye cream from Lancome! ; ) I’m looking forward to testing out new products when my skin problems are much more settled.

The condition of your skin can really affect you in so many ways. I was feeling down for quite a while as I didn’t really enjoy taking FOTDs and then having to filter or edit the pimples out massively… and also with such clogged skin the makeup just didn’t sit right on my skin anymore and I felt like my reviews were all affected – sometimes it wasn’t the product not working, but my skin acting up. So now that my skin is better… Beware guys, incoming face parade! XD

Okay sorry for the looooong rambling. It just feels good to have better skin and know what it’s recovering, you know?!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! ; ) I’m gonna have a great week ahead, with lotsa time for myself as there are lesser events these 2 weeks. I’m really psyched to get the chance to meet Anna Sui in person later on!

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  • Ru says:

    I feel you! I’m also having a bout of bad breakout recently and I went to see my dermatologist. I did some tests and they show that I don’t have problems internally (like hormonal imbalance/cysts) so I really wonder what is causing it! Using the skincare from my derm diligently now, hopefully I can return to Boston with a ‘pretty face’ again. SO depressing! :/

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