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There are expensive hair care products that don’t work, and then there are inexpensive ones that work just as well as the expensive ones! What sparked me off trying out various haircare brands was when I started bleaching my hair, back in 2008-09? I’d say that my hair was a Level 5 in the damage scale of 1 – 10, which set me off on a haircare hunt, and that was when I first came across Essential!

Back then’s before/after using Essential’s rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion

Back then they were new in Singapore, and promises to care for the last 15 cm of your hair. I tried out almost everything from their range, and their mask is a favorite, even till now! So when I was told that I was being proposed for a Kao Essential advert, I was all like… “YES CAN NO PROBLEM!”, cos I have faith in their product(s)!


I was sent their two latest products from their Damage Care series, the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask (also known as the Treatment Milk as per packaging) and the Essential Leave On Serum!

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask (100ml)

To apply on your hair before you go to bed.

The milky, non-greasy texture is absorbed instantly by your hair and forms a protective layer between each hair strand and your pillow, protecting your hair cuticles from Pillow Friction while you toss and turn. Ladies can confidently look forward to stronger, healthier and silky soft hair that is easy to manage and style the next morning

Essential Leave On Serum (60ml)

To apply on your hair the next morning before you go out.

The Cuticle Protection Ingredients form a protective veil over hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays. Just spread the serum evenly onto hair and it invigorates hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous shine while protecting it from the sun.

The first product I took interest to was the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!

Actually ever since bleaching my hair, I’ve been trying to reduce breakage by washing my hair less often (!), applying all sorts of serums and stuff like that. I always wash my hair at night as it takes forever to dry and I don’t like going out with dripping wet hair or spending 1 whole hour trying to dry my hair… and since I do that at night, I end up tying my hair with a hair tie (me love Twist bands!) to keep it all bundled together so that I minimize frizz and tangles when I wake up in the morning, to save myself some styling time!

Nobody told me to do that, but it was a no brainer – when you toss and turn at night, your hair rubs against the pillow and that’s called pillow friction.

5. Essential Pillow Damage Criminals Wanted Poster

Look at what pillow friction does to your hair! D: Yikes!

Do you wake up with your hair in a mess like a lion’s mane, and often need to comb it out super thoroughly? That’s because pillow friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles!

Even when I tie my hair up, the hair ends are not spared from the damage either! I toss and turn in bed quite often (I’m a side sleeper) so my hair gets knotted, tangled and becomes frizzy due to the movements at night and hair being dried out by air-conditioning!

So I decided that I’ll put this to the test – I’ll blow dry my hair, segment it into two, apply Essential’s Sleeping Hair Mask one end, nothing on the other and NOT tie my hair up for one night.


The Essential Sleeping Hair Mask smells pleasant – the same scent is used throughout their Damage Care series – and it has a lightweight texture – not too heavy and it is almost immediately absorbed into the hair!


Both hair products are dispensed with a pump nozzle and free from bulky packaging which some hair products tend to come in. I like that it’s small enough to stow away easily and that the huge cap means that products don’t get accidentally squeezed out while you’re traveling. I think this would be great in case of cold weathertravel because that’s gonna give you static which will end up frizzy and unmanageable!

The effects of the Essential Hair Sleeping Mask is obvious straight after application…

Before I go to bed:  Left: Without Sleeping Hair Mask Right: With Sleeping Hair Mask

Before I go to bed:
Left: Without Sleeping Hair Mask
Right: With Sleeping Hair Mask

But, did it pass the overnight pillow damage test?

I swear to god, when I woke up the first thing I did was to turn on my lamp and grab a picture of my hair.



Okay let’s take the perpetrators out of the picture…


What the…. ahhahaha, it was ridiculous! Swear to god I didn’t brush it at all or do anything special to it. CONVINCED!!!

Still silky smooth after waking up! (probably just very slightly messy and flatter than freshly blown). But eh, wait a minute. Now I have one side with smooth hair and one side with messy hair. -_-”

But 不用怕,I have the leave on hair serum, which is meant to be used in the morning before you go out!


The hair serum is is extremely light – you won’t feel much weight on your hair unlike other hair oils and yes, it smells the same like all other Damage Care series products! I’m guessing that if you use the entire range together you’ll smell good for the next 2 days for sure, haha.


And after some rubbing, and finger combing….


(obviously ridiculous shiny effects – but look at the before/after below!)





Psst… Did you realize that from the start to the end I never once mentioned about combing my hair with a comb? I didn’t! I’ve only used these serums and my fingers ; ) Thank you Kao Essential for the opportunity to try out these great products!

And you know what? You can get a free sample of the Essential Sleeping Hair Mask if you wish to try it out yourself! Visit for more details. ; )


Kao Essential’s products are available at all personal care stores / pharmacies and all leading supermarkets / hypermarts, and both products are retailing at an extremely friendly price of just $11.90 SGD each! Also, visit their facebook page to keep yourself updated about their product launches and exciting promotions… such as the one below!



Win tickets to 2NE1’s All or Nothing concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June!

There are 6 pairs of tickets (worth over $2000) to be won!!!
Simply buy $10 worth of Essential products to qualify!

Go to for more information.

{ this post is an advertorial, but all opinions are my own and unbiased – and yes I really woke up with hair like that! }

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  • Bora says:

    Omg I am def gonna buy this! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been trying to sleep with a silk scarf on my head to prevent hair breakage and that helps too!

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