Review: My experience at Tokyo Bust Express… and pleased to say, It WORKS!

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As I walked out of Tokyo Bust Express, only two things were in my mind – I need to pee, and, “IT WORKS!” – and that was the first thing I replied my friend after she asked me what I thought of my treatment.

Like many others (Gwen from Churpchurp, my blogger buds (notably Yina Goh) and just about everyone else), perhaps the first thing you’d want to tell me is… “You need meh?!”

The question is… why not!? You think my chest gonna stay in the same position and shape forever meh?!

Halloween, 2011

Halloween, 2011 – Everyone’s allowed to have a little fun and wear what they usually don’t during halloween right? : x

I don’t myself, because damn you, gravity!!!

Even before I was invited to try out this trial treatment, I’ve read many reviews and saw many measurements which looks promising – and measurements don’t lie, so it must work, right? Then… I realized that even my bosom buddy (aptly named cos we’re the same size there) had visited Tokyo Bust Express before (she’s not a blogger) and her verdict, like mine too, was.. It works! : O

Now before you start calling Tokyo Bust Express and making an appointment, perhaps read on and let me tell you more about my experience and the ingredients they use!


I chose to visit Tokyo Bust Express at Novena Square 2 – it’s located on the basement, beside all the food stalls and along with all the other beauty spots. They are the leading bust enhancement specialist with the most outlets islandwide and have other branches at Park Mall (Orchard), NEX Mall & City Square.


The decor differs slightly from location to location, but judging from photos and reviews from the other bloggers, they’re usually simply decorated with roses as a main theme, and the outlet at Novena Square 2 has warm ambient light and a no frills feel, albeit narrow.

I was greeted with a huge smile the moment I stepped in, and was later ushered into a room where I came face to face with….

A huge cross section of a boob with details about what's inside it. And oh that picture beside it! *_*

A huge cross section of a boob with details about what’s inside it. And oh that picture beside it.. *_*

Petals! And Tokyo Bust Express has also won some awards from CozyCot!

Awards from CozyCot forum!

Nope that's not all. You're surrounded by booooooobs...

Nope that’s not all. You’re surrounded by boob charts of varying conditions and how serious it could get…

Which everyone will probably stare at and try to gauge where in the chart their boobs belong to! Have you identified yours?

Which everyone will probably stare at and try to gauge where in the chart their boobs belong to! Have you identified yours?


I was briefed about how boobs work – I mean, why some people have bigger boobs and some people have smaller ones.

There are varying factors which contributes to breast size, perkiness, etc. First there’s fats, and then there’s the number of lobule nodes you have, and the varying sizes it might be – some women have more, some have less, some have bigger sized ones and some have smaller ones. Your pectoral muscles also help contribute perkiness and holding them better but that doesn’t contribute to size at all. When you are pregnant/lactating, your boobs are usually bigger because they are engorged with milk.

Image credits to

Image credits to

I’m naturally endowed with a chest size many girls envy (thank you mom!) but at the same time, I have my issues too.

I’ll be very honest here and hope no one lambasts me for this – I often wished I was a size smaller because I often feel that they are too big for my petite frame and often makes an obscene image even when I don’t intend to, and sometimes I can’t carry off a certain look without looking like I’m pregnant or very fat (especially from side view).

I don’t exercise, and at the same time, with age and gravity catching up on them and improper handling (I… don’t like to wear bras because I feel constricted and my shoulders ache) I guess you can say that I have neglected them very much. The specialist took a quick look at my chest (yes, you have to take off your top) and told me what I could achieve with one session, but for best effect and maintenance, it’s better to visit them more often.

Do you know that a surprisingly large amount of massage places will reject massaging your boobs? So it’s like, you get your lymph nodes drained everywhere… but the chest.

At Tokyo Bust Express, all bust treatments are performed with 100% natural ingredients such as soy-infused treatments, combined with advanced technology and traditional Japanese massage techniques. Organic Soybean extracts contain phyto-nutrients, which stimulates female hormones and aid in optimal bust development. They also customize treatments based on your bust concerns!


In their pink yukata and waiting to commence treatment! The comforter kept me warm throughout the session.

Before we started the session, we took some measurements… and then my specialist, Cassie, started off with a little shoulder massage, which totally relaxed me…


And the rest will be censored in pictures, ahem!

It was quite interesting an experience – first I was given a firming scrub to remove dead skin cells and also allow the product to be absorbed better – it wasn’t ticklish to me.

Next was the Push-up machine therapy, which is just like a pulsed electro magnetic treatment – I’ve used such treatments at my chiropractor’s before, just not at the chest area – such therapy relaxes your muscles and improves blood flow, and but mainly for this one targeted at the chest area, it will stimulate your mammary glands to lift your bust. If this is your first time, you may feel a little surprised by the sensations but rest assure that you’ll be okay – I was even using my phone throughout this part of the treatment.

Then next came the Bust Up Therapy – their signature Japanese bust massage, which aids blood circulation and drains your lymph nodes! To be honest, this was a little painful for me – but it was still pretty bearable – just think about your “renewed” chest after the treatment and you’ll get through it pretty quickly! You should, however, consider coming when your boobs aren’t sore (i.e. during your period, just before your period) because that would mean that your boobs would be extra sensitive, which may contribute to the pain factor. The pain is normal due to lymphatic drainage which removes toxins.

So I said, measurements don’t lie, right?

I was expecting to see an improved result,  and I wasn’t disappointed – the measurements showed that my chest is now perkier + they’re closer together (i.e. less droopy towards the sides). But even without the measurements, I could see the difference for myself!

I later spoke to my bosom buddy and we both marveled about the magic of the treatment together, haha. You’ll definitely feel fuller but note, it’ll also be a little sore after all that pushing and massaging. I felt a bit more relieved though, cos I actually love chest massages (told ya I usually can’t get it at massage parlours)! You’ll probably need to go back frequently to maintain the perkiness, as what happens during the massage was that your lymph nodes are cleared to boost blood circulation, and also to increase your lobules in size so that your chest fills out a little more.

The improvement is definitely visible to the naked eye, and even my husband (what? we’re married mah!) agrees with me. With this, it’s definitely easier to cajole him into paying for my future sessions… ; p

With my specialist that day, who was warm and hospitable!

Tokyo Bust Express have specially formulated bust products customized to suit different bust needs, and I was given some products post treatment to maintain the effect for a longer period of time!

(Peony instead of Gerbera  in the picture because I wanted a softer feel)

Thank you so much for the post-treatment products!

Would you like to try out the treatment
I had at Tokyo Bust Express?

Tokyo Bust Express will be giving away
FREE treatments (6x Perky Bust Treatment + Kirei Ovary Rhythm Massage
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tokyobustexpress-free-treatmentsTo participate, please click here to sign up (it will take you to another website) – the first 20 to sign up for the promotion will be able to redeem a pair of Cathay movie tickets!

* Terms & Conditions apply

–       Only for females 18 years old and above, without Eczema or other skin conditions
–       Strictly by appointment only.
–       Promotion valid for 2 months

You can find them on:
facebook | twitter | instagram | website

They are located at:
City Square Mall #B2-39 | Park Mall #11-06 | Nex Mall #03-32 | Novena Square 2 #B1-111

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