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Even though I was a financial planner previously and passed my M5 & M9 exams, I wasn’t confident enough to tackle investments. I’ve always been more artistically inclined and bad at math, plus, it was such a broad and scary subject to me.

It still is. Please don’t trust me with splitting the bill. Hahaha.

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If you’ve asked me 5 years ago about investing, I would have said things like…

“Huh? Really can make money meh?”
“Will lose money not?”
“Wahlao my head hurts from hearing all these”
“I’m not good at math, it’s okay I’ll just marry someone who can invest hahahaha”

Back then, I wasn’t earning a stable income and I just decided that such things aren’t for me – I’m a low-risk taker, and conservative with my options.


However, I’m no longer that bushy-tailed 21 year old girl I was. Things have changed – I’m earning a relatively stable income now, I now have many more responsibilities in my hands, and yes, I’ve gotten married – but not to someone who knows how to invest, hahaha. It’s okay, who says a girl can’t do it on her own?

Life isn’t exactly at a standstill, and I’m comfortable right now – but that doesn’t mean that I should ride along with it.

I’ve become a beauty blogger, I’ve taken up Japanese language lessons, I’ve picked up new hobbies… these are all a kind of investment – I invest my precious time in it to learn something new and useful to me, so why not learn how to make my money work for me too?

I believe that anyone can achieve what they want as long as they set their heart out to do it!

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When my manager sought out my interest in this advertorial, I think she was surprised herself to see me so interested in this – she caught me at the right time – I was just wondering where I could go or who I should consult to learn more about investment and making some passive income. In fact, me and my friends were having in the midst of a group chat discussion on that very same topic!

Everyone wants financial freedom – to be debt-free, to be able to afford all our wants and needs – and this can only be attained when you truly take charge of your assets and learn how to make it work for you. We all want to own our own property, and be able to provide for ourselves at old age and for the future generation – and you can make it happen by doing something about it! 

PhillipCapital is a company with over 40 years of financial expertise – you most definitely would have heard of it, but in case you haven’t, it’s proudly Singapore-made, with global presence in over 16 countries, and a partner in finance to over a million clients worldwide!


And this year, to celebrate their 40th years of journey, they’re reaching out – share your inspiration with PhillipCapital, and they may just surprise you with help on achieving it and bringing it a step closer to reality!

I took my first step by attending a financial course to gain better understanding of the different options I have to build a solid and well-rounded portfolio at this point in life – did you know that PhillipCapital holds many financial courses at Phillip Investor Centres around Singapore, which makes it convenient for you no matter where you stay?


It’s a one-to-one course, but I strongly encouraged my friends to come along for a lesson too if they’d like – my advisor was extremely patient and had an extremely good knowledge for me to tap on – we discussed the risks we were willing to take, the possible outcomes, how PhillipCapital had a safety cut off in its system to prevent major losses, as well as a live demo on how the online trading system, POEMS work!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I went home with a much better understanding of how the SimSCI & SGX works, the possibilities of dipping our toes into Forex & Commodities, and most importantly, an idea of how much we need to make our first purchase – I was surprised to learn that it could be as low as $3k+ (depending on market value of the day)!

It’s a little hard to explain everything on this platform, so you should really take a look at the financial courses Phillip Capital offers, and call them up to make an appointment for yourself! And don’t forget to submit your aspiration today – you never know what surprise you may receive in your mailbox!

I also shot a short video for them – excuse my double chin – and I love it! Hopefully this will inspire you to do something you’ve always wanted to do!

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